New Jersey fuels the Rifle Prohibition Insanity

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New Jersey wants to ban .50 BMG Rifles (read about it here). Despite the Bill of Rights, the New Jersey Legislature cites an overarching threat to the public from .50 BMG caliber weapons.
Governor Chris Christie (RINO-NJ), gun control advocate
How many crimes in New Jersey have been committed using .50 caliber rifles? How many victims of .50 caliber weapons attacks or their widows were paraded before the New Jersey legislature in their march to ban the hated cartridges?
That’s right – ZERO.
That’s because there has not yet ever been a criminal attack in New Jersey with a modern .50 caliber rifle. ( 200 years ago, .50 caliber muskets may have been used to commit crimes) Maybe one day there will be and the ban will somehow (in a strange universe) seem to be vindicated. I’m waiting for the day when an inner city youth lugs the weapon (below) into a convenience store and announces that it’s a robbery. You don’t see that in a Hollywood farce, but you do see it in the New Jersey Legislature with Gov. Chris Christy leading the charge.
M-82 Barrett weighs in loaded at about 35 lbs. Each round of ammunition costs
between $3 and $30 depending on which type of ammo is selected. Cost of the
weapon is over $10,000.00- not yet the choice for gang members. Not suitable for
“spray and pray” tactics, popular with street gangs
The Barrett .416 (below) would still be legal in New Jersey.
And the ballistics of the .416 are more impressive than the venerable .50 BMG.

11 thoughts on “New Jersey fuels the Rifle Prohibition Insanity

  1. Christie is a douche. What bothers me even more than his drivel is the fact that so many people hopped on the Christie Bandwagon early on, just because he said a couple of things that leaned more Conservative than you usually see coming out of that part of the Country. I'm hoping that his actions and words since those days have shown them what he's really all about.

    There were a lot of folks ready to throw him up as a Presidential Candidate back then – I'm sure some still think he'd be great.


  2. The problem with NJ is that a .50 cal will cross the entire state, and the rifle has to be held north-south because the barrel will extend into Pennsylvania if it faces west…

    The elected leaders in Trenton want to pass MORE gun laws, while they refuse to enforce the existing laws. That sounds like a talking point, but it is true. State gun laws are enforced against people driving through (you are presumed to know the NJ gun laws as a 'visitor'), while gang members convicted of multiple felony crimes of violence, are let go on weapons charges.

    Why? Because the victims of most firearms crimes in NJ, are young black men (they also make up the perpetrators).

  3. Maybe you should not mention the .416, don't give Christie any more anti-bill-of-rights ideas.

  4. The agendas of social reformers
    can always be ascertained in the
    language they use because they
    assume everybody else is as
    stupid as they are.

  5. My bad.

    Then again, if they'd only made pressure cookers and backpacks illegal, Massachusetts would have been spared the Boston Marathon Bombing.

    I do understand your point, Opus, but it's always the person – not the instrumentality. Liberals like Christy can't seem to get that through their thick skulls. And making something illegal only takes it from the hands of honest people. Criminals don't care. (Mexico Model of Gun Control)

    Making Muslim terrorists illegal would solve a lot more problems than attacking the Bill of Rights — but attacking the Bill of Rights is so much more satisfying to progressives than dealing with radical fundamentalist Islam.

  6. Einstein said that every man is entitled to five minutes of stupidity – and wisdom consists of not exceeding your limit. Gov Christie exceeds his limit far too often.

  7. Suggesting that the crime problem is due to inner city youth rather than firearms is rather un-progressive of you.

    I'm sure that the crime rate is the same on Martha's Vinyard where there are few inner city youth, but the White Man is simply hiding the statistics…

  8. I can see where the constant traffic in .50 Caliber Muskets could be a problem.

  9. The Brown Bess (British) and Charleville Muskets (French) that the respective armies carried during the American Revolution were .75 caliber. I can imagine what the present Congress would say about that.

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