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I’m a little tired of emails from readers who challenge me (an old man) to take up the cross, rally the troops, march to the Swamp, and drain it. You’ll note that they’re not offering to do it, to pay for it, or to lose their own life in the process, but it would swell if I did it for them (Little Red Hen Scenario). I’ve been accused of being a keyboard commando when real people are imprisoned by the permanent Washington Establishment (The Swamp).

My response is not mine but that of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, “Let the lie come into the world. Let it even triumph. But not through me. The simple step of a courageous individual is not to take part in the lie.”



The last triumph of Napoleon – Moscow – was short-lived.




Bullet Points:

** Tell your children not to complain about their lives. There are actually people living in California.

** The mainstream media constantly bleats “Why don’t you TRUST us”, and “It’s awful that people don’t TRUST us”. To that, I reply, “To earn my trust back, you have to apologize profusely for lying and covered in that shame, commit ritual suicide.” The suicide bit is non-negotiable. If they want my trust back they must die for it. Allow me to stick long needles through their (lifeless) eyes to ensure that they’re not faking their own deaths.

** Prioritizing Holidays – Emory Healthcare, the largest hospital system in Georgia, added Juneteenth as a paid holiday but erased Christmas Eve from the calendar.

** Norks Launch an SSBN – People’s submarine – named Hero Kim Kun Ok. ‘This submarine, though heavily modified, is based on 1950s Soviet-origin technology and will have inherent limitations. Nevertheless, in terms of complicating the targeting challenges that the U.S. and its allies will face, the submarine will serve North Korea’s purposes,’ said Ankit Panda, an expert with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. US Navy submariners consider it a target. I wouldn’t want to sail on it. Photos of the Nork Pigboat at the link.

** Prostate cancer among women is a problem for the first time in human history…




Three Bf 109G-6s of 7./JG27 flying over the Mediterranean in late 1943. The two aircraft in the background are the so-called “Kanonen Booten”, Bf 109G 6/R6s with MG 151 cannon in underwing gondolas. White 9 is the aircraft of Emil Clade, one of 3/JG27 aces.


West Clear Creek, near the White Wolf Mine


Identify the SAM


Identify the Aircraft



A famous pilot crashed a civilian variant.


It was known by different names and designations. There were variants of the same aircraft that involved some design changes. Can you name all of the names and designations?


This aircraft pre-dated the SR-71 and the engines burned liquid hydrogen (very politically correct these days).

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  1. I really wouldn’t know how to respond to people who accuse those who have walked the walk and done far, far more than their share, of not doing enough, when they do nothing and never have done anything.

  2. Identify the SAM:
    Henschel Hs 117

    Identify the Aircraft:
    1. Lockheed Hudson
    2. Lockheed Vega. Charles B.D. Collyer killed in 1928 crash.
    3. Lockheed Ventura AKA PV-1 (U.S. Navy), Lockheed B-34 Lexington, B-37. The later is what assembler programmers know it as.
    4. Lockheed CL-400 Suntan

  3. Surly, good call on PV-1 versus PV-2. Did you search for the wiki photo or did you look at the differences between the wings?

    During WW II they flew round trip bombing missions from the Aleutians to Japan. Interesting reading for those who are interested.

        1. My mom also flew on them post-war as a Stew, as the Lodestar (sans turret and other mil gear).

          Versatile machine.


  4. Juneteenth. The holiday that celebrates white men freeing the slaves. Spread the joy. Make sure to remind those of the *LM crowd of that every year.

    1. Except for the slaves in the North, which weren’t freed until 1868. Looking at you, Delaware!

  5. IDA:
    Flak Rakete Hs 117, the first SAM tested. (Butterfly)
    Looks like AI beat me to it so I’m not going to list out what’s already been id’d above.
    As for the Washington swamp from the mail bag…
    ‘May they be like grass on a roof which withers before it can grow’. `May there successes amount to nothing. ‘
    -psalm 129:3

  6. If I wasn’t 900 miles away I’d be making a visit to that stunning swimming hole with the requisite lunch items…in the meantime I’ll fixate on it’s beautiful visual to avoid the insanity generated by those wishing to steal everyone’s joy while demanding our country become a Socialist paradise.

    1. My children and grandchildren love swimming in Clear Creek. About 20 minutes from the house at its closest. Many swimming holes. And yes, a picnic is usually involved.

      1. Live like no one else, it’s a gift…and the best revenge to the Chicken Little Self-loathers.

        (But ‘carry’ just in case some lunatic decides they want what you have because they’re too lazy to work for it.)

    2. Talking about stealing joy and O/T somewhat,

      I used to live on the east side of Stead Airport out in Lemon Valley and loved watching the air races for free. Friends and coworkers would converge at my 3 acres and set up a barbie and awnings and would watch the races with a radio tuned to the tower’s freq and the announcer’s freq. A blast watch those birds fly a 100 feet past my back property line. The noise was incredible!

      1. Friends of mine are going there from AZ. I’ve heard that this is the last year that they’ll be held at Stead. I’m far enough away from the politics that it was the first I’d heard. Where are they going? Or is this the end?

  7. Surly continues to amaze.

    A lot of what Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wrote is becoming more and more applicable. “But not through me” has a certain ring to it.

    West Clear Creek looks absolutely wonderful, must be very popular.

    Trust. I will never trust the media again, even if they did commit ritual suicide.

      1. Spot on…gotten harder – by their own demented hand – to trust; the medical profession, lawyers (more than ever), advertisers, politicians (beyond the pale with these bums), judges, the media (totally Leftist), Wallstreet and banks, insurance companies, DA’s, and government in general…local, state, and federal.

        For those in your immediate circle — trust but verify…then act accordingly.

  8. Mail Bag. Once again, thanks for wading through all the flak to bring us free ice cream.

    California. I see the Legislature has passed AB 28, imposing an 11% tax on guns and ammo. They are also well on their way to approving SB 58, the Legalization of Psychedelics. Kinda fits in a way. Mushrooms for those being kept in the dark and fed bullsh*t.

    West Clear Creek. I’m with Paul M, God’s country.

  9. I’ve always associated encouraging others to martyrdom with places and philosophies other than American.

    If they think it’s time to do something, they can go lead from the front and see how it goes. Otherwise, they can go fuck themselves and their Big Ideas.


      1. This product would have been more profitable back in the One Child Days; good commercial use for all those disposable girl-children.


  10. Beautiful swimming hole but I’ll bet it’s COLD! Re the Vega, Wiley Post set a number of world records in one of them (Winnie Mae).

    1. Up/Down here in North Central Florida, there’s lots and lots of beautiful swimming holes, natural springs, all at a scalding 68 degrees American (screw those euro-metric poofters!) First time jumping in and you’ll find your juevos in your throat.

      Spend a day diving/swimming the springs and you’ll learn the clear water/tannin water rule. If you’re at a springs that dumps into a river, like Ginnie Springs, once you reach “I didn’t survive the Titanic” temperature, swim into the tannin-colored river water which is usually about 4 degrees warmer. It feels like you’ve jumped into boiling water. Wait a bit, go back to the spring water and start freezing again.

      A long day at any of the springs and you’ll enjoy, even in the middle of the summer, the heater function of your vehicle. Even if said vehicle was parked in the sun all day long.

      1. 50 degree mountain water is refreshing on an awful, too hot, 78 degree day. I used to stay in for hours at a time when I lived up in NH.

        Also fun tricking thin-blooded people into jumping in; and laughing at their blue color and cardiac events.


    2. @NFO…wasn’t one of Post’s records an altitude record? He some kind of pressure suit made by Goodyear, and the helmet looked like something from a 1950’s B-Movie.

  11. Yeah LL , sounds like 10 grade “ let’s you and him fight “
    On the fat soldiers discussion would several inches of lard , protect internal organs in a shootfest ? Asking for a friend

    1. Yes to pistol rounds as long as you have a vest on, and against some weaker rounds like .32ACP and .25ACP. And the extra fat adds layers of cushion against being hammered by rifle rounds in your ballistic plates.

      But don’t discount the ‘weak’ .25ACP, it’s a good killing round at arm’s distance, or a decent distance if your aim is good.

    2. Fat is less densely packed than muscle or bone. It’s a lot like internal organs. Having been through a number of autopsies, the hollow point** is blossoming as it passes through fat and subcutaneous muscle layers so the wound channel is a little smaller. The real cavitation takes place in the ventral and dorsal cavities, tearing up organs, venting the bacteria-ladened intestines into the bloodstream, and when it exits, depending on the round, chunks of kidney, liver, and other viscera go with them. Mike_C might want to add to this.

      Kevlar and plates help.

      Fat just gets sucked deeper into the body by the passage of the projectile to places it’s not supposed to be.

      **Different rounds have different characteristics as they pass through the body, but modern ammunition is quite effective. It is better for the target if they’re shooting low velocity jacketed ammunition (Ball), but that doesn’t mean that you’ll survive. A .22LR will bounce around inside of the target, ripping it to pieces – by contrast to something like a .44 Magnum +P HP.

      1. a different answer to Kiki:
        I was going to get involved in this in a highly technical fashion, but I think there’s voluminous coroners material available in most medical libraries for those who wish to excavate, dating back from WWII ad praesens.
        totally off topic:
        I need help – getting off the floor: laughing too hard

        1. While I don’t want to be considered to be a violent man, Diane Ehrensaft could benefit from a good scolding. (How’s that for the kinder and more compassionate LL?) Some of these people are very disturbed and need to have their bolts rethreaded.

          Much understanding of how bullets pass through flesh and cavitate can be had from being there in person with a medical examiner/deputy coroner and watching them perform their examination.

          1. Yup…this deranged piece of work (to be polite) needs an “attitude adjustment” behind the woodshed, assuming that would have any effect because they are scolds therefore immune to a good talking to. Some only understand selective applied force…with a bat if necessary. Christian tenet requires evil to be dealt with solidly. You mess with kids and out comes the equalizer.

      2. “Mike_C might want to add to this.”

        Sorry. I would if I could. But I don’t know nuffin ‘bout no GSW stuff.

        1. “Minotaurs”…

          Not too many boys out there blessed enough by the biological slot machine to carry off that impersonation credibly.


  12. If the mailbaggers have been voting for CFR candidates for decades, then they don’t want liberty, they want what they’re getting now.

    Every election is a sort of advance auction sale of stolen goods. — H. L. Mencken

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