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Snips from the News today, September 12, 2012

So, now we see what an amazingly talented and insightful foreign policy President we have. All the apologies, all the kissing ass, all the living in denial, all the relinquishment of responsibility finally came home to roost this week. This is the inevitable consequence of amateurs at the State Department and White House. 
Four years ago by comparison Hilary Clinton looked like an old salt, ready to step in to arguably the most demanding job in government, Secretary of State. But let’s not forget, she was a one term senator just like Obama and learned what little she does know by osmosis rather than experience. She’s Madeline Albright without the credentials, but just as disastrous.
Our foreign policy is a damned joke. We just gave a billion and a half dollars to the Egyptian Brotherhood and then, when they rampaged, Obama apologizes TO THEM just in case their feelings were hurt. I have to say however, I’m glad all this came to a head before the election. I had convinced myself the Arabs had actually smartened up and were just bidding their time so as not to hurt Obama’s re-election chances. I guess not. (LINK)

White House
Israeli officials confirmed to Fox News earlier in the day that the White House had indeed brushed off such an offer. A White House spokesman also confirmed that Obama is not expected to meet with Netanyahu, citing scheduling conflicts.
Read more: Fox News
The White House is trying to spin the matter and said that since the snub, Obama spoke to PM Netanyahu on the telephone. We all know how busy Obama is and how much he dislikes Mr. Netanyahu, because he’s Jewish and Obama is something else.

U.S. Ambassador to Libya, J. Christopher Stevens and three other American staff members were killed Tuesday in an attack on the U.S. consulate in the Libyan city of Benghazi.

The White House is trying to downplay the outrage as “unfortunate and sad”. I’m outraged at the Obama Administration’s response. It’s yet another stain on America, and the senseless murder of four US Diplomats needs to be avenged — but never fear, Obama will apologize. 
New York

A new report from the World Economic Forum  found the U.S. slipping in dozens of areas compared with just a few years ago. Perhaps most troubling is the conclusion that since 2008, the United States has slid from No. 1 in the world in “global competitiveness” to No. 7 this year. Out-ranking America are: Switzerland, Singapore, Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands and Germany. 
Sure, it’s just a number. But the WEF’s ranking takes into account a broad range of factors, from debt to corruption to regulation to red tape to education to health care. 
And virtually across the board, the U.S. is falling behind. The Obama Administration blamed President George W. Bush for our dismal performance over the last four years that Barack Obama has been president.
President Obama calls Chicago his home. One would think that all of the outpouring of hope and change from the past four years would have been reflected in the paradise that he left when he went to Washington DC to become our leader.
The Chicago school teachers make more than teachers in any other major US City, however, they are pushing for a massive pay increase and absolute job security no matter how incompetent they are. Less than 60% of students who start high school, graduate. 82% of elementary school students who are moving to junior high school can read. Make of that what you will, but I can’t see how that should translate into more money.

Protesters attack U.S. diplomatic compound in Egypt

The American flag, which was flying at half mast to mark the 9/11 attacks, was replaced by an Islamist banner. (BBC)

President Obama apologized for American insensitivity that resulted in this attack.

“The Embassy of the United States in Cairo condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims.” (US Embassy Statement)

Par for the course…

Mixed Signals from the US are never a good idea, but it’s what the world has come to expect from a weak and timid ObamaNation.

9 thoughts on “Snapshot from the Obama Presidency

  1. I was willing, for a long time, to dismiss their unwillingness to grasp the situation as simple ignorance and naivety. Now I see them as being willfully stupid. And that's a very different thing.

    There was hope when I thought they just didn't know any better. When they flat out refuse to learn, though, the level of hope goes waaaayyyyy down.

  2. Obie says a couple lines, tosses a wreath, and scoots off to be on Letterman for the 17th time, and then flits off to Vegas for another fundraiser. Mitt, however, gives a full address to the nation from the National Guard Convention. Willful stupidity is dangerous.

  3. He's the first post-American President and his motives and ideals are completely at odds with almost all Americans and with what is in America's best interests.

  4. Obama never did – but we voted him into office and he carries the nuclear launch codes around with him. However in the next four years he's said that he'll work for a nuclear free America so maybe we can surrender gracefully to whatever tin cup dictator with a nuke that wants what's left of the place we call home?

  5. …and it will be close in November. 44% of Americans (in the North) voted AGAINST Lincoln in 1864.

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