Twofer Tuesday

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What about Arizona?

California expanded its travel ban to include Iowa because the State of Iowa refused to use taxpayer money to fund gender transition.  Am I the only one who thinks that California State Officials should boycott the entire nation and just stay put in California?
Yes, it’s true. I did live there but I fled. And now the threat of Californication in Arizona is very real.
So far, Arizona is not banned. We need to work on that. Seriously.

Being a Democrat

I know that there are reformed Democrats who drift past this blog from time to time. That’s ok. I’m not really a Republican – I’m something else, but I’m not sure what it is.

The Democrats in the media are completely off the rails, calling for rationing and privation in a country that has full employment and the highest consumer confidence in my lifetime. It’s the party of the hoax – from global warming to Russian collusion. Things are good in America and the Democrats openly wish to reverse that. It may be the only play that they have, but it’s dumb.

They wish to impeach President Trump so that they can unseat the 180 or so federal judges that he’s appointed to the bench. And it’s not that they want the miserable years of Obamanation back. That’s not nearly radical enough. What are they going to do with four more years of Trump? That’s what I hear them saying, even though those aren’t the words coming out of their mouths. 

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  1. I did some checking, and found that Kansas is on the travel ban list. That certainly cheered me up. Many Californians are decent folks. My nearest neighbors are from that state. Of course they've lived here a long time and neither would fit in back there now. They even own firearms!

  2. How to fix California?
    1) Impose martial law
    2) Imprison current state legislators and the governor (after a trial, of course)
    3) Deport those in Hollywood who hate the USA (they've been screaming for years about leaving the country if Trump was elected, let's make that happen)

    We might want to look at a similar solution for the New York metropolitan area. (Also Portland, Houston, and a few other leftist shite-holes.)

    One last thing, every candidate or public official who has advocated abrogating the Constitution is barred from holding any public office in the United States, for life. Those currently in office will be removed, tried for treason, and if convicted get life imprisonment. You swore an oath a$$holes, you violated it, now pay the price.

    Yeah, I'm a bit pissed off these days.

  3. Yeah, I don't like either Party, myself. Or any of the others, really. Some more than others.

    Honestly, I think we need to do away with the whole concept of "Parties" entirely. Their original justification no longer holds true, and political parties are explicitly private clubs whose entire intent is to manipulate elections, while making the leadership rich.

    Just doesn't sound like something we'd want.

  4. Right in there with you. I am about 40 miles from another blue shite-hole, San Antonio, the "home" of the Castro brothers.

  5. Was a Democrat for years – even a precinct committeeman. Loathed the Republican Party as represented by the Jeb!s, Grover Norquist, Mitt, etc. Came to loathe the (P)regressives more and became an independent.

    Colorado has become Californicated, gang of four, Colorado model, etc. Why I'm working on a COLOEXIT plan.

    IMO, President Trump comes close to what were once Democrat Party standards.

  6. Independent over here. Done with BOTH of them… And the left 'really' needs to beware of grumpy old men and women who don't say anything.

  7. I keep telling people here how rotten, corrupt, smug, entitled, lying, and EVIIIIIL Kalifornia became in the 35 years I lived there.

    We need to depopulate the Denver Metro area so things can get back to "normal" here in Colorado….

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