Worms – Part of the Blame Game

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Got Worms?

(link) This rambling piece in The Atlantic might interest you. Then again it might not. Are earthworms partially to blame for global warming? The article hints that they may be part of the problem – if there is a problem – but since it’s settled science, I’m sure there’s a problem. Unless the climate gets colder and then global warming has to do with climate change, which can be fixed by massive taxation and income redistribution. No the article doesn’t go that far – except by implication. And earthworms are partly to blame for whatever.
Sometimes it’s easier to just look at a rock and let your own scientific brain figure things out.
But that doesn’t mean that earthworms are not to blame.
You can also blame President Trump. And that is settled science.
Political Observations
Jimmy Kimmel said, “You know, a month ago, if somebody had told me Amy Klobuchar was going to do better in New Hampshire than Joe Biden, that person would have been Amy Klobuchar — it wouldn’t have been anybody else.”
File it under Race to the Bottom: Yang dropped out of the political race for the presidency, but nobody is claiming his poor showing in New Hampshire and Iowa is racist. Then again, they aren’t saying that Warren, who may have a smattering of Native American blood was rejected based on race alone. She is a communist but not as good of a communist as Bernie and apparently there can only be one commie survive to the Donkey Convention. Joe Biden fled to South Carolina, blaming his race (white) on his poor showing in New Hampshire. Riddle me that one.

14 thoughts on “Worms – Part of the Blame Game

  1. Damn worms, the cause of my misery. And that damn Trump, he's got his fingerprints on my misery, too.

    A pox on them both.

    NOTE: I'm not all that miserable, truth be known, I just like to bitch and moan, that and pox things. And to paraphrase John Wesley Hardin, I never poxed nothin' what didn't need poxin.'

  2. There's a couple of boxes of worms in the fridge right now. Important that we all do our bit for the war effort.

  3. So worms are to blame. A tax may be called for here. Are night crawlers over six inches in length be considered assault worms?

  4. Poxing things may be a healthier alternative to shooting them. I am not sure if JW Hardin would agree, but there you have it.

  5. Using worms to lure in lunkers is proof positive that you are doing your part in the war to save the planet. That and refusing plastic straws….you do refuse plastic straws, don't you?

  6. Happy Valentine's Day to you WHT. A cloudy day is definitely Trump's fault. The New Green Deal would mean an end of cloudy days forever.

  7. Night crawlers are definitely assault worms, there to take you (and a large trout) out at the earliest opportunity. Spring is coming.

  8. It's looking more and more as if American society is polarizing into two camps….the communists, which is why a loony old idiot like Bernie gets ANY votes anywhere….and the rest of us. Sadly the commie half of society is an enormous percentage, approaching 50%. This means if we don't play Cowboys and Communists pretty soon they will eventually be the majority….and when that happens America as a know it ends and freedom dies. If Trump can overcome the massive "margin of cheat" the Dem vote fraud will create he can beat Bernie…who is looking more and more like the Dem nominee. But that just buys us four more years. After Trump I can't think of anyone who can face off and beat the left.

  9. Is nothing too bizarre to push the climate hoax story? Maybe I should postulate the sun is losing intensity because too many people are focusing lasers on it.

  10. This is my 7th winter in Preskitt and (anecdotally) I’ve seen more single digit and low double digit temps this year. I really don’t recall single digits at my house but I’d guess that happened a few times and I forgot.

    I was walking around Chernobyl over Christmas and the guide told me that this year has been on the warm side there—and he is correct.

    Point is that temperatures go up and down a lot. WHO KNEW??

  11. Communism has an appeal to a certain type of person. Yang tried to capture that vote with a promise of $1K/mo. to everyone. Naturally, that's not nearly enough. Greed knows no bounds. As to the follow-on to President Trump, I have no idea. I think that Mike Pompeo will run but have no idea what level of appeal he will have.

    On the Donkey side, watch for Admiral William McRaven to run. He's well spoken and a moderate, which means that he's a wolf in sheep's clothing. I know him, and I think that his MASSIVE EGO may be his political undoing. Still, he'll play better than Biden, the Butt Guy, Bernie and that band of misfits.

  12. You could get a study and be awarded $10 million to do a multi-year study on the Sun losing its intensity. Or maybe there is a psychic connection between pigeons and clouds. You could land $15 million to do that one.

    It's a sweet hustle for those with no conscience.

  13. I'm in the Valley at the moment, soaking up the Sun.

    It's colder up on the Mogollon Rim than it is at Press-Kit, and I have a propane bill to prove it. It's just as cold as last year but we have about 1/3 as much snow as last year. I'm also seeing fewer elk right now, which could be another conspiracy theory connected to earth worms and psychic crystals from Sedona. If I was shameless, I'm sure that I could find a way to monetize it.

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