The Plague of Firearms Violence

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Where can Americans go when they are fearful of firearms violence? 

Where is their safe haven where the private ownership of firearms is dealt with by the imposition of long prison sentences?

Is there a country like this?  
Le Bandera de Mexico
As a matter of fact, there is and it’s just across the border to the south. It’s time to cross the border and live and work in Mexico where firearms crimes are punished and honest citizens are prohibited from owning most types of firearms! It’s time to visit the place where GUN CONTROL WORKS! Just read the laws and you too will be convinced.
Under Article 10 of the Mexican Constitution, citizens are accorded the right to possess semi-automatic handguns or revolvers of a caliber no greater than .380 (for home defense), rifles no greater than .22, and shotguns no greater than a 12-gauge (hunting and shooting when a member of a club). Anything bigger than those calibers is considered for exclusive use of the military and strictly forbidden for civilian possession, as defined by Article 11 of the Federal Law of Firearms and Explosives. These firearms must be licensed with the local police department. Licensing means that they can’t get into the hands of criminals — if there were criminals in Mexico.

These laws keep Mexican citizens safe and they will keep you safe too when you decide to move your family to that paradise that is Mexico.
Drug cartels are simply poor attempts at propaganda by the conservative American press. Yes, some poor people do move drugs, but they are your friends and they mean you no harm. All of the reports of organized crime bandits in Mexico are fabrications. Ignore these lies, renounce your American Citizenship and move to Mexico where you too will feel safe, wrapped in a blanket of legislation.
If you don’t believe me, visit the Mexican Tourism Board. There you will learn of the rich culture in Mexico without any mention of violence or criminal conduct. Would those people lie? Cast off your preconceived notions. You can walk the streets of any city in Mexico at any time without fear because of their legal restrictions that prohibit citizens from carrying firearms.
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Memorize the following so that you can share your love with your amigos de Mexico: Yo soy amigo de Obama!

Make your decision now to move to Mexico 
and save yourself and your family through 
the miracle that is firearms legislation

I understand that you may not want to move as far as Mexico to be safe. The city within a State with the most restrictive firearms ownership in the nation is the peace haven of Chicago, Illinois, home to President Obama and his senior staff. People walk the streets of Chicago without fear because the gun control legislation keeps them safe. Any questions? Contact 

8 thoughts on “The Plague of Firearms Violence

  1. And without the evil influence of the gun culture, from which everything bad springs, both places have governments that are free from corruption! The benefits just keep piling up.

  2. I think it's free to say that both governments are equally corrupt. So if you want to, say, open a solar company, a battery company, a green energy company or you want to manufacture cars under the union label — contributing to the Party in power, yields favorable results.

  3. Hmmmm… seems the gun manufacturers need to re-assess their political affiliations. I seem to remember when Clinton was Philanderer in Chief, Microsoft loudly proclaimed it wouldn't play the Washingtoon Game. Woohoo, all kinds of anti-trust investigations and Cong hearings fired up, then, all of a sudden, EVAPORATED when campaign contributions started to flow from Washington State to Washington D.C. Gun Makers, here's a tip: To make this all go away, give tons of cash to Schmuck Schumer Washington D.C.'s extortionist extraordinaire.

  4. Legislation in Mexico has kept its people safe from gun violence. If it has worked so well there, why can't it work here?

  5. I feel better already. It is, after all, Obama's dream to rule a third world country.

  6. I knew that you would. Pack up your saws and woodworking gear and head south. You'll know when you're in Mexico because the presence of (short guys with rifles 2x too large) the Army on the street, beating up the locals. And all of the police and army presence combined with very tough laws makes living there very safe.

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