One April Morning

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About a month from now, we will be celebrating the 244th anniversary of the day that the British government in North America decided to seize arms at Concord, Massachusetts. Along the way, they met citizens who stood on Lexington Green. (LINK) The British had an open road to Concord, but it was a little different on their way back. For the colonists, 49 were killed, 39 were wounded, and five were missing. For the British, 73 were killed, 174 were wounded, and 26 were missing. While that may sound indecisive, farmers were fighting elite British formations including British Marines – the finest army in the world.

And the British lost most of the continent. (The Canadians hung in there)

It’s tough to stuff the genie back into the bottle once you start to seize the firearms of a free people. The principle difference between free people and slaves is their capacity to bare arms to protect themselves, their property and as a hedge against tyranny.
On April 19, 1775, the tipping point was reached. It should have been an easy victory. All of the cards were stacked in favor of the British, who had a large, professional, army and an unbeatable navy.
But things didn’t work out the way that the government planned, did they?

It’s a historical lesson that is lost on the progs today who feel that it should be easy to deprive honest citizens of their rights – while criminals do what criminals do. The British made criminals of patriots, but it didn’t last. Those same persecuted patriots ended up running the nation.

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  1. They want to pick their neighbor's pocket and live on wealth, unearned. Kipling called them the "eater's of other men's bread". Of course the price of that bread is a boot smashing into your face forever, but communists never consider that there is cause and effect. It's about greed and irresponsibility.

  2. It's amazing to me that they are too stupid to know they will die trying to lift our arms.

  3. I think that they just want us to lay them down and step back. There is a sense of hubris among the elites that they can (though their chatter) convince the mouth-breathers in fly-over country to disarm. After all they are our betters. They are the same Great White Father which disarmed the Indians and gave them such a great deal, still evident today.

    The Founding Fathers distrusted government. We are wise to do so as well.

  4. I just went to a manufacturing show. 95% deplorable demographic.
    5 axis CNC, 3D metal printing, advanced electronics, I have spent my whole working life building stuff and was astonished. And all this is small shop capability. The firearms are the least of the problem for any tyrant wannabe's. Inventive capable Americans are not going to be wasting time with 19th century tech if there is a war to be fought.

  5. I'm no expert but some would say the toothpaste's outta the tube on that score.

    But be careful, LL's a big fan of diy canonry and trebuchets…

  6. 70 odd years ago author A. E. Van Vogt stated in a story that "The right to buy weapons is the right to be free." That still holds true and our betters know it.

  7. "Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it"

    George Bernard Shaw.

    It's not your fault. You were deprived in your your young life. Not enough unicorns and rainbows. Everyone gets a trophy. Thank you Dr. Spock.

    Well, those chickens have come home to roost. It is sad to think how so many snowflakes will never know just how badly they were deprived, well and truly F'd, because no one raised the bar for them, tested them, gave them a rite of passage. We have adult aged children raising children.

    Would that April 19 were celebrated like July 4th. And tax day was April 20th.

  8. I disagree that our betters are trying to talk us smelly Wal Mart types out of our guns (which we cling to along with our Bibles): they are actively working on formulating bills in the legislature to outlaw them.

    Now, once they succeed in outlawing guns, it's another matter entirely of a jack booted storm trooper to show up on that doorstep in fly-over country and take those now-illegal weapons. I would like to see how that goes down…

  9. It's a two pronged approach. However in a number of "progressive" states – Washington, Oregon and Colorado come to mind, local sheriffs have refused to go along with their progressive masters when it comes to gun laws.

  10. And landmines, LSP. IED's have been used to great advantage and as it turns out, the USGOV sent me to school to make them. Not just me but a lot of people in my line of work. At the time, they were called "flashlight repair schools" because nobody wanted to call them what they were – sabotage, and espionage schools. So we're trained and we can train others. Stuff THAT toothpaste back into the tube if you will, King Beto.

  11. There is no middle ground. Live free or live by-your-leave of the elites. America has always had a response to that sort of thing and it's not pretty.

  12. April 19 should be celebrated the way that the French celebrate July 14.

    July 4th is even more special.

  13. Good to see you back, WSF. Damned sorry about your boy. I hope you know that. Coping with that sort of loss is horrible. The impact to family, catastrophic. Hearts and prayers remain with you.

  14. "There is a sense of hubris among the elites that they can (though their chatter) convince the mouth-breathers in fly-over country to disarm. After all they are our betters."

    I wrote this elsewhere in response to the New Zealand PM's call for draconian gun laws following the events in Christchurch, but the same principle applies:

    Well about time. When The Collapse comes and I bug out to New Zealand I don’t want those deplorable sheep-screwing hicks to be armed.

    As a hedge fund manager I worked damned hard sucking the lifeblood out of American companies and saddling them with crippling debt before selling off the dying husks. It’s not easy getting up at 6AM for 12+ hour days impoverishing widows and orphans.

    As an Advertising/Infotainment Complex executive I worked damned hard mocking truth, honor, faith, masculinity, and justice. I poured my heart into demonizing whites, males, Christians, straights, and promoting degenerate, violent, low-impulse control lifestyles.

    As an academic and public intellectual, I toiled ceaselessly to destroy traditional Western values. I spent uncountable hours undermining the very idea of objective reality. I spent the best years of my life promoting cultural relativism. You think it’s easy talking out of both sides of your mouth 24/7?

    As a neocon, I gleefully pushed and dragged the US into largely pointless conflicts without any semblance of an exit strategy. I pissed away American lives and treasure without a second thought. I claimed to be conservative, but functionally approved of every shitheaded progressive idea on the cultural front. I worked hard implementing “invade the world, invite the world” for all of the West (except for one single ethno/religious state), demonizing and ruining the actual conservatives who opposed me. I expanded the surveillance state beyond all recognition.

    So. As a financier/Hollywooder/intellectual/neocon who contributed greatly to the current state of the West, I deserve to live in peace and comfort for the rest of my days, unafflicted by armed rabble. Screw you, Kiwis. Pass laws against rich noncitizens buying up property? We’ll teach you a lesson, you deplorable sheep-shagging scum.

    Yours very sincerely,
    The Western Elite

  15. New Zealand used to be a nice place. I have worked with the NZ Intelligence Service (an arm of the national police service) on a number of occasions of mutual interest in the past. However, as with the US, I have seen the passing of the old school bastion types who kept the hoard out for the sake of its citizens. Things in NZ (which always had a species of liberal bent) have changed to the point where your post (above) applies 100%.

  16. If you take a look at one of the pictures her:

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