Bring Back the Cokebottle Glasses

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The Many Faces of Hillary:

There’s lesbo Hillary who understands what Bill sees in the blonde. Yoko
Ono, a former Hillary lover, would prefer that the future leader of the free
world, gaze on that emaciated old Japanese body of Yoko’s, though.

Doesn’t she look better here, ‘raising money’ — I mean, doing the State
Department’s business? Compare and contrast to her campaign look. I
think she’s happier doing what she does best…leaning on people for cash.

This is my favorite face of Hillary, though the Grunt of Monte
Cristo’s cyborg Hillary (not pictured here) is a compelling runner-up.

I’m sure that she will make a great Chief Executive…She’s just that progressive.

What’s the body count up to since July 1?

6 thoughts on “Bring Back the Cokebottle Glasses

  1. Really, how can you blame her? Hillary is enraptured, just can't stop staring at an unbelievable shade of purple. The deep swelling tones… the firm, lush commitment to the original brilliant Tyrian standard. Really, whoever dyed the cloth for that dress is an amazing artist.

  2. Aaaiiiiiiggghhhghiii! Stop that "Haiku of the Damned" shit, LSP! You're giving me permanent acid reflux!

  3. Thanks for the honorable mention, Chief! The cyborg Hillary was a little too realistic for the top 3; I concur. Not suitable for children.

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