Arizona’s Back Roads

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Somewhere between Walk and Don’t Walk is Cleator, Arizona

Cleator is a ghost town in Yavapai County, Arizona, United States. It lies along the road that has replaced Murphy’s Impossible Railroad between Cordes and Crown King. Cleator was established in 1864 as a placer gold mining site under the name Turkey Creek Mining District .Wikipedia

The only thing remaining in the town of Cleator, which boasts people and ghosts is the bar. People from the Phoenix Valley drive down Murphy’s Impossible Railroad to get there on the weekend. Women expose their bare breasts and men hoist beer mugs in respect. 
I’m not encouraging you to drive to Cleator. The bar is crowded, and the bar food is in desperate need of a chef instead of whoever is turning out the finger food. I’m just pointing out to the blogging world that such a place exists right in the middle of nowhere, not far from Bumble Bee, AZ, where there are more horses than people.
Mark Twain
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20 thoughts on “Arizona’s Back Roads

  1. The bar in Cleator sounds like it's worth a visit if I ever get out that way. I don't believe the wife would cre for it however.
    Always enjoyed Twain. A favorite of mine was Roughing It, a book that had me laughing out loud at times.

  2. As long as the beers are cold and the breast are nice, I'd be content. As for cursing, what a way to see the world in a slow, relaxing way. We are thinking about a cruise on the right side of the Atlantic.

  3. Shit hole bars in the middle of nowhere AZ? Who knew?

    And if you are brave enough to sample their bar food, I want you on my side in the ensuing bar fight after you insult the 'chef.'

  4. The microwave corn dogs and barely defrosted tater tots reminded me of Aunt Sally’s holiday fare.

    EVERYONE was strapped so things were polite.

    I was there for an hour before I learned that two off duty Yavapai Co. Sheriffs Deputies, present, had a financial interest in the place.

  5. It was not a sausage fest. There were almost as many women as men if you include the young bar maids. One bar maid, about 16 years old, had all of her teeth.

  6. Okay, that road looks like a hoot to drive. I'll have to try it out if I'm ever in the neighborhood, after first locating the gas stations nearest the endpoints.


  7. Lots of ATVs, Side-by-Sides, motorcycles, trucks, etc. I didn’t see any horses, or mules or donkeys. Donkeys are totems of a common enemy. Ride an elephant in…

  8. Regarding the Twain quote, I wholeheartedly agree that travel is a wonderful educational experience. A reeated quote from John LeCarre: “A desk is a dangerous place from which to view the world.” (Even though I have heard LeCarre was a raving leftist in real life, but I could be wrong)

  9. re: Olangapo. First trip there the Chief warned all of us boots not to eat the sausages they sold from the pushcarts. Pointed out that you did not see any stray dogs anywhere in town.

  10. Page right out of Aunt Sally's cookbook: microwave corndogs and barely defrosted tater tots. If they had freezer burn, it would be just like sitting down at Aunt Sally's and strapping on the feed bag.


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