Fire and Brimstone Friday

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This Sermonette rides on the back of Pastor Manning and the Atlah Church of Harlem.

“White faggots and, swirling nigger whores are forcing their homosexuality 
and, fake diversity on the rest of us.” – Rev. Dr. James D. Manning
Reverend Manning is nothing if not colorful and entertaining. The homosexual and transexual community has moved into Harlem and he takes exception to sodomites, calling them to repentance. They don’t want to repent, from what I’m hearing. Harlem is gentrifying and rich homosexuals are pushing poor inner city people out of their homes. The Reverend takes exception in this video.
He’s also no fan of Barack.

I doubt that Barack will invite Dr. Manning to spend the night at the White House in the Lincoln Bedroom, the way that he has for Rev. Jessie Jackson and the tax cheat, Rev. Al Sharpton.

20 thoughts on “Fire and Brimstone Friday

  1. No, the black community at large does not welcome such judgement as the good Dr. Rev. Manning metes out. Not at all. Remember Bill Cosby dared to mete out the same stuff, look what happened to him.

    And you are hearing correctly: the rich sodomites have no desire to repent, not on your life. Why should they repent? Well, other than their immortal soul roasting in searing pain in a God-less hell for eternity, what else you got?

  2. Bill Cosby had a chink in his armor…he could only enjoy sex if he was using drugs to rape the woman. But, to the credit of the illustrious Mr. Cosby, he was not a sodomite.

    Barack loves to go to Africa and lecture them on the joys of homosexuality, but Black Africa doesn't listen to him and tries to school him. Barack counters with "sodomy don't boddame" and so it goes.

  3. From the first time I heard Pastor Manning call Odumbo a "long legged mack daddy" I was a fan.

    It's pretty sad when the president of Kenya makes more sense and sounds more intelligent than Odumbo.

  4. The reporter shows her bias and lack of respect by attending that church service dressed like she is ready to go clubbing. She has a shapely butt nicely outlined by those white pants as she mounts the steps with the camera focused on it. Her message, for most of the tape is, "Hey, look at me". That is reinforced by the "focus" group, all white and oh so stylish. Dilettantes, one and all.

  5. What on earth is wrong wth drinking wine and eating fancy meals?

    *Sits on the fence watching the extremists like a tennis match with a jokers smile and prepares for clown church*

  6. With all deference to the Kenyan ruler, it doesn't take much gray matter to sound more intelligent and to have more common sense than Barack. Barack's family is comprised of Marxists, his nanny was a tranny, he never knew his father, and he was a stoner from an early age. He lived by the grift. Because he's a mulatto, a lot of Americans felt that he'd make a great leader. It didn't work out for us, but the progs would never admit it and want to double down with an old woman of frail disposition who is an incompetent intellect, a pathological liar and a lesbian.

  7. 55 W. 125th St. – Penthouse, naturally.

    But you should not be surprised. He claims to have been America's first black president.

  8. In Harlem where many of the locals graze at dumpsters and soup kitchens, the contrast is offensive to Rev. Manning. Look, I don't have a problem with queers eating steak and lobster if they've earned the money. I'm not a communist. I'm only guessing, but I expect that the trannys and sexually confused don't mix their bottles of 2005 Chateau Lafite-Rothschild, Pauillac with 7-Up and serve the beverage over ice. However since I don't move in those circles I can't be sure.

  9. Hell, as far as we know, the Indonesian tranny nanny might have been Barack's real father AND mother. If you believe that MI-6 guy who claimed there was no DNA match between Barack and Stan Dunham, anything's possible. Barry's is the ultimate modern family. You have to describe it using quantum physics terminology, because it may or may not really exist, and its current state is indeterminate.

  10. So are we left with either the Indonesian tranny or space aliens? He looks a lot like Stanley…and a lot like "Uncle Frank".

  11. "White faggots and swirling nigger whores," is that a new Grand Slam pancakes and sausages dish at Denny's? I'll have to try that out.

  12. No different to any of us lot in our middle class suburbia whilst many others eat from dustbins and sleep in the rain. That contrast is not specific to Harlem. Actually, I would expect the sexually confused to pour lemonade in their wine because that would be a totally gender fluid unacceptable thing to do.

  13. Next time that you go to Denny's and LaFonda comes up to take your order, make that order. She may give you her phone number or she might spit in your grits…

  14. "Lemonade." Heh. Is that what the gender-confused call it now when they pee in each other's wine?

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