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I guess that the 2016 Summer Olympics deserve some sort of comment here on Virtual Mirage. 
(1) Michael Phelps is THE GREATEST SWIMMER OF ALL TIME, period. The guy is a swimming machine and though he had some dark moments in his life, he found love, is building a family and managed to turn things around. 
(2) Athletes from the Muslim countries attending the Olympics and harassing the Israelis. While I don’t find that odd (I recall the Munich Olympics), it would have sparked international outrage if the Israelis were picking on the Muslims. Situation normal there.

(3) There is equal time between athletics coverage and commercials, making a “mute” button vital to enjoyment. I can split my viewing between video games on the i-Pad and the TV…yes, it’s annoying.

(4) There is no reporting about the political situation in Brazil as their nation impeaches its president and deals with a host of problems. One apparently doesn’t want to point at the whole third world thing and tick off one’s hosts. I get it, but in previous Olympic Games, some in depth reporting was undertaken. In Athens, for example, 15,000 feral dogs were rounded up and euthanized before the games. 
(5) Naturally NBC completely ignored the fact that the first US Gold Medal in these Olympic Games were won by a woman who medaled in the shooting competition. One can’t make shooting appear to be important and the woman who did it was white, so there was no pressure to report. If it had been a black woman, I think that NBC would have been forced to say something about it.

Anouk Vergé-Dépré

(6) One of my favorite sports to watch is women’s beach volleyball. Living near Newport/Huntington Beach, you can go out on almost any day and watch world class practice events. And you can also watch it during the Olympics. I never tire… My favorite women beach volleyball player this Olympics is  Anouk Vergé-Dépré from Switzerland. She’s also a good player…

To be fair about it, I didn’t watch that much coverage of the Olympics. NBC cherry picks what they show and much of what I’d have liked to see – boxing, wrestling, shooting, archery, equestrian, etc., wasn’t covered in the segments that I tuned in to see.

13 thoughts on “Olympics Commentary – Top 6

  1. I don’t want to burst your bubble, LL, I really don't because you know how much I love you and all and I promise I'm not pulling a Michael Phelps face, but… did you know that Anouk Vergé-Dépré used to be a man named Franc? I mean I can see why you might have easily been deceived despite the 6ft 2” height because the electrolysis has worked a treat. It was very difficult for him growing up in such a straight laced, square flagged country where there’s no noise after 10 pm and no mowing lawns on a Sunday. In order to escape the teasing of cross dressing and being referred to as “Here comes Swiss Franc…snigger, snigger..” he dodged military service and hid out in a nuclear fall out shelter where he met up with a homeless refugee named Tarek. Those dark, damp nights only fuelled the loneliness and madness of the mind and the two ended up exploring the virtues of soddin’ em all, gender fluidity and playing (with) balls in the mountains. Franc dreamed of the liberal beaches of California, where sunshine and show them who you really are self acceptance flowed as freely as Chateauneuf du Pape and lemonade on ice. Tarek fell in love with Franc which played havoc with his religious beliefs and sent him bat shit crazy with self loathing, resulting in him pillaging, stealing and cutting the throats of anyone who dare question his extreme behaviour. He gathered enough money for Franc to run away and have a sex change, serious hair removal and a curly perm as his lover Franc was on the verge of fatal depression ( Hence the Vergé-Dépré moniker he chose lest he should ever forget how close he came to the end) Franc emerged as an adroit beauty and changed his name to Anouk which means ‘grace’ because but for the grace of God and all….and became an olympic volleyball player. Tarek exploded on a bus one year in order to meet virgins and get over his Francophilia.
    It’s an easy mistake to make but go and dunk your head in a horse trough and you’ll be as right as English rain 😉

  2. I spent more time reading Jules' insane treatise above than I did watching the Olympics. The Olympics? I just don't go there. I don't care.

  3. I don't really either. Sometimes in the evening, I drift there, though. I hate NBC and usually avoid the channel, but I have watched some of the Olympics.

  4. Why the Olympic committee would have awarded the games to Rio back in 2009 is really sad. They just didn't want to be lectured by Barack Obama, and the Rio selection was a thumb in Obama's eye.

    No other reason. This shit hole of a third world country is no place to hold such an event as the Olympics. I heard about the kayaker who ran into a floating sofa in a practice run. Nobody should have been surprised.

    Michael Phelps is arguably the best swimmer ever. I would not be shocked if he came back in 2020 and won a few more golds at age 35. The guy is that good. And who knows, maybe 2024 at age 39? Remember Dara Torez in the 2008 games was a competitive swimmer at the ripe old age of 41? She was awarded 3 silver medals that year.

  5. It's tough to say what Phelps will or won't do. If other swimmers taunt him, he might just come back and kick ass in four years.

    I tend to agree with you that the Olympic Committee tired of Barack's haranguing and went with Rio, even though Brazil is an unstable, filthy, third-world nation. In your face Oprah and Barack!

  6. The committee looked at the murder rate in Chicago and decided Rio would be safer.

  7. That was pretty clever of Jules, but why would she want to destroy your fantasy? That's pretty mean. Do you owe her a lot of money? Did you run over her cat with your FJ? Did you refuse to give her a Diavel ride when she was in Texas? 😉

  8. The Anouk Vergé-Dépré image that existed over my head like a Grunt of Monte Cristo caption, popped.

  9. I just heard that the IOC has announced scrapping plans for Tokyo 2020 and awarding it to Caracas instead.

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