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Yes, it’s another open forum day on Virtual Mirage, when you can express yourself in any way you please.  Not that you don’t usually. It’s simply official.


I have a number of rants, so I’ll start:

The rotting carcass in the White House has overseen vast inflation in his first 100 days in office. If I was to rebuild my home (completed 2.5 years ago) it would cost DOUBLE in materials. If I could find labor today, that would be much more than I spent. The direct tax rate has little to do with what we actually pay. Raise taxes on corporations? It sounds good, but all of those costs are passed onto us.

The price of homes will continue to rise but in terms of spendable dollars, the money one earns from a sale will likely drop because nothing is more damaging than inflation. Ask the Venezuelans. They use currency to wipe instead of toilet paper because currency is cheaper.

Food costs over the past 100 days are up at least 10%. The media is owned by the monsters who rule us. They’d never report on that.

The Consumer Price Index does not reveal the true extent of rising prices. The government lies – duh.

There are other things that hide inflation. For instance, shrinking packaging so there is less product sold at the same price, or substituting lower quality ingredients, or requiring consumers to assemble items themselves. Puff more air into that BIG bag of chips.

The 20 year War in Afghanistan makes me want to toss my cookies. I know a LOT about the mid-1990’s in Pakistan that led to the creation of the fiction by Pakistani Inter-Service Intelligence which became the Taliban. I know a LOT about their campaign – that Pakistan hoped would rid their Northwest Frontier Province (NFP) of Afghans, who would return home.

The war happened because after 9/11 the Bush Administration decided to sell a war of revenge after the terrorist attacks, not on Saudi Arabia and the Wahhabists who promoted and prosecuted those attacks, but on — wait for it — Afghanistan. (wag the dog) While OBL stayed safe and sound — in Pakistan.


Ok, it’s all yours.


55 thoughts on “Open Forum Tuesday

  1. And thanks to the Dems we now have Venezuelans crossing the southern border.

    I no longer ask,”What else could possibly go wrong?” as PINO and the Dems seem to take it as a personal challenge.

    1. They seem to lower bars that nobody thought could be lowered. Sometimes they just bury the bar. Then exhume it and bury it deeper a week later.

        1. I barfed on my keyboard. Give me a moment to get a rag and clean it up.

  2. Something is “in the air”, doesn’t “feel” right. Smells to high heaven.

    Pipeline attack is one indicator, the Withering Potted Plant in the fenced off Capitol being protected by the MSM at all cost is another. Poking the Russian Sleeping Dog is beyond idiotic. Prices rising like mad and Yellon saying “it’s all fine”. For who? Or the constant propaganda control machine pushing the Covid narrative panic (if it was a real pandemic we wouldn’t need the media to tell us). And by all accounts most in DC are on the wreck America train that seems to be gaining speed towards the cliff. 90% of those bums should be removed from office (Jan. 6th showed their cowardice) and replaced with Constitutional-minded servants of the people.

    30 degrees here, hasn’t stopped snowing for two days…light and wet but accumulating. Typically this time of year happens for a day then back up to warmer temps, snow melts in a few hours and stuff dries out. But for the past week it’s been mostly cold and wet…might not warm until next weekend. Wettest and coldest Spring in 75 years, at least here. The next person spouting off the earth is getting warmer because I drive a pick-up, and that taxing us to “fix” it is required, better not do it to my face.

    Do I order more My Patriot Supply (hey, $50 bucks off the month supply with “free” shipping), or hold off thinking “how bad can it get?” That’s the dilemma, because just when you think they’ve run their anarchist course they dial the oppression up another notch.

    Mini-rant over.

    1. I was in the Phoenix area yesterday and it was about 95F. Then I came home to 65F. There is a thirty-degree spread usually. When it’s 120 there, it’s about 85 here, so sometimes more than thirty degrees. We missed the arctic plunge that you all have, being in Arizona. I can’t say that I envy you. I’m ready for summer.

      As far as how bad it can get, the inflation problem will get worse. And if there are no more free and fair elections, the scum can trash the place with impunity. I spoke with a guy who is building a place in Heber AZ (about a two-hour drive from me, closer as the crow flies). His estimated building cost doubled. He’s trying to figure out what to do. Wait? Maybe this passes. Or just build a much smaller place?

      1. I’m thinking projects will get caught up, the mills are still putting out lumber and at some point there will again be more lumber than people who want it and prices will drop.
        That is just the supply & demand side of the prices, the falling value of the dollar is something else.

        But when you are building your house it’s really hard to stop for a year to wait for lumber prices to come back down….

        1. He’s exploring cutting the wood himself and milling some of what he needs privately here in AZ. He cand do pine 2×4’s, but plywood is another matter. And while the price of wood is perversely high, so are all other building materials.

          1. If it’s subject to a county inspection, you have to use professionally graded lumber.

          2. One day the inspector came out, had a good rapport with him…he was complaining about something. Told him, “You know, that 120 year old barn down the road was built with locally sawn materials and was built by the rancher WITHOUT A PERMIT, and the ridgeline is still straight. Trying to build it today would cost a fortune with all the engineering and fees, modern hardware and metal, and graded materials.” He just looked at me.

            Graded lumber it was not…then again, hem-fir/pine was different 100 years ago.

          3. Don, it might be off-grid construction, in which case, it’s usually not permitted (or taxed – or insured). I honestly don’t know because I didn’t ask him. The area there is far more settled than the area where I live. Our fellow blogger bobbookworm lives in that part of AZ. He may have insight.

            I’m aware of several off-grid places in the general area where I live. The structures in question are about 20 miles from my house and I know the people who live there. Solar/well (old permit) wood-burning heat.

      2. It’s the Rockies, anything can happen this time of year. I’ve been in the backcountry in August and had it snow below treeline when it was 80 the day before. The nature of altitude.

        Haven’t been to Heber, been to Greer tho, nice area.

        Material prices are changing DAILY, product prices are roughly the same but quantity is being shorted to offset. Fuel prices up at least a buck and a half since Jan 21st…on and on. Have a brother who’s in the same dilemma, wait, or build on some property out this way. Will material prices re-balance once supply meets demand as things “open up” (a gross misrepresentation of the lockdown, like social distancing, another disgusting invented term). Or, are prices being inflated “on purpose” to kill one industry that did not tank during the past year? I can’t read the tea leaves to see around that corner but things aren’t looking promising.

        1. I’ve been snowed on in every month in Colorado, at one time or another, and not just above timberline.

          4th of July Rodeo in Walden has been held in a snowstorm.

  3. “Food Warrior” rant. Trust fund snots who don’t need to work for a living telling people who do work, and damn hard, that they are evil and cruel to animals. Emperor Polis’ husband is a vegan and one of many behind getting an initiative on the ballot to make raising livestock so expensive ranchers and farmers will be forced to quit. Preventing animal cruelty (as they define it) is their motivation.

    My towns biggest employer is a packing plant (800+ employees). As many as twenty trucks at a time will be lined up to unload cattle. These privileged sons and daughters picket the place, run up and pet the animals, and sometimes try to prevent the trucks from entering the plant.

    What gets my pulse rate up, and homicidal thoughts percolating, is people who think they have the right to dictate how others should live, how they should use their personal property, and are obvious to the harm they inflict.

    1. I’ve heard that vegans who are used as ingredients in Soylent Green make the mixture even more palatable to other vegans.

      You could use the protests at the packing plant the way that some use “draw Mohammed” contests to lure in the evil Mohammedans.

      We need more Soylent Green.

    2. It gets worse, MrsPM got an email last week from the State Veterinarian Board, Polis’ installed vegan — who is NOT a DVM – is pushing to eliminate the Board. It’s her charter to ruin all animal husbandry and business in Colorado, torturing 4H kids,and trashing rancher and DVM businesses. All her personally known Board contacts have retired…likely saw this coming.

      This is the Dem’s coordinated attack on all things normal and decent and moral…getting their preferred destructive oppressive utopia at any cost.

        1. Exactly. These clowns obviously haven’t heard of Temple Grandin (was at CSU, may be retired now, was a prof for MrsPM). Her entire career, as a high functioning autistic, known internationally, encompassed developing more humane cattle ranching/handling methods.

          1. Really pi$$es me off to see the Front Range LIberal Wackos trying to Californicate this state. The have no conception of “Land and Resource Management” whatsoever. They have no personal stake in, nor respect for the heritage of, the lands they want to impose their warped ideas of “management” on. They’ll turn Colorado into Disneyland-With-Mountains if they get their way.

          2. You shoulda heard MrsPM, “I’m not renewing my Colorado Vet License…[rant!]”

          3. My friends daughter, who is on the spectrum herself, and has a master’s in psychology, and has had a lot of success in designing treatments for autistics, turned me on to Temple Grandin.

    1. Imagine getting us in a room together…solve a huge load of the worlds problems inside of 20 minutes. Implementation might take a little longer, but I suspect firearms would be somewhere in the prescription.

      1. Rope. And scaffolding. Or you could have a guillotine and who cares if the blade is dull? It would still break the neck.

        1. I’m thinking drawn and quartering as an option…do one of those and might just set a few folks straight in a heartbeat. But a gallows is good, 3-per at a time would clear things out in a hurry. (not that I’m advocating violence or anything)

  4. I vote for tar and feathers… Messier and nothing upsets the left more than messing up their carefully coiffed hair… LOL

    1. Tar will burn, if you get it hot enough. The feathers may help; some experimentation to prove or disprove that theory will be necessary.

      I had a chat with our purchasing agent this afternoon. We use a lot of steel. Our vendors were telling him that steel prices would stabilize toward June and now they’re saying August, but he didn’t seem to put a lot of faith in that. He also indicated problems with finding the quantities and types that we need. You’d have to go back to the 80’s to see a similar supply problem, he said. That’s the part that scared me, this guy getting a little spooked. This on top of lumber, compooter chips, etc., etc., etc. Strap in, my children, the ride she is gonna get a lee-til rough. Got Charmin?

        1. Old NFO, That’s what we’re seeing here. $62 for one sheet of Grade A Ply. It’s frigging grim. I was planning to do a pool room/jacuzzi room and my costs for all components have MORE THAN DOUBLED. It’s now out of my price range. It was already high. Now high by $$x2.5. Another problem is the labor shortage. Labor costs are up about 20% because those who are working can demand it. I don’t blame them, but it adds into my build being way out of range. Maybe in the next Trump administration? Who knows? Maybe never.

        2. WWW, Steel prices are up 150% here. Do you mean stabilize at 150% over normal or drop back to where they were before Jo/Ho took over?

          1. L-L that would be “stabilize” as in, level off and stop going up. Percentage of increase unknown. Drop back down? Next year sometime, maybe, is what I was told. Is the “maybe” part that scares me. I get the feeling nobody knows where this is going, except up.

          2. Couple other data points for you. Sold a nice pile of machines to a farm service company in Mississippi recently. His fence post & barbed wire supplier was quoting prices only good for 24 hours. A contractor buddy in Salt Lake City was getting prices from his preferred steel fabricator that were only good until close of business that day. Not the only guys I’ve heard these things from.

    1. Excellent. The real rub is mosques were okay to be open, but he is the subversive in their eyes. It’s an obvious war on Christianity. This Covid thing is the Devil’s Minions perfect storm to take out all things good and decent.

  5. SLW and I were talking about how much less product you get these days, and in some cases the price has gone up, too. Dropped almost 500 smackers at the Cheepo Depot last week, and the only thing I had in the truck bed was the wire rack storage shelf for the garage. The rest was feeding/water stuff for the trees, Weed-N-Feed for the lawn, some 10′ garden hose whips, and some cleaners and misc stuff. I have to go back for a couple of 6′ 2×4’s for the snow tire storage rack, and I’m sure that will devolve into another $500 “Oh, LOOK! I need that, too!” event.

    Having lived and traveled in the Middle East, all I can say is the politics are “Religio/Tribal”, with a thin veneer of Western civilization pasted on. It’s totally incomprehensible to the average American.

    Been cold, cloudy, and rainy here the last several days, and we woke up to about 2″ of snow Monday morning. That’s mostly melted thanks to the continuing on/off, cold, drizzle. Definitely put a damper on the yard work, but at least I got the trees fed!

  6. “a war of revenge after the terrorist attacks, not on Saudi Arabia and the Wahhabists”

    Well, of course not. Apart from the dollar being partially backed by oil, weren’t the Bush clan and the Saudi Royal Family connected through the Carlyle Group? Not to mention that the Magic Kingdom is a not so secret ally of Our Greatest Ally? Thrice blessèd is the KSA.

    I recall expressing the sentiment, upon Afghanistan, and later on Iraq, “if we’re going to knock over a desert Muslim country ‘because terrorism’ it should be Saudi Arabia.” I swear not one in 10 people understood (not saying agreed, just even understood where that was coming from).

    Dr Jim makes an excellent point about how the ME is incomprehensible to many Americans. Funny thing is that liberals deep down believe that all people have the same values, and that superficial differences (skin color, clothing, you get the idea) are the real differences that matter. I think more conservatives have the mental headspace to accept that people from different cultures can be truly different in outlook, expectations and aspirations. That said, I have a couple of Pashtun friends (one devout), and it astonishes me how many of our values are in parallel.

    1. The 2008 film, Body of Lies, (and novel by David Ignatius) was well done regarding the disconnect between DC and the Middle East – the politics of spying, etc. One feature of the film that I found disturbingly accurate was this. When the guy next to you (or even near you) is blown up, you get his bone fragments embedded under your skin.

  7. Great forum and +1 to all.

    Now, I don’t eat much because I’m too busy looking at the price of dog$, but I’ve noted steak at the Made-in-China-Mart’s risen by at least a couple of bucks in the last two or three weeks. And here’s the rant.

    The Church, which should be a voice of truth, reality and hope in this excrescence of lies is virtually silent, or part of the problem.

    There’ll be Hell to pay.

      1. The Churches and I’m not singling anyone congregation out, have been a massive disappointment during the plague. Spines of pure rubber. None of the big boys have shown the least bit of courage. Yes, here and there somebody defied upper echelons and spoke out bravely, but as a whole – crickets.

  8. Inflation is good; it winds up with us all on the dole, serfs of the State.


      1. Wear your mask, slave, and show me precisely where in the lake that accident occurred…

  9. OBL was the Pakistani version of the hen that maid eggs of gold. How many billions from US taxpayers to Pakistan?

      1. John D., it wasn’t just the direct payments or the purchase of goods and services, but airplane loads of palates of cash to Paki elites – and anonymous deposits to Swiss accounts. It makes me sick to think about it.

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