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Obama offered Democrats a win-win scenario in his second term. Many “progressive” supporters swallowed the promise, sent him money and voted for him. Some still feel that the hope and change that he promised is around the corner. 

What was that promise again?

Republicans will buckle to pressure on policy 
points or face oblivion in Midterm Elections. 

The Obama vision, sold to his supporters, promised Democratic Party unification behind a bold agenda on global warming, same-sex marriage, “cradle-to-career” education, gun control, amnesty for illegal immigrants (prospective Democratic Party voters), another round of tax increases on top earners, more stimulus spending and other progressive pork-barrell issues such as funding for “green tech.”  However, it isn’t working out very well. 
On the gun control issue, the President was forced to go to Mexico and BLAME America (not only George W. Bush this time) for shipping firearms across the border to support the drug cartels – and that, according to President Obama, is why we need to curtail or eliminate private ownership of firearms in the US. He sounds much like a three year old child who didn’t get his ice cream for dessert and is throwing a tantrum. The same is true for spending limits and his ‘punish America for the sequestration’ agenda


Does the President ever listen to the way he sounds on television?
How President Obama sees himself.
How we see President Obama.

10 thoughts on “Obama – Spoiled Brat

  1. I think there's a lot more money gunning for Obama in the mid-terms. It will require a large turnout to oppose the jug-ear-nought.

  2. I don't think that the Democrats are poised to take back the House of Representatives and reinstate Rep. Pelosi. They'll be lucky to keep what they have. And that's not lost on the Senate either, which is why the "Red State Senators" voted down gun control.

  3. I believe that too. But running up to the last election, I saw what desperate and unprecedented measures this Administration will go to including up lying about and whitewashing our own people's deaths.

    Just wary.

  4. I suspect that Barack felt that he could beat the trend by blaming the Republican Congress. He found a lot of success blaming President GW Bush.

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