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You can paint this anyway you’d like to, however if a US President said this (see Youtube Video Below) twenty years ago, following the Reagan Presidency (1981-1989), he would have been IMPEACHED for treason. I am positive that Obama has never been subjected to a US Polygraph with a broad scope on loyalty, because he’d have failed it. I’m positive that Obama could never obtain a security clearance – outside of being elected – because of issues in his past and present.

And that’s really the problem isn’t it?

The blue chip standard for American presidents will never be the utopian socialist and blatant racist, Barack Obama. 
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9 thoughts on “Treason?

  1. Yep. With this, a line has been crossed. One can make arguments for being a dove, or for appeasement policies. One can argue that the carrot is better than the stick. One can argue that a sell-out now will pay off later. I may tend to disagree with someone who feels that way. But I can respect them (at least a little) if they really think that is the best way to approach the problem.

    But as soon as electoral victory or personal benefit become the reason for the sell-out, well…

  2. I do believe the man is incompetent…but I think he has intended to do what he has done because he doesn't see it as a problem, or a bad thing…which I think is incompetent.

    Maybe there is a new word for him?

  3. Both! Draw and quarter and bury him in four corners of Kenya as a warning to other usurpers.

  4. Translation: Obama will be able to throw more of America's military might into the trash can once he no longer has to answer to voters. He is SO anti-American. He can't wait to sell us out.

  5. In response, Obama said 'look, its no secret I want to reduce our nuclear stockpile, I said it in a speech…'

    – in response to getting caught saying what he said. Why then would he "have more flexibility" after the election – if he already said it.

  6. Race, please don't set a standard of rationality to the Obama Administration because by so doing, you're simply setting the bar 'too high'.

    Sig 94 – You'd create a hazardous waste dumping site?

    NFO – I'm afraid that you're right.

    Opus – He doesn't answer to the voters now, but he has signaled his intention to dismantle more of America in the next four years.

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