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The weekend is upon us all. There is always a lot to discuss. I hope that you remember those who fell that you might live free, this weekend and always.


Bullet Points:

** BRM discusses the ALQ-167 Angry Kitten.

** (Gateway Pundit) Pedo Joe Biden’s EPA wanted to regulate every puddle and pond which they deemed “wetlands” under the Clean Water Act – but the Supreme Court struck it down.

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of Michael and Chantell Sackett, a couple from Idaho who filed a lawsuit after the EPA blocked them from building a home on their own land because it contained “wetlands.”

The US Supreme Court on Thursday unanimously sided with the Sacketts, but its reasoning for the ruling was split 5-4.

** When I listen to old field recordings, maybe you’ll hear a dog barking way off in the background. You realize the house it was recorded in is torn down, the dog is dead, the tape recorder is broken, the guy who made the recording died in Texas, the car out front has four flat tires, and even the dirt that the house sat on is gone—probably a parking lot—but we still have this song. It takes me out when I listen to those old recordings. Recording oral history and music is like photographing ghosts.

** America is being run by an Alzheimer’s patient and a whore. What a slap in the face to those who gave their last full measure of devotion.

** (NY Post) This past week – The FBI again refused to comply with House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer’s subpoena for a document that allegedly details a pay-to-play scheme involving then-Vice President (Pedo) Joe Biden.

The bureau’s latest refusal to turn over the unclassified FD-1023 document detailing an informant’s criminal allegations against Biden came during a briefing between the Oversight Committee and FBI staff.

Not a good look (to refuse this particular subpoena) for the FBI or the President. The contents must be incredibly damning if the FBI is willing to take the flak for not providing it and their refusal leads to increased speculation as to how it might incriminate the President and how badly. Some people really don’t want this document to see the light of day.

** From running a metal detector. ->

** The following is an excerpt from Just The News.

The FBI violated civil liberties against George Floyd protesters and Jan. 6 participants through the improper use of a surveillance tool, according to a filing from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) unsealed Friday, that undercuts claims by FBI Director Christopher Wray that the bureau had reformed its process for using it.

The revelation is certain to place pressure on Congress, which must decide this year whether to renew the law permitting the bureau’s use of the Section 702 database.

The April 2022 opinion from the FISC, which the Washington Post obtained, indicated that the bureau had improperly made use of the database more than 278,000 times, including against the aforementioned groups, crime victims, and political donors.

The FBI insists it has reformed its use of the database, though the bureau’s critics, among them conservative lawmakers

“Chris Wray told us we can sleep well at night because of the FBI’s so-called FISA reforms. But it just keeps getting worse,” said House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan to Just the News.

The FBI may only access the Section 702 database when seeking information related to foreign intelligence or evidence of crimes.

** (Attkisson) A majority of voters don’t trust the news they’re getting about politics, and still agree with former President Donald Trump’s denunciation of the news media as “the enemy of the people.”

That’s according to the latest Rasmussen Reports.

Fifty-nine percent (59%) of voters agree that the media are “truly the enemy of the people,” including 35% who “strongly agree.”

Thirty-six percent (36%) don’t agree, including 23% who “strongly disagree.”

These findings are virtually unchanged since July 2021.

In the wake of the 2019 Mueller Report, which found no evidence of the “Russian collusion” the media had hyped, Trump tweeted: “Fake News is truly the ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!”

Additionally, the survey found that just 30% of likely U.S. voters say they trust the political news they’re getting – down from 37% in July 2021 – while 52% say they don’t trust political news, and 19% are not sure.

** Russian Tactics in Ukraine (h/t Claudio) The scale of Russian losses in 2022, combined with the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation confronting NATO systems they had not previously contended with, has caused a significant deviation in Russian operations from the country’s doctrine. This report seeks to outline how Russian forces have adapted their tactics in the Ukrainian conflict and the challenges this has created for the Ukrainian military that must be overcome. The report examines Russian military adaptation by combat function.


How do you prefer your Italian beef dip – Sweet peppers or hot peppers?

Sandwiches offered at Portillo’s


From the Days of Fighting Sail

Speaking Trumpet, early 19th century

The speaking trumpet or the megaphone is nothing more than an instrument that should enable the spoken word to be heard well even at a distance. The usual trumpet used at sea was made of brass to withstand the conditions at sea. There were also special presentation examples made of silver. However, the speaking trumpet could sometimes be used for more than just speaking. If the urinal was broken or the master got on an officer’s nerves, the trumpet was used as a urinal to express the displeasure.

25 thoughts on “Clear Air Turbulence

  1. America is actually run by Obama’s operatives behind Joe and Ho. Wray should have been fired a long time ago and most of the FBI either chopped up or disbanded entirely.

    1. Wray has dirt on all of them (as did Hoover). Maybe he’s calling the shots?

      1. Bill Gates did go to Fantasy Island 19 times. Maybe he was collecting the intel rather than participating in the other activities?

        1. Deep under the covers… and where are all of the kids that he molested? Where are any of the Epstein kids?

          The FBI knows.

  2. Beef dip- Sweet pepper for me. Portillo’s does make a great sandwich..only problem is they are in and around Chicago.

      1. Good to know. St. Pete, hmm, never knew and we used to go there every year. I think Fort collins needs one.

          1. I go with sweet peppers too.

            I eat at Portillos often when in the Phoenix area. There are a few locations. It’s 2.5 hours away…and I could eat anywhere.

            I discovered Portillos in Chicago when they were a smaller chain. Then in SoCalif. when they expanded.

  3. Beef Dip- Green pepper’s onion and red pepper for me. Nothing surprises me anymore when it come to the depths of evil depravity in this administration. They have sold their soul’s to money and power that the prince of darkness offers as he continues to get his foot in the door to every one of our institutions and freedoms that so many gave their lives to protect. Rest in Peace my brothers.

    —that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they here gave the last full measure of devotion .
    -Abraham Lincoln

    1. Congress hasn’t passed a budget since 2009. There are just continuing resolutions.

      1. continuing resolutions…another word for graft and criminal mafia style accounting. Should be in jail for this bravo sierra. I have concluded that these bums have no clue what they are doing, except for the criminal part. Problem is they have gotten very good at their game…because they made up the rules, regardless of Constitutionality.

        1. Congress not legislating.
          Presidents and courts legislating.
          No financial accountability.
          Bureaucrats acting as judges.
          What I’d give for a Constitutional Republic.

        2. Correction, the Mafia had some level of honor and scruples, DC inhabitants, not so much.

  4. This is the Sackett’s SECOND trip to SCOTUS over this mess, glad it went 9-0 in their favor. Now they need to sue to recoup their attorney fees! Re the peppers, I’ll pass on the hots and go with the regular ones, to me ‘that’ is the ‘Italian’ version.

    Re this weekend, we also lost a number of folks in training/operational accidents that didn’t involve combat, they too gave their all.

    1. Recently the training accidents exceeded combat losses and yes, they put it all on the line.

      How did we survive, Old NFO. Only the good die young? Something like that?

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