Political Games – and an Orange Pantsuit

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It’s time for yet another Sunday Sermonette and there’s no better topic in this age of social disintegration, politically correct thought, ‘hate speech’, Islamophobia, etc., than discussing the FBI’s investigation of Hillary, moving toward a conclusion. I get a kick out of the way that she cackles about it on the evening news. “Nothing to worry about – just a security review…”

You’ve read about it here,  you know what I think and why I think that the anointed one is about to be held to account – you know who I think will be tapped to replace her. It’s not rocket science and the politicians in America are not rocket scientists. In fact, they are a rather motley lot. When a 74 year-old communist who has never ever had a  real job in his life (has never hired, fired or had to meet a payroll deadline) is competing with the Bitch of Benghazi for the Democrat nomination for “leader of the free world”, things have tipped to an obtuse angle.

The Guccifer extradition should have Team Clinton and their attorneys shaking in their shoes. That will be how the FBI and the prosecutors from the Department of Justice will demonstrate that not only did Hillary Clinton exercise gross negligence in keeping a computer server with classified information on it in her home basement an in a restroom in Colorado, but that it was hacked by national assets from Russia and China and even Guccifer broke in. 

Everyone knows that Hillary’s defense would be “What difference does it make?” This is how DOJ rams it down her throat. This is how they show that she actually was hacked and that her server was genuinely insecure. I don’t have access to Rule 6E material, but I’d be willing to bet a fried pie (frahed payeh) that Guccifer has already testified before a federal grand jury which is hearing all of the horrible stuff that the witch has done.

Barack will sit this one out and will allow Hillary to be cut and bled white because if he steps in, he will be impeached. The Obama legacy (sullied though it is) is more important to Barack than the old witch.

You recall SECSTATE Hillary with her coke bottle glasses, her yellow teeth, her greasy, lank hair (same triangular pantsuit as she waddles to and fro in now), who gave that impassioned excuse to Congress, don’t you?

The question is really how the Democrats will deal with Hillary dropping out and the rule change that will be required to transfer her delegates to somebody other than (Colonel) Sanders, who they want to send to the White House. Will that cause Sanders to start his own Party? Possibly.  He was an independent before he ran for the presidency as a Democrat. It’s difficult to judge that cause and effect. The Dems are in just as big of a pickle as the Republicans are. The parties are both rotten to the core, awash with cash from their scamming and machinations to maintain power within bounds that they can control. And the tipping point may be reached soon.
The Republican Party may be close to splitting as well – maybe one political party retains the old masters and the new political party takes on the mantle of tapping business people to make decisions? I’m not predicting but I am suggesting possibilities.

It’s all about money and power and has very little to do with America or the American people. 

Imagine what the country would be like if we weren’t continually jobbed by Washington? You’re right of course. Whoever is in power will “job” us.

30 thoughts on “Political Games – and an Orange Pantsuit

  1. Hillary apologists are hanging their hat on the 'fact' that her server was not hacked by anyone, and that nobody can prove that it was. Therefore, she's innocent as a newborn babe.

    This Guccifer stuff may be pretty damning, I would love to know just how much dirt is going to come out in grand jury testimony. And will that dirt be available for publication?

    So juicy, LL. Let me go grab some popcorn, and as Flounder said it best in "Animal House," ..'this is going to be great!'

  2. The grand jury testimony won't come out, but the witnesses will testify in trial and only then will it become public. The noose is tightening around that thick, wrinkled neck. She needs to run off to Martha's Vineyard and go on another gin binge with Huma.

  3. You've read about it here, you know what I think and why I think that the anointed one is about to be held to account – you know who I think will be tapped to replace her.

    If you've told us your thoughts on who will replace her, I missed it. So?

  4. "It's all about money and power and has very little to do with America or the American people." No…surely not. How cynical of you.

    (Fiction, but I can dream, can't I?)

    Hillary's, it's said, gettin' queazy,
    The slog to the White House, not easy.
    Ol' Bern has hung in
    She thought him 'has-been'
    Maybe it's time to do sleazy.

    And Bill's the sleaze connoisseur
    He mastered the political tour
    But Bill's in decline
    Some say 'Past his prime'
    So, how to take Bern out, for sure?

    It's time for the 'Vince Foster gang'
    It's been ages, and yet, no one sang
    So, a phone call is placed
    It's time to lay waste
    To this grey socialist windbag. BANG!

    But the one thing she couldn't have known
    Was the backdoor to her iPhone
    Kept the Russians, Chinese,
    FBI wannabes
    Dialed in to the plot that she'd sown.

    The Federal boys soon won the day
    They had her cold. What could she say?
    She sung at the trial
    She shouldn't have dialed
    And her White House turned into Grey.

  6. The "Great White Father" in Washington and the "Great Queen Mother" in England have worked hard to protect their children. How could I be cynical about that?

  7. I hear that she has been advised by her handlers to send a team of lawyers to DC to prepare for the defense. She, on the other hand is refusing, saying she has beaten charges before and she will beat these because she is a Clinton and, therefore, wears Teflon skivvies. I would dearly love to see she is wrong. We'll see.

  8. UPDATE on the IRN BRU. Received it from AMAZON and tried it out. It taste like a weaken citrus/cream soda. Not a bad taste, but falsely advertised as an enhancement to prowess. I drank six of them and only one worked.

  9. You keep calling them "Pantsuits". Orange coveralls are what I envision.

  10. Hillary and her Moloch worshiping crew need to go to jail and sooner rather than later. You can throw Bruce Springsteen in with them, please.

  11. Force of habit. I'd love to see the old witch trailing an ankle manacle, chain and cannon ball.

  12. If nothing else, this election cycle has ended a lot of apathy. Can't remember a time when more people are both pissed and becoming aware of how they have been screwed over for many years.

    Shillary? Great chance the stress will cause her to stroke out before the election (perhaps with a little help?).

  13. I was looking forward to mailing her soap-on-a-rope to wherever she ended up being housed. But pouring Round Up on the grass at her gravesite may have to do.

  14. What tipping point!
    most people seem to rant, rave,
    and go on with their lives
    as if all this was a minor situation.
    Maybe it is and I'm totally missing out
    on the fun they are having
    spitting into the wind…

  15. Everyone doesn't have to buy into the tipping point – just enough people to cause a tectonic loss of faith in the system. Then things change. Unpredictably.

  16. The GOP seems smug that it can slap down upstarts. I'm not sure that they're right. The Dems are in complete denial.

  17. Obama has shown some cracks around the edges these past couple of days. His statement that the DOJ "wouldn't interfere" (followed by the blatantly false claim that the DOJ is the model of the rule of law), his "plausible deniability" over the content of Hillary's emails, all add up to Obama trying to distance himself from the BofB.

    I almost jumped for joy at the news that Guccifer had been extradited. What a fantastic coup on the part of the FBI.

    On a different note, Bernie's lack of any job experience at all hasn't seemed to bother the clueless Americans among us. After all, they voted for Obama as our Community Organizer in Chief.

  18. Like attracts like, they say. And since when was BS a "Boss"? Boss of being a leftist clown. He owns that, like all the other millionaire socialists. What a goof-off.

  19. What!?! Have you turned Air Force on us? Of course I have a wicked mind when it comes to good looking women.

  20. Last I heard they weren't going to do anything until after the election. Did they change their minds? I would love to see her drop out, but I don't see it happening.

    I can't imagine what the Founding Fathers would think, if they saw the circus our government has become, and how ignorant and immoral so many citizens are.

  21. I think that you'll see things move against Hillary by the end of this month. And it's more than 1/3 past.

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