Obama Threatens Russia

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Russian Troops seize airports in the Crimea
It’s official. Russia has invaded the Crimea (Fox News), which is a very pro-Russian portion of The Ukraine. The Olympics are over and Russia can go back to being Russia.
In response to this invasion of another country’s soil, President Obama said (by way of threat) that he will cancel his upcoming trip to Russia.  I’m sure that this is deeply concerning to Vladimir Putin, who is crossing yet another Obama Red Line.
The only place on the planet where a visit from Obama has any meaning is within the walls of the White House – and possibly Detroit, Chicago and Hollywood. Don’t tell President Obama. It would burst the bubble.
As Barack Obama demobilizes the US Military, and turns the money that we spent on defense into food stamps, you have to know that the Russians are laughing. And who would blame them?

12 thoughts on “Obama Threatens Russia

  1. I like the comic, except it's unbelievable. obama would never work that hard himself.

  2. Putin is reverting to 'type' (Can we say KGB), and BO is waffling… NOT going to end well for us…

  3. I saw a scared little boy last night trying to threaten the big bully. Little Barry was scared s…less Vlad would bitch slap him. A sad day not only for the U.S. but for the world in general as Vlad's ;ittle Commie partner cedes world leadership to a known tyrant.

  4. I suspect this is just the beginning for Putin. He's actively recruiting hosts for his fleet and aircraft throughout central and south America. He's back in "control" in broad areas of the Mideast (though I suspect that is as much to try and mitigate the Islamist threat as it is to spread Russian power) and he seems to be reaching some type of relationship with the Chinese which will act is Beijing's favor as they make their moves in the Pacific. It is breathtaking how willing Obama is to simply demure to these enemies. Our kids and grandkids will pay a terrible price for his foolishness.

  5. The Chinese don't trust the Russians and the Russians don't trust the Chinese. Neither one are communist anymore. The only place where communism lives is in the shriveled heart of the American president.

    How ironic.

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