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Hillary, before they trowel on the make-up
and prepare her to meet her public.
Anyone who studies the Democratic Party’s nomination process understands that it’s rigged heavily in favor of their favorite – in this case, Hillary Clinton. Super delegates make it difficult for anyone else, Sanders in this case, to win even if he wins each state primary in the Union. 
With Nevada in a dead tie, there is no indication that Clinton will be able to run the table post New Hampshire.

Word from within the Clinton campaign (you heard it here first) is that she is ramping up another re-set. Something like her eighth, to show people that.
1. She’s not a liar
2. She’s not a self-serving, hypocritical, career insider (which conflicts with number one, but she’ll roll with it).
3. She will promise every bit as much free stuff as Bernie Sanders since it’s not her money that’s being spent. (neither is it Bernie’s)
4. She will guarantee another four years of Obama (groan)

Additionally the e-mail dumps by the US State Department will end by the conclusion of this month, leaving the FBI to decide what they’re going to do with her. Hillary says that she’s not worried about being indicted by DOJ. 

And this is more the point, is Obama content that she would be the nominee of his party, or will the old communist beat her. Barack is not anti-communist by any means. However Sanders has no love for Barack or his cronies, and that is a problem.  Barack would be much more content with Old Joe Biden trying to fit into Hillary’s comfortable shoes. So the indictment could get a green light.
On the Republican side of things, the Rubio campaign is livid that Obama lashed out at Trump from the podium, saying that Trump will NOT be the next president. Rubio demanded equal lashing because it generates more votes.

Trump’s lead appears to be solid nationally and if he’s elected president, the British won’t let him visit their island(s). The Bush family might not show up at the inauguration as they’d put Jeb! on suicide watch. Cruz is unlikely to be the vice presidential nominee.

17 thoughts on “Political Trivia

  1. Oh, to be a fly on the wall inside the White House. Obama can throw the Democrat nomination process overboard at any time, and I think everybody knows it. Just like he can throw any other process in our country overboard at any time.

    Why he hasn't pulled the trigger with Janet Lynch to indict the old, fat lesbian crone suggests he is as dirty as she is. Which, of course, is a certainty, and also suggests that an indictment of Hillary will splash a great deal of shit all over him.

    I would have loved to have heard the political pillow talk between Barry and the crone about all of that. Very juicy, I would wager.

  2. theguardian.com/us-news/2015/dec/09/petition-calling-for-donald-trump-to-be-banned-from-uk-signed-by-85000

    Not banned but invited to debate. At least he won't have to have tatties and neeps with Ms Sturgeon which is a win.

  3. Jeb! has to be a glutton for punishment and if Trump gets the presidency the left will whine, howl and scream like a wounded beast. Hillary behind bars would be double-plus good.

  4. Jeb! has a new reset – he dumped the eye glasses and now wears contact lenses. It is supposed to give him less of a grandfatherly look and make him look more like his father. I don't know that it will get him a vote, but apparently he feels better about himself now.

  5. Trump has stated before that he sees himself more of a Democrat and is in love with the Clinton's. And putting him in office would be the same as putting a flip-flopping liberal in for another four years. And, from listening to talk radio, the people who support Trump sound just like the people who support Obama. Uneducated trailer trash who like him because he is a loudmouth twit with no class who says outlandish things. I cannot support him at all.

  6. The way things are shaking out the choice will be Trump or Clinton/Biden if DOJ acts/or Sanders. Pick your poison.

  7. I adamantly refuse to concede that Trump has any chance. I 100% agree with Coffeypot about him appealing to Republicans in the exact same spineless and wishy-washy manner that Obama duped Democrats.

    I liked Carson, but it doesn't seem like he stands a chance. Cruz isn't perfect but has political experience and seems a lot more solid and true to his word. He's got a good chance, and seems to me our best bet, given the options.

    Trump's an downright fool and we'd be just as foolish for electing him as the Democrats were for putting Obama in office.

  8. Cruz is beating Trump by 10% in Texas, but I find that lead to be surprisingly small because Cruz is FROM Texas. He clearly does well with the so-called evangelical crowd. I never heard him say "praise Jesus" every time he got on the stump to give a speech, but he does that now. I find that to be pandering. But he needs to please his base. He must do well in SC or he will see his money begin to dry up. I think that he'll hang on all the way to the convention.

    On March 15th all of the primaries are winner-take-all in terms of delegates. Trump leads Jeb! and Rubio combined there (in their own state) and if he wins the Florida primary, both of them may start to reconsider things. We'll see.

  9. I told my two little millennials to google 'super delegates'. They had no idea what that was about, yet they're eligible to vote in November. Oy!

  10. So you are supporting The CFR/Open Borders/Wall Street candidate : Frito Cruz?

    Doubt the connection ? Google "Heidi cruz CFR" go to the CFR web site (first link) read Heidi's resume and then decide if she is an insider or an outsider.

  11. No. Cruz is not my choice of candidate. He talks one way and acts another. A lot of people like him and he would clearly do a better job than Hillary/Joe/Bernie.

    Members of my family have pressured me because their evangelical reverends have been pushing Cruz from the pulpit. I do not find much Godly in Cruz except his "praise Jesus" speak… And pressure from them will have the opposite effect on me.

    Look, they're all insiders of one sort or another. Trump paid to play, which meant that he paid Cruz and Hillary. Mordida is required in America. I don't hold it against him. Cruz, Rubio and Bush are wholly owned commodities, having been purchased by rich people. Trump is not, which means that they don't trust him…which makes me like him.

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