Yes, it’s “insurrection day” in America.



(ricochet) Claudio recommends this article and I can’t find fault in it. Maybe it’s because I’m as crazy as Russians are, but their mindset made sense to me. Then again so does the Chinese mindset.

“They want to go back to that kind of imaginary past. There was no such thing as the imaginary past they want to go back to but they think there was. Stalin’s glorification, longing back for the Tsarist Empire, and so on. Then there is the desire to correct the historical injustices experienced by Russia. Let’s face it: all nations have experienced injustices. We Finns lost Karelia. But we don’t shout for it anymore. We were beaten and so be it.

“But the Russians are digging for the injustices and seeking redress for any reason. The Russians took back Crimea because it was just a correction of historical injustice. They have a longing for a Soviet Union that never existed in reality. The more time goes on, the finer the times become in people’s minds and heads. Then there is this democracy, which is a time of turmoil.”




Born in 1835, English fisherman and lifeboatman Henry Freeman was one of the first proponents of the use of cork life vests in the maritime industry. Unfortunately, most of his efforts to make their use mandatory fell on deaf ears.

Until that is, Freeman and his crew of lifeboatmen were sent out in a particularly nasty storm that reportedly destroyed more than 200 ships off England’s east coast. Every lifeboatman sent out in the storm perished, except the one with the life vest: Henry Freeman. After that fateful storm, life vests surged in popularity.




Very Random Bullet Points:

* France will send Bastion AFVs and AMX-10 RC light tanks to Ukraine. I don’t know what the numbers will be. The wheeled AMX-10 might have some problem negotiating muddy terrain.

Bastion MRAP

* Oh Flower of Scotland.  The Scots feel aggrieved.

* January 5, 2023 Once again, Biden refers to Harris as the president. How can anyone seriously consider Biden fit to run in 2024?

* Details about the U.S. military’s training on gender and racial sensitivity have been revealed by the Wall Street Journal as politicians increasingly target the military’s turn to so-called “woke” ideology. The newly disclosed training materials detail how many often-cited tenets of “woke” ideology are being transmitted to government employees, particularly in the Defense Department.

*  Real Taoism is quietist, a philosophy of renunciation and submission to fate. Occidentals, informed by Christian thought even when we do not realize it, cannot accept true fatalism or true renunciation. The furthest we of the West tend to go in that direction toward stoicism, or pragmatism, or the idea that ideals are worth pursuing even if they cannot be enacted.



  1. I always wanted an AMX-10 RC.

    They should do okay in the mud, with central tire pressure regulation and the hydropneumatic suspension. Of course, it all really comes down to knowing where to drive and where not to drive. You can get anything stuck, with enough “talent”.

    The Uke military is gonna look pretty weird by the time this is over, with all these weird little penny-packets of disparate equipment. On the bright side, it would make for really fun units to build for “modern” microarmor gamers, if there were still such a thing in any meaningful way.


    • There’s mud, then there’s Eastern European mud. Like Alaskan muskeg, once it goes liquidy you can only wait till the freeze comes again.

      Seriously, air cushioned vehicles are really the way to go. Use a nuke plant to power the fan system and you can lift a helluvalotta stuff until the skirt gets blown away.

  2. What is being sent are not tanks but obsolescent (being replaced by EBRC Jaguars) reconnaissance armored cars using proprietary ammunition so only France can provide the main armament reloads and thus exacerbating the ammunition resupply issues.

    Sending perhaps 250 armored cars, if France donates their entire inventory, into this meatgrinder is nice but is not what it seems.

    • That’s what I thought. The French armor is essentially junk. The AMX-10s are good so long as the proprietary, non-standard ammunition lasts. If I was the Ukes, I’d try and keep all of the French stuff with one unit so that they can cannibalize them for parts and try to make the logistics train more simple. If nothing else, it makes the standardization of calibers and ammo more poignant.

      • More usefull for rear area security than front-line. That way the proprietary ammo and other issues aren’t as exacerbated as they would be in actual combat.

  3. Is it because the Bastion AFVs and AMX-10 RC worked so well in Afghanistan? They rarely ventured outside Kabul because they were always braking down. Every convoy with them had two or more tow trucks.

    • The US is phasing out the Bradley APCs and it’s a way to take them out of inventory. The Germans are doing the same thing – but are struggling with the replacement.

      • There have been several programs started to replace the Bradley but none have yet led to an in-production replacement. There is a turret-less version (Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle) of the Bradley replacing the M-113.

        As for Marder, the Germans have less than 400 plus 350 or so of the Puma replacements which did not perform well in recent maneuvers. Unless a just token number of Marders are sent, more meat is being cut from the Bundeswehr.

        Since the Gepards have proven useful, while France is clearing out old equipment they could add AMX-13 DCA SPAAG if any are still in depots.

    • The wolves that live in my neighborhood are brown wolves, smaller and darker than their gray cousins. In many cases, they’re almost black. It contrasts the coyotes that are a more uniform “coyote” color, and are smaller still.

      Bobcats have cool camo.

      The mountain lions do not have effective snow camo but as they sit at the top of the food chain, they may not need it. Bears are hibernating.

      Humans are only at the top of the food chain if they’re armed, which makes liberals, prey.

  4. I would add a third line to The Nan meme: None of them are wearing their requisite Covid Death Masks while clearly in close proximity. Maybe the germs are like “Not going there, the host is already dead, and the others aren’t worth it either.”

    Sidebar: After taking a wider view now this Speaker BS is front and center (really for the first time in my life it’s become theater), I’ve flipped back to supporting “The Twenty” dissenters. Competition is good, plus it’s upending the Swamp’s Standard Flow…like getting the septic tank pumped…The Dissenters have removed the riser lid and are dropping in the hose, exposing the gross factor.

    • The swamp does NOT like dissent. That’s why the donkeys installed Hakeem Jeffries as the House Minority Leader “by acclamation” without a vote. Hakeem is the new mixed-race hope in the Obama mold. They’ll run him for president in 2024.

      • Yup, no dissent allowed proves it’s a swamp. Will the Dem’s focus on the ‘Jeffries’ part or the ‘Hakeem’ part? Kind of a moral dilemma for them, assuming they give a rats patootie about morals, which by all accounts they couldn’t find a moral center with StarLink SatNav pinpoint coordinates.

        Here’s a sliver of hope, but we are a long way off-trail as a country: The dad arrested at his school board meeting by the reprobates who covered up the sexual attack on his daughter, then convicted by some ‘bought’ scumbag judge, just got it overturned, but not before being publicly vilified and financially wrecked (another Dem tactic). He’s so right. (I nominate him for Speaker)

        “Despite this victory, I have serious concerns about where we are as a country. We’ve been subverted by a darkness that is spilling out in rot at all levels and in both political parties,” Tigges tweeted after the decision. “Nothing will change until We the People value conviction over comfort.”

        Still do not understand why the CapPol Hellhole Jail isn’t stormed by “let-go” SEALs to rescue every Jan 6th political prisoner…doesn’t scan they are languishing in plain sight.

        • Sorry, not “sexual attack on his daughter”, different case (which is seriously horrific)…was his opposition to the schools immoral “gender-confused policies”.

        • right there with you on j6 jailbreak. i can’t figure out how anybody in authority can allow this to stand. where are the patriots? surely there must be some retired colonels with courage. where’s mosby when we need him? i guess it is good that i am not 20 years younger.

          • While I would (not) like to see such a storming, the encouragement of it is enough to trigger a slew of Fibbie thugs in SWAT accessories at your door. Then you’d have to determine whether you will go along peacefully or not. Most have.
            I’m interviewing a lawyers who represent a number of them tomorrow.

    • I may post photos of Jules wolves, Halo, and Lucifer (also called Tex). They’re magnificent, but I’m sure they’re a challenge.

          • You would know…but, Yeah…totally makes sense.

            Jules’ ears are burning about now, but as a Warrior Queen she doesn’t really care. {[:-)

          • She knows that she’s Boudica. I’ve discussed it with her in the past and she’s acknowledged that it’s likely the case. Statues of Boudica show her with two wolves. The names of her wolves are lost in the mists of time but. I think that one of them must have been Lucifer.

  5. I thought I saw where they were also sending Bradley fighting Vehicles from us. Question:
    If memory serves, weren’t they considered a boondoggle or something like that? I seem to remember something to that effect as either not being protective enough, light armored or underarmed?

    • they added armor and kept adding weapon systems until it was too heavy for mission/engine, so they changed the mission and upgraded the drive train, but that made it even heavier but then….you get the picture. it was very effective in original mode. at some point you have to accept some losses, or become a turtle.

      • When compared to the world’s AFVs, the M-2 is good. You can’t pour more than 5 gallons of water into a 5-gallon bucket and that’s what Big Army kept trying to do to the Bradley, as Riverrider wrote and Surly as well.

        It’s not a tank and it needs to deliver infantry in a threat environment and keep from being killed in the process. It sounds simple, but it’s not. The new Green Army (the green Green Machine) wants an electric AFV for the next generation of warfighting. Until they can put a “Mr. Fusion” in to replace the gasoline/diesel engine, they are shackled to carbon-based petrochemicals. It doesn’t matter how woke they are.

        • I can see going diesel-electric, or even full hybrid with batteries. That’s one of the things that the lengthened updated M113 MTVL (6 bogies, applique exterior composite armor) had as a variant. A test article was built and it worked surprisingly well, could ‘sneak’ in electric-only for 50 miles at medium speed.

          Going diesel-electric would eliminate having funky transmissions and linkages and go directly to individual electric motors powering the drive sprockets. New technology could easily do this, and it would open up some space in the interior that said transmissions and linkages and drive shafts and other drive components take up currently.

          But full electric? Yeah, no. That amount of lithium batteries would make the APC/IFV/MBT even more of a spark-assisted flame thrower than the M551 Sheridan with a gas engine and open, exposed ammo racks for the gun system.

          • The other part of the Bradley answer (the bigger part, IMO) is that the “press” doesn’t really ever tell the truth, or feel any sort of shame over lying. They report what the Magic (D) wants them to.

            If that means, in the 1980s when Reagan was helping build an unstoppable US military, that they should lie and call the better-than-most Bradley a boondoggle deathtrap, they will.

            If that means, in the current day, when Pudding Joe Hairsniffer is trying to look like he’s some sort of “bastion of Democracy” or some other shit, and it requires presenting the Bradley as an Ogre Mk. V that will singlehandedly Save Ukraine From the Soviet Hordes, that’s fine, too.

            Pinko scum think the world is created anew daily, with no history at all, so they see no conflict in their constant contradictions.


  6. The life vest story on Henry freeman is purely anecdotal , they should have done a double blind study . Some of the vest should have had lead chunks in the pockets to truly test the efficacy of the vest. Humanized mice and beagle puppies should have been drowned in the process.
    My god people we must follow “the science”

  7. Met a few Finns during my time in the huge sandbox. Can’t say I knew them as they were fairly quiet in the presence of us Texans. Do have to say I have great respect for the Suomi who immigrated to the US and became MD’s, especially those in the ticker/pump business.

    • I have worked with the Fins and have the greatest respect. Those I worked around were serious as a heart attack, but it doesn’t mean that they all are.

      One complaint I’ve heard is that Finnish female snipers prefer to be on top. As Kiki said elsewhere, it’s all about the science and the largest possible representative sample, etc. As for me, I simply pass on the rumor.


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