Democrat Scum in Arizona

(Gateway Pundit) Project Veritas Action released new undercover footage of radical leftist Arizona gubernatorial nominee Katie Hobbs.  Campaign insiders reveal why they are keeping Hobbs from the debate stage.

Project Veritas Action press secretary RC Maxwell, a black man, later confronted Hobbs outside of a restaurant, scaring the hell out of her. She immediately packed her bag and stood up in such a hurry to run away that she spilled her drink all over the place like an unstable maniac. Hobbs then tried to hide in the bathroom and later ran away from the Project Veritas Action reporter, struggling to get into her car.


Will Tulsi Gabbard and others form a Third Party?


Bullet Points:

* The Wall Street Journal has released a report about insider trading. This new investigation focuses on corruption in the government’s executive branch’s bureaucracy. Across 50 federal agencies ranging from the Commerce Department to the Treasury Department, more than 2,600 officials reported stock investments in companies while those companies were lobbying their agencies for favorable treatment. However, with the standard being the Biden Crime Family, it makes perfect sense. Crime is permissible within the Democrat Party because the swamp cares for its own.

* Will Germany Sink the EU? (ZeroHedge) It’s a good article, worth your time to read it.

* “I can no longer remain in today’s Democratic Party that is now under the complete control of an elitist cabal of warmongers driven by cowardly wokeness, who divide us by racializing every issue & stoke anti-white racism, actively work to undermine our God-given freedoms.” – Tulsi Gabbard

* WAPO is worried about Catholic Hospitals

* The cashless society is coming. In many places, it’s already here.

National File report: Carsten’s plans to seize control of the wallets of the world resemble those touted by American figures like Joe Biden (FJB), who earlier this year signed an executive order seizing control of cryptocurrencies and laying the groundwork to turn America into a cashless society.

* The FBI Offers a Bribe (ZeroHedge) The FBI offered former British intelligence agent Christopher Steele $1 million as an “incentive” if he could prove the allegations made in his infamous dossier against former President Donald Trump, a senior FBI analyst revealed on Oct. 11.

FBI supervisory counterintelligence analyst Brian Auten made the claim while providing testimony at the criminal trial of Igor Danchenko, a key source who supplied information for the anti-Trump dossier, which was commissioned by Democrats during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Despite the FBI’s failure to corroborate any evidence, Auten also confirmed the agency used that information in its initial Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant to surveil informal Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

The FBI paying taxpayer money to suborn testimony against an innocent man is nothing new. If they’ll do it to get President Trump, what compunctions do you think they will have to get YOU?

* Riddle me this:

Q. Why did Epstein have videos and pictures of powerful people in compromising positions?

A. So he could control the powerful.

Q. Who now holds that information?

A. The FBI.

Q why hasn’t the FBI released any of this evidence or used it to prosecute the guilty?

A. Because now the FBI has the power that Epstein had.



One of the people who lives about five miles from me has an operational McCormick Deering (became John Deer) tractor with a magneto-crank starter. It’s in complete running condition but it does take a few cranks to get it started.

It’s just too darn cool.  Arizona country life.

While I visited today, his daughter brought by a cord of alligator juniper firewood, and I helped unload and stack it. You have to make yourself useful on a farm.

Old men are easily amused when you have an old tractor to ride around on – speaking for myself.

StanC (pictured left) is a USMC Vietnam War veteran, LW (partially pictured) flew for the USAF in Vietnam and beyond, eventually flying for twenty years or so for United Airlines. The area is brimming with veterans who are not the least bit woke, which is why I moved here and built a hovel for myself.


  1. Magneto-crank start.
    That brings back a memory of an old gas Caterpillar my Dad had. Compression release to start, it took several minutes idling before you could set the compression. Winter, I could hitch a team, feed the cows, and be back at the house having coffee before he could use it. Still, during a four wire winter, it was useful.

    Many of your readers have probably “propped” an aircraft. Our J-4 didn’t have a starter.

    • Built to last and to be repaired there on the farm at a minimal cost with only a few moving parts that you could keep on hand. Manufacturers don’t make that boast now.

  2. Epstein didn’t kill himself and the FBI certainly won’t either.

    I didn’t actually write that, of course. Somebody snuck into my house and did it when I wasn’t looking. Honest.

  3. I was up in McClouth Kansas last year for the annual tractor show. They had all sorts of things like your neighbor has, and some were steam powered.

  4. Cashless is a very bad situation to be in when the hurricane passes through. Especially if you live in a place like Puerto Rico. Their last governor finally got arrested for some of the corruption Trump correctly pointed out.

  5. I don’t think the Democratic Party has been anything but a promoter of Communism for decades. Gabbard, regardless of her present position, is either naïve, ignorant, relatively stupid, or an opportunist. It doesn’t take much presence of mind to understand the evil of the party that placed her in office. Bailing now makes me suspicious, and most people probably have the same suspicions.

  6. Deere. I used to work in government contracting and several of my classes were at Rock Island Arsenal right outside of Moline IL. Split my leisure time between the museum exhibits on Rock Island and the John Deere Museum. Time very well spent.

    I think our entire political system is set up on the basis of two parties. A third party seems to just act as a spoiler to one of the other two parties. Not strong enough to stand on its own and then fades away after a major election. Ms. Gabbard at least has served her country and appears to at least have some convictions. May not agree with them but at least she has them.

    My personal opinion is that a cashless society will be about the largest step away from individual freedom that society can take.

  7. Re the FBI, shades of Hoover… That old tractor will be kept running with bailing wire and bubble gum and run another 50 years with no problem!!! Nice neighborhood up there, and a good set of ‘backups’ if you need them.

  8. Gabbard…she surfs and is probably cool to hang with for a day. People are allowed to change (regardless what the Left thinks), and like anyone else she has changed her thinking on a few things as well. Listening to her and she is measured on where she sits, and unafraid to say it…unlike most of the Dems and Dem hopefuls who are scared to tell you what they believe…because they haven’t a clue what that might be, yet can spout off when unchallenged on everything they are against.

    Old tractors and men…I get it, had a 2N for a while. “Shop Talk”by David Barnhouse, hanging in my shop:

  9. Cool old tractor. WSF got us interested in the Greeley Old Time Farm Show, and it’s always a joy to see these old workhorses still in use, along with a lot of other old farm equipment, including a 120+ year old well drilling rig that still works.

    Watch out when you hand crank that thing. Some of them can kick back pretty hard if the spark isn’t timed correctly. Nice PTO sheave on the side, too.

    I wish this area wasn’t as woke as it is, but it’s orders of magnitude better than SoCal was…

  10. It just takes one old crank to get that tractor started, however many times he has to turn it.

    C-130 “Joke”:
    Q: How many cranks does it take to manually lower a C-130 main gear?

    A: One crank and a few hundred turns.

    Tulsi is a big question mark. Even though she went through Schwabs Young Global Leader course doesn’t mean she subscribes to the course’s principles.

    The modern FBI is doing what J. Edgar Hoover promoted — extorting elites with the skeletons in their closets.

  11. We farmed 300 acres with 2 WD-45’s and lots of drivers. Everything we grew we fed back to the dairy herd, essentially selling our crops through the milk check. The word came from up high not to grip the crank with your thumb wrapped around it, if you wanted to keep you thumb from being broken. Good looking tractor, a porch full of firewood, the latest in solar clothes dryers, plus good friend’s visiting. A rich man indeed!

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