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In a modern context, shouldn’t we put Kamala Harris’ head on the side of churches to remind the devout of what you look like if you are going to end up in the hot place?


Applying Scripture to Everyday Needs

“Christ said to them, “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.” Luke 22:36


I’m not there yet…

We do have trash pandas at the White Wolf Mine but they are chased off by the bobcats – mostly. I ran onto this Youtube video and I’m asking you whether this guy is taking charity for the bandits too far?






The Sermonette today comes from Beauty and the Beast

The Disney film is popular with my grandchildren. When I watch it with them, some basic truths are explained through the actions of the characters.

The story of Beauty and Beast is a very human story about a man rediscovering his humanity. Belle, the heroine of the story, demonstrates her moral character by maintaining her humanity even when everyone around her has lost theirs. The story teaches that the part of us that makes us human are things that cannot be controlled or forced, they must be freely given. Only when we freely demonstrate self-sacrifice and love can we find our humanity and separate ourselves from the beastly nature found inside each of us.

It’s an interesting concept – with universal application.

24 thoughts on “Sermonette

  1. If charity truly begins at home, I am content that the Trash Panda Whisperer’s home is a long, very long way from mine.

  2. Math Problem:
    Larry has 15 guns.
    14 have a tragic boating accident.
    How many guns does Larry have?
    No one may ever know…..
    Larry lied about having only 15.
    Now I’m thinking Schrodinger’s Gun Safe.

    1. Hehe…+1

      Does Larry need to repent for his [minor] sin of lying, or will God extend righteous grace and forgive him as it’s nobody’s business to ask?

      Sorta like asking a rancher how many cattle he runs or acres he has…like asking him how much he makes.

        1. Well, since LL operates under the axiom “one is none” we xould safely presume your math and assertion is correct.

  3. Another rich palette of wisdom this morning, especially the BnB take away…seems the Founders wrote some words to that effect in “some important documents somewhere” that too many of the self-appointed have seriously forgotten, or moreso, sold their souls for a few shekels to ignore.

  4. The trash panda guy is asking for trouble. Those critters can get aggressive.
    It appears I’ve blasphemed since I’m more inclined to purchase an old gun than a new. The older designs simply interest me more. I did have more modern designs back before that incident with the canoe.
    The sixth commandment is often misinterpreted as “kill.” Killing can be lawful and/or moral. Murder is not.

  5. Guns are like the first rule of Fight Club. Beyond that? Keep effing around and find out.

    “The story teaches that the part of us that makes us human are things that cannot be controlled or forced, they must be freely given.”

    Quite so. And the progs are all about force.

  6. Can we paint a target around the camel face and back it with four inches of plate so we can have fun after church sharping our aim?

  7. Racoons are disease carrying varmints.
    Edging into the category of hostis humanus generis.
    Shoot on sight.
    Nasty things.
    Probably vote Democrat.

  8. Need to add “and at least 1000 rounds of ammo” to the buy a gun flowchart conclusion block.

    Thought of the day is certainly true. Expanding the word “games” to “distractions” (Facebook, sports etc.) sure explains a lot about what is going on today.

    Trash pandas are fine in moderation in the wild where they belong, just like skunks or other animals (except porcupines, they are never fine). Too many and they are no longer a good thing just like any other animal. The little buggers are pretty intelligent and that makes their impact a lot worse than it would be otherwise.

    For some reason Ed B’s “Schrodinger’s Gun Safe” really appealed to me. Unfortunately most of my firearms were lost in a tragic kayak accident (don’t own a canoe) in lake Pend Oreille; long way down to the bottom so I guess they are lost forever.

  9. I have described elsewhere where I acquired my complete hatred of trash pandas. Summed up, you touch my stuff, you get deaded. Spent a whole summer deading a colony of the little bastards because my hippy leftist neighbors decided to feed the colony, and then move. Big bastards. Woulda poisoned/shot/whacked/stuffed into garbage cans the leftist hippy neighbors if I could have gotten my gunsight on them. Grrrr. Other than that, I despise trash pandas.

    As to gargoyles and the Cameltoe… well, one of the purposes of a gargoyle was a rain spout and Cameltoe isn’t used to having liquids come out of her mouth and that’s as far as I’m going to push that disgusting image and thought.

    As to fairy tales, well, Disney managed to take all the sting out of the various fairy tales, and now has made the villains into heroes. The original story of B&B is much darker and deals with forced marriage, forced contracts, giving up one’s daughter to some psycho nobleman in order to buy into the nobility which is blocked to you because you’re just a merchant, and lots of other dark as copulation reasons. Me likum old-school fairy tales, as the dark as copulation messages imbedded are good ones.

    Disney’s worst offender? “The Little Mermaid.” Original story – fish-girl saves prince, gets pretentious idea of marrying prince, prince marries other lady who is a member of his class, fish-girl whines about the injustice of trying to marry out of her class, and dies. SUSHI!!!!

    As to guns, the answer in true Southern is “Nunya.” I don’t let anyone know the number or the type of things I may have had in my possession at any one time. Not anymore.

    1. See your point on the trash pandas; similar to why I don’t like porcupines. Live in a semi arid area. Planted 47 pine trees in the field in front of my house (about 5 acres) and watered them during the dry season every other day for 2 years. Porcupines came through and girdled every last one of those tree except for one.

      I will swerve over into the other lane of traffic to run over one of those suckers. If I see one on my place I will end its existence on this earthly realm.

  10. I would hate to have that raccoon guy in the neighborhood, much less as a next-door neighbor. Due to various things I’m dealing with right now I’m even less full of tolerance than usual for foolishness, so I’ll note that Raccoon Guy’s animal policy is EXACTLY what our “elites” are doing with immigration policy in the West.

    Raccoons have their role in nature, but they can be very destructive and more than one or two in a neighborhood is way too many. This well-meaning idiot’s converted them into fat, entitled parasites. In the process he has no doubt made his neighbors miserable as they have to deal with the bad behavior of the raccoons that don’t even belong there. If that’s not a parallel with current human events I don’t know what is.

    This guy’s probably a well intentioned fool. And the raccoons aren’t committing rapes and other felonies. Our “elites” on the other hand, are doing it on purpose. As paranoids who view themselves as permanent outsiders and constantly under existential threat from their host populations, they deliberately WANT to bring in incompatible, low IQ, low impulse control outsiders to weaken general society.

  11. MY favorite line from the first Matrix movie: “Guns. Lots of guns”.

    We have lots of Trash Pandas here. They raid the neighbors chicken coop once in a while, but they finally managed to “Coon Proof” it. I still haven’t seen one here because they’re quite wary of people, and we have LOTS of dogs here.

  12. Seems like any species can run into “too much of a good thing is a bad thin”. Especially if that species has been incentivized to stay in one particular area and expect handouts due to someone providing food, shelter etc.

  13. This is a very powerful post and made me think that we should have gargoyles on the Capitol. But what am I saying! They’re all inside the building, scarfing down ice cream in a demented feast of satanic power.

  14. The bottom half of a mermaid is a fish, which means she may be an external fertilizer. Wanna spawn, baby?

  15. In medieval times gargoyles were meant to keep evil spirits away from holy places.
    This is the reason why you need some gargoyles for your house.
    In case Nancy Pelosi comes by.
    Or Kamala Harris.
    Or Dianne Feinstein.
    You know what I mean.

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