Obama – Government Investigations

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The government has scant capability to investigate itself. There are examples when it has done well, but usually that is because an outside authority, such as Congress, screams for answers. The FBI’s cover up at Ruby Ridge, successfully investigated by the US Postal Investigation Service after the first two FBI OPR investigations were ‘compromised internally’ is one example.

Expecting the Obama Administration to investigate the rampant misconduct of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) scandal is laughable.  ACORN was a conduit for laundered campaign contributions, it was an action arm of the radical left (now in power in Washington) and the “street team” to effect hope and change. That is was populated by a coterie of thugs, pimps, petty narcotics users and traffickers and tax cheats was the absolutely smallest thing. That uncounted millions of dollars vanished or were conveniently redirected is something that Barack Hussein Obama, attorney for ACORN in Chicago does not want to come out. So it’s locked as tight as his college transcripts (where he listed his religion as “Muslim”).

Since both houses of Congress are led by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, respectively, expect no help from that quarter. Federal Law Enforcement, as with the military and the rest of the executive branch of government answers directly to Barack Hussein Obama. He could appoint an investigation czar, but why even bring it up? Better to let it all die down and better to allow the public’s attention to be drawn elsewhere. The US voter has a demonstrably short attention span. Most couldn’t pick out New York on a US map or Iraq on a map of the world. 
The evidence will conveniently be lost or will fade away. Witnesses will be intimidated or rewarded for their silence. ACORN? What problem? Videos of them aiding and abetting the sexual slavery of children? Entrapment! Stolen housing funds? Racist! 
Its a good case for having some opposition from at least one house of Congress in any administration. An investigation, fact finding, lifting up rocks and shining a light under them is never bad for the country. If Clinton controlled both houses of Congress there would have been no Whitewater Investigation. No problems with a blue dress (what blue dress?). If Nixon controlled both houses of Congress the Watergate matter would have been crushed as thoroughly as Vince Foster’s skull (oh, that was Clinton wasn’t it?).
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