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  1. I could do with a visit from L.O.K.I in the night and then I wouldn’t need so much coffee. If I had a hammer…
    I like your style with these shorts – told in a non fiction narrative.

    "Your path to eternal feasting, drinking and wenching is through battle!  ‘aint that the truth.  Not much changes. 

    Well written series with historical fiction/ legend, sic -fi mythology and imagination. 

    Right then, I’m off to fight and live or die.

  2. Good story. But that was then, this is now. All we have to do is launch Yoko at the enemy. Sonic attack is a fearsome thing.

  3. "Your path to eternal feasting, drinking and wenching is through battle! I like this much better than a bunch of virgins nagging all the damn time. And it is a good reward for a battle well fought.

  4. The promise of Valhalla offered Viking men what men from all ages yearn for. A heaven fit for warriors where only the valiant (selected by Valkyries) can enter.

    The progressive heaven with a myriad of rules and angels playing harps would not have inspired the Vikings to greatness, nor would an Islamic paradise with 70 women, too ugly to have been laid while in the flesh.

  5. They're supposed to be "short"… I get your point, though. But when putting them on a blog, I try to keep them short enough to take people's interest while surfing the net. I don't think that blogs are a good place for tomes.

  6. As all of your other short stories, intriguing! Where you get these inspirations I'll never know.

  7. Naturally, both. The great eternal round…what happens has happened. Thus the value of studying history. (though) Naturally this is a work of fiction, not history.

  8. That is high praise and I thank you. I write these for you all to enjoy.

    I hope you enjoy Castor's Garden (going live on this blog on Thursday)

  9. With luck, we will all die with weapons in hand, and be carried to the corpse hall where we can drink, wench and fight.

  10. Fiction allows a brief escape from reality. Reality is important, but it's far more wicked and nefarious than fiction.

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