In 1968, there was a lot of speculation about what life would be like in 2000 – and no American guessed that we’d be ruled by a walking corpse and a whore, and the nation would embrace the 1984 Playbook and a reprise of the slaughter of the Jews in the Holocaust… but if you take the democrats at their word, that’s what they want.

Anyway, the car of tomorrow for the world of tomorrow. There was supposed to be a Space Odyssey in 2001…

Pussycar Automodule, 1968.

Designed by Jean Pierre Ponthieu and billed as ‘The Car of the Year 2000′, the spherical Automodule was powered by a 250cc single cylinder engine powering the single rear wheel, which caused the car to “rear-up” under acceleration. Because the other three wheels where all steerable, the car could spin on its axis. There are no words…



Dramatic explosion as USS Greenfish’s (SS-351) torpedo sinks U-234 off Cape Cod, Mass, 20 November 1947. U-234 was a Type XB U-boat built as a long-range cargo submarine with missions to Japan in mind. She left Germany in the last days of the war in Europe with a dozen high-level officers and advisors, technical drawings, examples of the newest electric torpedoes, one crated Me 262 jet aircraft, a Henschel Hs 293 glide bomb and 1,210 lbs of uranium oxide. She never made it Japan as her skipper decided to make for Canada instead after the fall of Germany.

Two Japanese officers on board committed suicide and were buried at sea while the sub– packed with her very important nuclear material – surrendered to the destroyer escort USS Sutton south of the Grand Banks, Newfoundland on 14 May, a week after VE Day.

The nuclear material contaminated the boat and it was destroyed by torpedo instead of being scuttled.


Who are you?


Identify the British Aircraft

Would I want to fly this monstrosity in combat? No. One should take the engineers who make these things and put a flight suit on them and send them out to die.


Corona – and a different latitude


Peaky Blinders – Season Six

The plague hasn’t stopped the show (which must go on) as the Netflix series – and one of my favorites – is filming …more here

Peaky Blinders centers around its eponymous gang (razor blades sewn into the flat Jimmy cap) which is run by the ruthless Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy) and his family, and sees them build their power and influence over Birmingham and beyond.

The fifth season ended on a cliffhanger, with Tommy seeing visions of his late wife Grace and turning a gun on himself following his botched assassination attempt of British Union of Fascists leader Oswald Mosely (Sam Claflin) at a rally. The sixth season is said to be the final one of the series. There is talk of a feature film to follow Season Six.


Green Energyin Cold Weather

Now there’s a shock for all of you. Nuclear energy works and it’s carbon free. Or you can burn carbon in any of its varieties. The other options – aren’t.


Biden’s America

But don’t despair. They’ll put you on welfare, or you can learn to build windmills at $15/hr.


  1. My namesake Fred W. (The W stands for work) survived the last depression by growing his own food and having a side hustle he ran out of small garage sharpening scissors and lawn mower blades, for cash of course. $15 buck an hour may look real good for the unschooled and untrainable.

    • My grandparents lived through the Great Depression. He poached deer and they ate the deer and traded meat for other foodstuffs. He had a rifle, ammunition, and was a good shot. He had a gutting knife and a skinning knife and knew how to sharpen them.

      Inflation can make a bounteous $15/hr feel like $2/hr before you know it. But many don’t have the wits to figure that out.

      • When Seattle pushed $16 hour minimum wage, the cafeteria in a mental health facility where my adult autistic son had worked for five years closed. The unfortunate residents lost their source of affordable meals and were left to fend for themselves. When he can find work, he must ride the bus North into Snohomish County. Once independent, he now survives in part by family charity.

        All these comfortable utopian assholes never think through the consequences of their mandates.

    • “$15 buck an hour may look real good for the unschooled and untrainable”

      Not at all. The unschooled and untrainable have been conditioned (at least in the US and northwestern Europe) to expect to get food, housing, medical care, utilities, etc, for free. To expect them to work, for a measly $15/hr yet, is an INSULT. They are victims, after all. (How this fits in with certain of them being descended from kangz is difficult to reconcile, but reconcile we must. After all 2+2=5 when it suits the needs of the narrative.)

      This is what you get when culture is dictated by persons whose central identity is based on tales of millennia of victimhood, and who see everything as a class-based power struggle.

  2. Miles M.39B Libellula.
    It was supposed to be used on aircraft carriers but nothing ever came from it.
    I wonder why.

    • There were a lot of aircraft, historically, that ended up in the boneyard prematurely. Who would have figured that the M-39b would be one of those?

  3. The reporter-ette at the local Potemkin Village of a newspaper (and I do think there is only one reporter, or perhaps no more than two, because most of the “content” is regurgitated off the wires) has a weekly “ask me” column. Yesterday, the question was, what will happen to all those folks who lost their jobs when Xiden cancelled the Keystone Pipeline? Can they draw unemployment and how much?

    Not to worry, she said. They weren’t real jobs, she opined, because they were only “temporary” and therefore not real employment and anyway, Keystone would only have provided a few dozen permanent jobs at best, so it wasn’t a big deal. To her.

    Hutchinson News, February 15, 2021 – you could look it up.

    • Like the reporter who told the Trump attorney “there was only a little bit of evidence tampering”. When he launched on her to explain how idiotic her statement was she denied saying it.

      • Camper, I’m sorry to disagree, but she didn’t say that.
        I and my wife watched it a number of times.
        She said “To be clear to my audience’, and according to his response, he must have heard “to be fair to my audience.”
        It is my firm belief that she was just trying to explain the tampered evidence to her audience, which he had not.
        I, for one, would not have known had she not asked.

          • You are correct, point taken…my poor attempt at being concise (not my strong suit). I was paraphrasing what she said; “A little checkmark” here, or a “mistyped date” (how does she actually know that it was an error?). Bottom line is, he – who has the facts with more major evidence tampering, like the Dem’s carefully edited video’s – rightly took offense she would present it in such a way, effectively brushing past evidence tampering in the typical MSM manner to set up “the other side”. I despise this approach, it’s not honest.

      • The snooty arrogance is astounding, but not surprising. Perspective is lost on these types living in their protective bubble.

  4. There are several large wind farms west of here and I imagine they’re drawing power from the grid to avoid freezing. There’s also a nuke to the south of them that’s likely providing that power. Of course MY power was shut down last night for an hour and a half when it reached -17. I heat with electricity. Oh well. Gotta keep that green energy ging.

  5. talked to an officer coming off the dc fiasco. he had to disobey no less than 4 illegal orders, in writing, including arming the dc guard with machine guns. under aid to civilian authority that is highly unlawful itself. they then sent dod personnel to his state and took ALL ammo, leaving that state guard defenseless. he went home n picked up enough ammo to issue his troops. he could support the brigade if needed…he also had to threaten dc police at gunpoint to stop them arresting some of his troops on Pelosi’s orders. they failed the purge test. Patrick henry moments are beginning to come more often. they are terrified of us, they should be.

  6. Everything the Left touches, including electricity, turns to trash. Perhaps because their movement of mind and spirit’s founded on grift, chicanery, and outright lies. Who knew we’d be ruled by a gang of Wild West snake oil thieves masquerading as doctors? Well, here we are.

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