An Easy Day? No.

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September 11, 2001

I’m not going to post photos of burning buildings or blog here about how I felt when I heard of the attack on the WTC and Pentagon on September 11. Neither am I going to indict Barack Obama for changing the date to a day of appreciation for community activists (who are all scabs and parasites in my opinion). Nor will I indict Barack Obama for leaking (more of a flood than a leak) classified information eight ways from Sunday in order to improve his political standing. As POTUS, I suppose that he has that right. As the first post-American president, it’s almost expected. 

The Obama Administration’s defense of the felon, Attorney General Eric Holder makes perfect sense. So, in that way, does DOJ and DOD’s attack on SO1 Mark Owen, USN (ret) – author of No Easy Day. I mean, why NOT attack Owen and defend Holder?

However, the carcass of Usama Bin Laden became fish food and that’s worth blogging about. I urge you to buy the book and read the first-hand account of one of two SEALs who pumped a couple rounds into Bin Laden.


Buy the book HERE.

GUIDE for the uninitiated:


USS Nevada, Puget Sound, Washington
USS Cavalla, Sea of Cortez

9 thoughts on “An Easy Day? No.

  1. He stuck he head out a door and they threw two rounds down range into it. Double tap. It was a long time coming. And though dead, he was 'doing the chicken' on the floor and bleeding out so they dumped another half dozen rounds into his chest to keep him from twitching when they hauled him out to the helicopter.

    Apparently the USGOV (at the Obama level) had a problem with that. I don't.

  2. It's a worthy book and a fine tribute to the Navy Seals. One of my students asked me today if she could read the book for her book report assignment. That was the best moment of the day today.

  3. And when people ask how them "how they felt", they say, "well, I don't know what you mean, I felt recoil…"

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