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In the continuing saga of walking the streets of Norway, I ran into hoards of students wearing horns (right) on their heads, engaging in a drunken bar crawl. There are pods of 8-10 students in each group. I immediately thought of Austin, TX and the solstice orgies. They use real antlers in Texas. 
School starts next week and this is their chance to pledge a fraternity and drink to excess before they have to knuckle under and go back to the grind.
Did Vikings have fake horns?

Norway — Fancy Urinal

It’s not as bad as Greece – but somewhere around half of the public restrooms in restaurants are gender neutral. I find it weird standing at a urinal with a woman washing her hands sort of next to me.  Yes, the women meat gaze.  

A story was run in the Norwegian newspaper, Aftenposten, involving a proposed school regulation that would require boys to pee sitting down. Schools in Norway have unisex restrooms and the girls are now complaining that the boys have poor aim and are leaving the seats wet. 
“When boys are not allowed to pee in the natural way, the way boys have done for generations, it is meddling with God’s work,” Kleppe told the newspaper. 
“It is a human right not to have to sit down like a girl,” Kleppe said.
I can’t imagine Vikings suggesting that men squat to urinate… Just saying. What happened to Norway? 

Blogger Jenny’s photoshop efforts – 

Be afraid. Be very afraid…

14 thoughts on “Norge Walk-About

  1. Fake antlers? What a bunch of wannabes. Slight perk regarding the headwear being less deadly, but I otherwise see no appeal whatsoever.

    Also, I take offense at your phrase, "photoshop efforts." That's an outright ACCOMPLISHMENT. An achievement like none other in the blogosphere. I'm quite pleased with myself. (I saw your request for a shield and axe, but there isn't room. Will need a larger canvas. But really, it's fierce enough as is, I'd say.)

  2. Unlike the Norwegians, your antler style is both bold and real. And I also see you finally grew that beard.

  3. Someone had to bring the Viking back into Norway. Too many soft-looking policewomen, construction paper antlers, and extreme violinists. Hopefully LL can get them back on the right track.

  4. You don't think the braid in the beard softened the look a bit? I could add a little bow at the end of it, or tuck some flowers into the beard. (I've seen articles about how hipsters do this now– they weave bouquets into their facial hair. Not very Viking, but it'd add some flair.)

    Oh, and I had the same thought about the urinal! …though I'm really confused about the mirror thingies.

  5. Flowers in the beard? I think not.

    I think that the mirrors in the urinal were for vanity purposes. (think of the rear view mirror warning on your car – objects in the mirror may be smaller than they appear – or something like that)

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