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Danny Smith has a new novel out – The Program

I’ve read all of his other books and enjoyed them.

Although now that Rudy considered it, maybe God had put Josie back in his life for a reason. After all, there were several steps of his program that required him to make amends for the things he’d done that had harmed others, and to admit these things to God and at least one person.

He had told Vero, but she didn’t seem to grasp the gravity of this act, simply saying, “I’ve done worse shit than that, baby.” Saying, “Why are you telling me now, baby?” Saying, “Lookit, I don’t want to know about all the hoochie mamas you hooked up with back in the day, and if you did any of that homo shit in the joint, you keep that bullshit to yourself.”

Even though Danny is afraid to leave his ranch in Idaho and travel to the White Wolf Mine in Arizona, I still enjoy his books. Highly recommended. Preorder signed copies here:


Like Hidden Fire

Peter Hopkirk – An acclaimed historian tells, for the first time, the full story of the conspiracy between the Germans and the Turks to unleash a Muslim holy war against the British in India and the Russians in the Caucasus. Drawing on recently opened intelligence files and rare personal accounts, Peter Hopkirk skillfully reconstructs the Kaiser’s bold plan and describes the exploits of the secret agents on both sides-disguised variously as archaeologists, traders, and circus performers-as they sought to foment or foil the uprising and determine the outcome of World War I.


Selling out to China for fun and profit…

A total of 20 former and current elected Republicans are named in Peter Schweizer’s new bestseller Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win as having business dealings and political ties to the United States’ largest adversary, China.

(Brietbart) Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and his wife, former President Trump’s Department of Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, “enjoy some of the deepest and most abiding ties to Beijing- linked entities of anyone in Washington, D.C.,” Schweizer writes.

Those ties mostly stem from Chao’s fathers’ massive shipping business, the Foremost Group, which has built the family’s fortune by sharing a close financial relationship with China-owned companies like the China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC).


Bullet Points:

** Egg salad is still chicken salad if you think about it.

** On December 15, about three weeks after her third Pfizer booster shot, Princess Bajrakitiyabha Narendira Debyavati collapsed with heart issues and went into a coma.

The 44-year old eldest daughter of the King in Thailand, and likely heir to the throne, had reported to be in excellent health prior to the vaccination and collapse while training her dogs.

The media seemed to generally lose interest after a January 9 update in which it was reported the princess remained in a coma and, according to the palace, has now been diagnosed with “severe heart arrhythmia resulting from inflammation following a mycoplasma infection.”

** Reapers for Ukraine – SAN DIEGO — San Diego’s General Atomics Aeronautical Systems recently offered to provide two MQ-9 Reaper drones to Ukraine for $1 but first must get approval from the U.S. government.

In a public statement released Wednesday, General Atomics Aeronautical Chief Executive Linden Blue confirmed that the company recently proposed transferring company-owned Reapers — plus the ground control station to operate them — to help Ukraine in its war with Russia.


** More on Fat Leonard – SAN DIEGO — A former Navy captain who was caught up in a massive contracting scandal was sentenced Thursday to 2 1/2 years in federal prison for taking nearly $91,000 in bribes. Retired Capt. David Haas also was ordered to make restitution and to pay a $30,000 fine. Prosecutors said Haas, 54, of Kailua, Hawaii, was among dozens of Navy officials who were bribed to help obtain defense contracts for Leonard Glenn Francis, known as “Fat Leonard.

Francis owned Singapore-based Glenn Defense Marine Asia Ltd., or GDMA, which supplied food, water and fuel to vessels for decades. He has acknowledged overbilling the Navy by $35 million with the help of officers whom he plied with prostitutes, Kobe beef, cigars and other bribes so they would direct their ships to Pacific ports Francis controlled in Southeast Asia.

More than 30 people have been convicted or pleaded guilty in the sweeping corruption case. Francis, who also pleaded guilty to criminal charges in 2015, was awaiting sentencing when he fled home confinement in San Diego last year and is now in custody in Venezuela, where he has requested asylum.

**. Physicist Xiaoxing Xi got a rude awakening when the FBI raided his home early one morning and accused him of spying for China.

It turns out the FBI was mixed up. Xi wasn’t a spy and, after he lost his job and reputation, charges against him were dropped.

** Housekeeping – I have been asked several times which secure phone system available to the public is the best. If you operate under the assumption that NSA can crack and track anything, you have the proper mindset – but there are secure voice/data options out there.

GrapheneOS is good but the community is difficult to deal with so I’m not going to suggest it. There are a lot of big egos in the room. – a server-based system that uses Samsung voice platforms, is an option.

Copytele was good until Motorola bought them and dissolved the company. They used a TDES chip that worked.

The best way to have secure phone conversations is to use two soup cans connected with a piece of string. Just don’t talk on the phone.

** And because it’s Black History Month – From the Daily Mail: An ER doctor was killed after being mown down by a Lexus and then stabbed to death by the driver in an apparent road rage incident that involved the white victim’s race.

Dr Michael Mammone, 58, was cycling on the Pacific Coast Highway, California,  when he was run over by a white Lexus which sped through a red light at an intersection on Wednesday at around 3pm.

The driver of the vehicle, Vanroy Evan Smith, 39-year-old negro, then got out of his car and stabbed the cyclist multiple times in the back, while screaming about white privilege, with brave bystanders tackling the angry murderer to the ground.

** A discussion of shotguns for home defense. I prefer the Benelli M4 12Ga 11703

The M4 utilizes the A.R.G.O (auto-regulated gas-operation) gas system, a unique system that uses two stainless steel; self-cleaning pistons that bear directly on the bolt assembly. This brilliantly simple, ultra-reliable action eliminates complex mechanics found in many comparable semi-automatic shotguns that tend to foul up faster and are more difficult to clean. This also means the A.G.R.O system allows the Benelli M4 to reliably cycle nearly any type of 3” shell without having to make adjustments, from the heavy 00 buckshot to light field loads.

I own more than one shotgun and have no problem with pump-action guns. This particular weapon is used by US Navy SEAL teams primarily because it is fast and reliable.


This entry for Black Gun History Month


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  1. Rumors floating around that the king is seriously ticked off about his daughter, and that a number of potential kinetic facilitators have been disappearing from sight – almost like they are being recruited for something.

  2. OT, regarding 3 February VM topic–What’s Wrong with Colorado, Louisiana, and Nevada?
    Texas does have Constitutional Carry however, I recently received a State notice to renew my Concealed Carry permit (issued prior to the new law being passed). Called to see why this notice was mailed since the permit is no longer required. Nice lady reminded me that no permit, no protection in States with Texas Reciprocity Agreement. Since I have children and grand-children spread across the fruited plain and California (who won’t recognize the permit). Long story short version; I’ll be renewing prior to my birth date.
    Now a question. Need suggestions on how to arrange secure storage of firearm in Arizona (when driving) prior to entering the Land of Fruits and Nuts and pick up on the way out. Pawning is out due to wait & residency requirement when redeeming firearm.

    • Arizona is a Constitutional Carry state so you can carry concealed here without a permit. To legally transport a firearm through the Worker’s Paradise (CA) the firearm must first be unloaded. It must be placed in a compartment of the car where is it not accessible to the ammunition. If you don’t have a trunk, place either the firearm or the ammunition in a locked gun safe in the rear of the vehicle. That makes you compliant with PC 12025 and PC 12031. If you’re traveling in a motorhome (legally referred to as a “house-car”), e-mail me and I’ll run down the law concerning housecars in California. You’re allowed to be armed in your ‘home’. But there is case law to consider. (larrydotlambertatmacdotcom)

  3. I’m reading “A Good Bunch Of Men” by Danny Smith right now (I bought it the other day when you recommended him).
    He tells a good story, I’m enjoying it!

    • I missed the Danny Smith recommendation. I did check out, and read ” The Bullet Garden” Larry was reading. Excellent historical fiction. H/T Lambert

  4. +1 for Benelli. I am curious, what is the purpose of the “rings” in the M4 magazine tube?

    I was inspired to buy my M1 Super 90 in 1995 after reading about the 1986 FBI shootout in Miami, article written my Massad Ayoob. Agent Mireles was hit and wound up running a pump shotgun with one arm, sitting with his back against a vehicle.

    The firing pin retaining pin in the Super 90 is itself retained with a tiny rubber O-ring. The one in mine recently became hard and brittle and broke in half. I was able to find a replacement at our local ACE hardware. 79 cents. So, I was able effect a repair, honor the blood of the Scotsman in my veins, and piss off the Italians all in a single stroke. Yes, I bought two O-rings.

  5. In the vein of my “burning down the house” comment yesterday, how is it McConnell et al aren’t indicted for taking bribes from our enemy? (Yeah, rhetorical). It should be treasonous to operate in this manner, with proper severe punishment. Then again we do have Ol Joe. Or that Putz Swalwell who should be in prison but instead is still somehow allowed to enter the government hallowed halls.

    Reapers- Yeah, we’re not at war. With the weakening of America (hell, China floated a “balloon” over most of the USA while the Pentagon “monitored”, what happens when we need to defend ourselves and don’t have enough gear to do so? Maybe that’s the plan.

    Gotta hand it to Fat Leonard, managing to find those willing to play his grifter game…Officials selling themselves out for so little. (See first comment)

    Got this from my brother: “Be a Dangerous Man”–AM_OYsvJc

  6. From my show yesterday:
    Today is the first Saturday of Black History Month. I thought we could celebrate black history by speaking of Eugene Stoner.
    Eugene Stoner was born in 1922 in Long Beach, California, before California became a socialist regime. He graduated High School and went to work at the Vega Aircraft company installing armament.
    When World War Two came to America, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. He worked on Aircraft weapons. He serve in Northern China and the South Pacific. When he got out, he worked as chief engineer for Armalite. With a high school education. High School was different back then.
    In 1955, Eugene Stoner completed the AR-10.
    Today we celebrate Black History Month by celebrating Eugene Stoner and the first Black Rifle.

  7. Probably no AI computation inside the blow-up doll — yet. Women, pay attention, and watch the new Blade Runner movie. A shallow but loyal personality is often sufficient for sexual companionship, when it’s devoted to satisfying the man. Feminists are about to be replaced with robots. Commenters, laugh all you want.

    secure phone system

    It appears that every time NSA gets their hands on a crypto system, they weaken it. Consider Rijndael instead (the candidate that became AES after NSA modification).

    • I worked with a guy in the late aughts, who was keeping a close watch on the development of interactive sex dolls. In his fifties and had a grown daughter. He was just sick of drama.

  8. +1 on Denny Smith

    Recently underwent a surgery to my weak-side hand that made operation of a pump gun very problematic and impossible for a quick follow-up shot.
    I was able to use my old 1100 to good effect. Still not able as to quickly drive to the next target because almost no grip on the fore end.
    A few weeks of PT and I should be good.
    Someday, I deserve an M4.


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