I hate to be Cassandra – given the gift of prophecy and the curse that I won’t be believed. In truth, the people who follow this blog (it’s not about me) have seen this coming for years. The answer to the power grid problem is a robust nuclear power infrastructure program based on distributed energy production in many different nodes. And for some reason, America seems clueless.

Nuclear power is not sexist or racist. No DEI should be involved in its development. Windmills are not the answer, and neither is solar power. The democrats are dismantling dams in the West that generate clean hydroelectric power (killing tens of millions of salmon in the process) without thought of its replacement.

(WaPo) A major factor behind the skyrocketing demand is the rapid innovation in artificial intelligence, which is driving the construction of large warehouses of computing infrastructure that require exponentially more power than traditional data centers. AI is also part of a huge scale-up of cloud computing. Tech firms like Amazon, Apple, Google, Meta, and Microsoft are scouring the nation for sites for new data centers, and many lesser-known firms are also on the hunt.

The proliferation of crypto-mining, in which currencies like Bitcoin are transacted and minted, drives data center growth. This is putting new pressure on an overtaxed grid—the network of transmission lines and power stations that move electricity around the country. Bottlenecks are mounting, leaving both new generators of energy, particularly clean energy, and large consumers facing growing wait times for hookups.