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A Cruz-Rubio Alliance?

There is a lot of stump Trump talk, almost nonstop Trump hysteria. Glenn Beck has been strident in his anti-Trump thumping. Below he lays out his plan for victory by having Rubio suspend his campaign and agree to join with Cruz as his vice presidential preference.

I know that some of the people who read this blog prefer Ted Cruz, some Marco Rubio. What do you think of that potential match-up?  Or does Trump/Kasich sound better to you?

Update on Hillary’s e-Crime Spree

The FBI is moving forward and there’s talk in the media that her IT guy has been given immunity and is testifying before a grand jury. This is all to be expected since the last of the e-mails from the State Department have been submitted. I believe that they will conclude in April, but the media is now saying May. Then we will see if there is integrity in the system or not.

19 thoughts on “Political Matching

  1. Everyone wins? Glen, you've now prostituted yourself. Asking Senator Cruz to take on Little Ricky as VP? He, of the 'gang-of-eight'?

    Cats and dogs sleeping together. That's what you're asking.

  2. Since nobody really likes Cruz, I don't know if there are many who would want to sign on as his #2 — wait a minute, it's politics, the place that makes whores look respectable…

    Ted is owned by his contributors in the same way as Marco and Hillary are. They're just different fleas on the same dog's back, but they are all there to suck blood. A Ted Cruz presidency would be pay to play, because that's how it's done.

    Sanders, a communist, is the only one who really isn't owned, and I find that strange.

    Trump is financing his own campaign but unlike Sanders, has a chance to win and the filthy GOP mainstream want to nip that in the bud. You can't have anyone who is self-funded sitting in the big chair. What if they won't play ball? What if they tell the truth?

    Jeb! was supposed to sit there and allow the machine to run things until Trump pointed out to the world that the would-be-emperor had no clothes. How dare Trump?

  3. Glenn Beck really has no credibility regarding reality. He's so full of conspiracy theories and pie in the sky utopian ideas, and then in the very next breath spew doom and gloom Tri-lateral Commission crap, the guy's head is spinning like a top.

    If you believed in what Glenn said, you would have cashed in everything you had and bought as much gold as you could when it was $1880/ounce, since he was guaranteeing that it would be $3000/ounce within a year.

    His idea would work, except for one minor glitch: neither of these guys will consider throwing in with the other. Not a chance, not in a million years. Why even consider such a hare brained idea?

    Don't get me started on Glenn Beck….

  4. The more that the political mandarins urge me not to vote for Trump, the more attractive he sounds. It's these BASTARDS who have run up a $19+ trillion dollar debt that we now have to pay for.

  5. The best thing about having Marco as a running mate is his massive one state popularity. And his ears.

  6. Minnesota wouldn't vote for Cruz/Rubio. Just the 8,000 or so Republicans who joined the caucus there would. The State would go to Clinton if she wasn't going to get indicted. Maybe it will go to Kerry now? Or Al Franken, failed comedian turned Senator from MN? Or Jessie Ventura, former SEAL turned clown act and former Governor of MN?

  7. I view Marco's ears much the way I viewed Spock's ears on Star Trek…possibly the most endearing part of him.

  8. Rush pointed out yesterday that it's intriguing to note that Rubio has only won in the only state that Reagan didn't carry in his landslide victory.

  9. I used to like Glen Beck.

    I no longer do. He's turned into a heavy-handed, self-promoting boob.

  10. To carry on from Sonoboy's post, Everyone Wins???? what about the front runner Trump, sounds like he gets left out of that scenario.

    Glenn Beck sounds even more demented. He should move back north where he belongs. Some people just can't handle Southern Living, and that would be exemplified by him. LL, you are one of the few, like me, that sees Cruz as just another version of Marco and Hillary. or states so in writing. Keep up the great job.

  11. Cruz,

    The GOP establishment's Trojan Horse, sleeper cell, what have you. If Jeb! and Marco etal fail, Frito can be another round of insurance. Throw them all against the wall, see who sticks.

  12. I'm with you there. He whines–all the time, and yes, he's turned into a bully.

    Frankly I think that his heart is in the right place, but people aren't paying enough attention to him so he has to stand on the box and scream. He'll end up like Dick Morris.

  13. Trump is occupying an important place in our society – he's a nationalist and wants what's good for America (and close allies). The rest of the establishment are always speaking of the "international community". The problem with that is that we are continually played for chumps and I weary of America being everyone's punk.

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