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If you were to visit an Indian (Native American/indigenous people) reservation — but who really wants to go to those places unless there is a casino there, you’d hear a familiar refrain. “Don’t get sick after June”. Why do you think that they say that? It’s obvious, really. That’s when the federal dollars run out.
The Indian Health Care System (now ObamaCare, I guess) provided healthcare for two million American Indians/Native Americans/indigenous people in 35 states. 

There are wealthy tribes that supplement the federal budget with their own money, but there are a lot of poor tribes who relied on the 1787 agreement/treaty wherein the Federal Government agreed to provide healthcare to American Indians who live on reservations. 
The Indian Health Care System is part of the US Department of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs and it describes itself as a “rationed healthcare system”. 
Is there any person reading this blog who feels that the US Government provides such superior care to the American Indians that they’d want to travel there to any reservation that has to rely on USGOV alone, to receive healthcare?
The First Lady
If you’re out there, sound off below.

(NY Times) A record 82 percent of Americans now disapprove of the way Congress is handling its job — the most since The Times first began asking the question in 1977, and even more than after another political stalemate led to a shutdown of the federal government in 1995. 

The NY Times piece goes on to show that based on polling, Congress is more detested by the American people than cockroaches.  I can’t say that lack of trust is misplaced. However it is to that same Congress that the American People have thrown their healthcare. 
ObamaCare is now the law of the land and there isn’t much that Americans want to do about it because they re-elected Barack Obama by a narrow margin – but close only counts in horseshoes, hand grenades  – not in elections where to the winner belongs the spoils.
There is not much that the American people believe that Congress can do correctly and poll after poll shows that Congress’ approval rating is below 20%.
The President of the United States will give his State of the Union Address and he will lie to the American people in that speech. Do any who read this blog believe that the President will be scrupulously honest in his big annual talk? If you do, I have an Indian Reservation for you to live on…
Barack Obama would strip Americans of their Second Amendment rights to self defense because it’s the only thing that the American people have left as a hedge against tyranny. If Americans feel that Congress has their best interests at heart, why do only 18% approve of the job that they’re doing? Do you really feel that Congress or Obama have your best interests at heart?
  • Do the trillions of dollars that the government has borrowed over the past four years translate to a better life for you or your family?
  • Do you feel that any of the summers of recovery, or Vice President Joe Biden, the ‘recovery czar’ have worked out for you?
  • Do you feel that if the government disarmed honest firearms owners that you would be safer?
What is the State of the Union?

President Obama’s Deep Contempt for the Rule of Law (Fox News). It’s not comprehensive, but it’s a place to start.

9 thoughts on “Obama’s State of the Union 2013

  1. So the Progressives are up in arms because Ted Nugent will be at the State of the Union address tonight. Well isn’t that just too freaken bad. I didn’t see them so upset when the Smirking Chimp Uncle Joe Bite addressed the blacks when he gave that inspiring speech like a lunatic saying “They gonna put you all back in chains” my gawd, where was the uproar then? They seem to pick and choose what insult is important!
    Well, at least he's telling it like it is and not holding back, and his comments on rappers is basically correct. Ted Nugent nailed it, I agree with everything he said.
    Every day there is attack on traditional American values by these Progressive radicals and the ACLU, these CREEPS are destroying our country.
    Did you see the Grammy Awards last night? Where the Award for Rapping went to the Racist Pigs. Singing on a Nation-wide stage while spewing the word nigger and babbling about drugs, guns, bitches!!
    These untalented, thugs are lucky to have a category at all
    Let me add that the libtards, have spent decades coddling our youth, refusing to hold them to American standards and values, and giving them everything for nothing. It seems as if hard work is a dirty word. And now we are endorsing pot smoking! Hows that! This country needs to get their heads on straight, and they can start by stopping this Socialist agenda of Obama.
    I'm sure that Ted Nugent will have plenty to say after the President's State of the Union speech, as will I. Ted Nugent is a great American. SCREW the Democrats/Liberals/ Progressives! I hope he stands up and yells Wang Dang Sweet Poontang when Obama spews his BS. And when is Obozo going to answer to the questions on the Benghazi whole damned kit and caboodle?
    Just make sure you've got popcorn handy.

  2. Nugent adds a flavor to the proceedings that the Cocktail GOP establishment can't seem to manage.

    The progs are flipping out? It must be a good idea. Maybe this SOTU address will be worth watching after all.

  3. I will watch the after show with Nugent. I can't stand to listen to the blue-gum wonder pontificate with Congress clapping after every third word.

  4. I will not be watching the clown's address, for I've been lied to quite enough thank you.

  5. Sure, but you should tune in to Nugent's response just to boost his ratings. I would like to see him join the ranks of Fox News as a regular contributor – just to put a burr under the blanket of progressives.

  6. And as a cautionary note, please take care. DO NOT play drinking games that require you to drink a shot every time Obama mentions phrases like "fair share" tonight. You will die long before the palavering ends.

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