A Trip to Northern Nevada

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Earlier in the week, I flew to Reno, NV for business and was driving around with senior members of State government. The issue of possible aggression by Russian President Putin against Ukraine separatism came up for discussion and then the potential of Chinese military action against Taiwan and Japan over the Senkaku Islands came up as we drove.

During all of this there was some debate with executives in the Tahoe where I was riding. One very senior member of Nevada’s executive branch said, “All this is true, but I think the one thing that we can all agree on is that the singular biggest threat to the nation is Barack Obama and his little friend Hillary.” EVERY ONE of these people agreed and chimed in with various additional and enhancing comments. 

One of them looked at me and said, “You’re from California.”

Once you leave California and enter ‘fly over country’, the state’s name is a dirty word and I was wearing it like a scarlet letter A. Being from California made me feel dirty. 

Another person in the car, who I’d known for a long time and went through a particularly arduous military training program about four years after me, and with whom I served with personally, stood up for me, lumping me appropriately with everyone else in the crowded executive Tahoe. He said, “Scary Larry  only lives there, he’s not one of them, and MR (who works with me and was also in the SUV) is from England but he’s a friend of LL and that’s good enough.”
You have to love Northern Nevada.
I can only contrast that with how it might have gone if I was driving around with Governor Jerry Brown in California and his coterie of freaks and sexually confused ‘executives’ in San Francisco or Sacramento.

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  1. I concur, Nevada is such an excellent and under appreciated state. It always amuses me that when you cross the border back to California, for the next mile or so (after the "Welcome to the Golden State" sign) you are bombarded with signs admonishing you to do this or avoid doing that now that you are inside the people's republic. A real difference in the attitude about personal freedom, objectified.

  2. Do you still consider yourself a 'Zonie? I would love to live in Northern California, but I'm afraid of earthquakes and taxes…

  3. Don't worry about the earthquakes unless you are on the coast. The taxes, on the other hand, are horrendous. Maybe if that "split the state into six" initiative goes through, Northern California can recover it's luster and it's livability.

  4. I've lived in Nevada for over ten years now and it is a great state except forone thing. Can anyone explain the embarrassment that is Harry Reid?

  5. I'd say move out to Arizona, but our governor apparently now thinks that gay rights trumps the 1st Amendment. I'm blaming all the Californians who have moved out here every time there's another big earthquake.

  6. For years we had places in Cali and Oregon, and made darn sure we lived 1 day longer in Oregon, so we could be Oregonians(with Oregon lic plates). And trash talk about those fruity Californians…

  7. Yes, however it's interesting that Californians are even hated in New York when they should be embraced as fellow slaves.

  8. How did he survive in office so long? However, there is a difference in voting patterns between Northern Nevada and Southern Nevada.

  9. I accept the trash talk humbly, even though it is undeserved in my case. California is underwhelming.

  10. I wish you would have said something. I was down there for a few days the beginning of the week too.

  11. Now that I'm full time N Cali (which is a whole nother country from the rest of the state) trash talk'n Cali is not nearly as much fun…

  12. I simply need to get other license plates so I won't be viewed as a metastasizing tumor every time I leave California.

  13. Um… Car with Moonbeam??? Nah… either he'd leave (via the window) or you'd never get IN the car…

  14. I'd never get in that car. If I did, I'd simply end up singing the Folsom Prison Blues.

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