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I’ve been sitting back watching events unfold in Paris, the Russian airliner, brought down as it left Egypt, in Lebanon, Turkey, and elsewhere. From a French point of view, nothing is new there? It’s not the first incidence of Muslims slaughtering innocent people on the street there, not even in the last twelve months.  Remember how tolerant the French were of Islam including the vast number of radical living on their own turf? How’s that working out for them now? Removing a tumor is a lot more difficult when it’s been allowed to metastasize, but that’s what they’re faced with.
The Islamic terrorist attacks on 13 November reinforce several attributes about terrorism that should be well known. Most important is that the attacks were a product of a living system. The news analysts talked about a network, but that word is too limited and anodyne to be a metaphor for a living system devoted to death.
Before the investigations are complete, many dozens of people will be found to have supported the attack preparations. Well-planned and executed terrorist attacks always are the products of a living system. 
According to Miller, in Living Systems, every biological system performs 20 separate functions that are essential to sustain life. In every human body, different organs are specialized to perform the functions. In human groups, including a terrorist group, individuals perform one or more of the functions.
The attackers represent only one of the 20 functions. Unknown additional people, usually invisible to the police, perform the other 19 functions that the group requires. The French and Belgian police are rounding up those others now.
The French bombing of Syria betrays some understanding of the relationships in a living system. Communications between the attackers and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) in Syria is enough to justify a retaliatory attack to assuage public outrage a bit. 
Nevertheless, ISIL operatives outside Syria and Iraq behave as independent actors, deriving guidance more than material support from the ISIL leadership. The more sinister parts of the living system are being found in Europe. These terrorists were locals. The specific targets were locally determined.

CONDELL: “I wonder how long it will be before the first European is stoned-to-death for adultery? If that catches-on, there’ll hardly be anyone left in France.”

Many French people are Catholic and the pope, who travels with an army of armed body guards, has come out suggesting that it’s wrong for Catholics to arm themselves. While that edict may make sense at Castle Gandolfo, I think that the people of Paris might have another take on things. It remains to be seen whether or not the French will man up and defend themselves in their own homeland. When seconds count, the police are minutes away. Make of that what you will.

Luke 22:36. “Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.”

I personally think that the French need to hold “draw Mohammed contests” and when the Islamist come to kill the infidels, the police can gun them down in turn, Texas style.

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  1. I think you're right, a lot more "Draw Mo" contests should bring them out into the open, where they can be shot.

    At least the Pope recognizes that we're in a war, and a just one, curiously enough for a modern Jesuit… but his advisors ought to get him to rethink self-defense before events make his point of view irrelevant.

  2. In the last year I have seen the most peaceful, tolerant and open minded Europeans take a complete turnaround. People will not tolerate the innocent slaughtering of their kin. Problem is, removing hidden terrorists from Europe at this stage is impossible, I'm sure. I'm happy to be surrounded by water.

  3. The pope needs to acknowledge that people have an inherent right to self defense both as nations and as individuals.

  4. Tolerance of peaceful differences is good. Tolerance of murder is not. The French would seem to be waking up to that. The Germans still haven't.

    Being on an island is good unless you're there with a lot of radical Muslims where they have you where they want you and you can't swim away fast enough…

  5. He gets the national part (Just War) but doesn't seem able to apply that to the personal.

    I'll shoot him a text and sort it out.

  6. He's one of your people, and I know that you have him on speed dial. If you need to set up a three-way conference call, I'll take time out of my day to bring him up to speed.

  7. You may be on to something there with Miller LST. Such complexity may be necessary to get the front line murderers into position with the necessary equipment. A lot of news agencies and many politicians talk about the "lone wolf" attacks, perhaps to keep Americans in the dark about how deeply the threats can go. Is that disingenuous, or is it necessary so that further investigation of terrorist acts can flush the living system out into the open?

  8. There is a logistical tail to any army and the same is true of terrorist activities. We need to write the law so that all aiders and abetters are legally as responsible as those who carry out the attack. Technically that IS the current law on conspiracy to commit, but we need to hone it down to terrorist actions under a TREASON statute. US Citizens who give aid and comfort to an enemy during a declared war…

  9. Take down the tail, and it becomes toothless… Note that Poland and Hungary have turned the refugees back, and have become 'conservative' in the last few months… It's a start!

  10. All well and good, except our current administration treats terrorism as a criminal activity, not as an act of war. Even then, the feds seem unable to prosecute terrorists as criminals.

  11. "Criminal" is a relative term in sanctuary cities. I believe that the president is annoyed that people care about terrorism. He lives in a fantasy world of his own construction.

  12. Poland and Hungary are at the point of the spear. They have a different take on the "human lice" coming out of Syria and the Levant.

  13. Please, please make this a conference call and let me dial in. I swear I'll stay quiet and just listen. …maybe…

  14. I like that verse in Luke, and I think it makes sense. My take on it is that Jesus knew perfectly well that holding order/justice without him would look different than when he walked amongst us.

    I also like the idea of the French learning to do things the Texan way. 'Bout time we educated those backwater snoots!

    As it happens, I know a very modern, beautiful, lithe French couple (they are both models/actors) my age who frequent small town Texas on a nearly annual basis precisely because they love enormous servings of hamburgers, chicken fried steak, and BBQ, which they just can't get in lovely Paree. My point: the epitome of all things French is, at its core, absolutely dying for some Texas…

  15. The Imperial Japanese were a living system, one that used Kamikaze tactics to foward a fanatical position. And now we see suicide ISIS bombers. The world has seen this kind of living system before.

    Each and every Japanese civilian living in Hiroshima and Nagasaki was supporting the Imperial Japanses war effort in some manner. Ward Churchill might have called them 'little Eichmanns.'

    Regardless, the same manner of aggression needs to be applied towards this latest scourge. Total annihilation. Nothing less.

  16. The message has to be clearly heard. As you point out, it's the message that ended the war with Japan. I don't advocate the first use of nuclear weapons in this case, but we can get just as much done with conventional weapons.

  17. It's ok to invite the French to Texas for genuine BBQ, but don't invite ISIS unless you're doing a draw Mohammed contest.

  18. I personally feel that such forces are bigger than our contemplation of them. Some talked about an international intelligence put together that could truly combat the situation.

  19. We have totally untapped reservoirs of sweet little ol berserker grannies, and grumpy ol men that need to step up and take it too'm…

  20. Jenny, you would NOT remain silent in the conference call with the Pope. You'd be jonesing for a special blessing or dispensation…

  21. They are comprehendible threats but for us, the concept is unification against these people who enjoy killing the innocent.

  22. I concur; nukes are over the top. But a fleet or two of B-52's carpet bombing them to smithereens oughtta send a message that even the die hard ISIS fanatics get Loud and clear. To whatever fanatics are left, that is.

  23. Arc Light – with snake and nape, alternately. It will wipe out large swaths of highways and strongholds.

  24. The pope needs to listen to me (for a change). I'd be a great speech writer for the pope. His opinions would sound (alarmingly) like those expressed on my blog.

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