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Yes, it’s true that there is a lot of “mixed theme blogging” going on here. It’s not all politics or science or arms and armor, or life on the Mogollon Rim in Arizona.

I’m afraid that my attention wanders too much to settle on one theme all of the time. It gets boring and you’d know what to expect.


Is there Life Under Europa?

Europa, one of Jupiter’s four Galilean moons, is not the most welcoming place. On the surface, daytime temperatures barely surpass −260 degrees Fahrenheit (–160 degrees Celsius), and a fractured, icy shell blankets the landscape. Giant geysers occasionally blast water vapor 125 miles (200 kilometers) above the surface — the equivalent of about 20 stacked Mount Everests. If these conditions weren’t enough to deter visitors, intense radiation from Jupiter would doom any living thing on the surface.

Yet Europa is considered one of the best candidates to sustain life in the solar system. Despite its extreme conditions, the moon hits the trifecta of requirements for life as we know it: water, energy, and chemical building blocks. Although Europa is just one-quarter the diameter of our planet, it harbors a subsurface ocean twice the volume of the oceans on Earth. This aquatic environment, which has been stable for billions of years, may be a reservoir for life. ~ What are the odds? I have no idea – I just asked the question.


Pay to Play

If you don’t pay, you can’t play. It’s not the Trump administration anymore.

The democrats consider it a form of wokeness and informal taxation. The people who can afford to pay the “tax” to get their stuff approved by Jo/Ho aka Traitor Joe, get their stuff approved. It works the same way in Mexico…and in Russia…and in all of Africa.



Simplified CIA map showing the actual and planned flight paths of Korean Airlines flight 007, which was shot down by Soviets on September 1, 1983.


Celery >>ALERT<<

While peanut allergies are a common high-risk allergy in the United States, Central Europe deals with Celery allergies. Celery is such a danger to certain individuals that the EU had to enact labeling laws for products containing celery-derived ingredients.

I like celery. I eat celery without a bad reaction. I put creme cheese or peanut butter in it to make it less healthy and to taste even better. However, when my daughters started blending celery to make a drink out of it, I had a somewhat violent (explosive) reaction to it. So, my advice is to beware of celery in large, concentrated doses. It doesn’t matter how good somebody says that it is for you.



A new Ipsos/Reuters poll ‘Beliefs Among Republicans’ shows 53% believe Donald Trump is the true President. 2020 Election was tainted 56%. The Election was stolen (and Rigged!) 61%. Jo/Ho and their minions say that questioning the results of a rigged election should result in you being sent to a re-education camp.

They have no sense of humor.  None at all. Progressivism means an end to humor….wokeness can’t abide humor.




Words not required.


33 thoughts on “Mixed Theme Blogging

  1. Europa seems like a rough place to live.

    On the bright side, probably fewer Socialists than in the one here on Earth.


    1. The oceans under the Europan ice are said to have roughly the same salt content as Earth’s oceans. Some people say that’s proof of life. I’m withholding my opinion.

      You can move to places in the US where there are fewer socialists/communists.

      1. I understand the argument for the chance of life, until you realize that life cannot arise by chance.
        Behe’s Darwin’s Black Box demonstrates that.

      2. Few places’ political borders don’t include socialist/communists dominated cities. Day to day their reach may not reach rural areas but the revenuers will. Even Wyoming has the c**t from Jackson Hole.

        1. They can destroy everyone’s lives with hyper-inflation and they’re demonstrating that. You’re right, it doesn’t matter where you live.

          1. Ed – a lot of scientists think that they’re God. Politicans know that they are. Just ask them.

      3. Workin’ on that move. My wife wants to retire first, I’m not sure I’ll still be alive then, nor that people will still be allowed to travel. Oh well, we do what we can.


  2. Celery allergies? I’d be screwed. Celery, onion and green bell pepper comprise “The Trinity” of Cajun cooking. I’ve been to south Loozy-anna several times a year for the past three decades and faithfully worship at the local shrines to wretched excess as much as possible. A few fav’s: Dupuy’s in Abbeville, Billy’s Boudin in several places but especially Scott just off I-10 and C’est Bon in Mermentau.

    1. So much great food uses celery as an ingredient. Even a Bloody Mary is not complete without a stalk of celery sticking out of the glass.

      1. Okra is a vegetable. The Trinity is just… The Trinity.

        You use The Trinity, along wit roux, as the base of pert near all Cajun cooking.

        Whereas Okra is served when it’s in season. And when it’s in season, it’s eaten basically 24/7. Fried, slimed, pickled, in soups, in stews, in just about anything. Once the season is over, then only frozen or pickled okra is avialable.

  3. Stanley Weinbaum was a writer of science fiction in the early 1930s. He was well regarded in his time though his output is small due to his untimely death. He wrote several short stories that took place on the moons of Jupiter which he described as habitable due to Jupiter radiating heat. It’s interesting today that life may exist on Europa though nothing like what Weinbaum envisioned.

    1. Then there’s Edgar Rice Burroughs. His Martian predictions were wrong.

        1. At least, we have the GOR series by John Norman… inspiration for scads of fetish groups and groupies.

          “And the vegetable?”
          [ instant screensaver ]

          1. The GOR series isn’t bad – but you’re on point with the fetish groups. They serve a purpose in that they get nerds laid.

    2. Jupiter is the only object in the solar system that outputs more energy than it receives. You can hear Jupiter in the shortwave bands. If you’re tuned to the frequencies it emits at, you can hear it come up over the horizon as it rises. Used to fascinate me as a kid.

      As far as life elsewhere goes, I feel that there’s other life in the universe. Whether it’s sentient or not is open to question, but I feel strongly that it exists.

  4. I’m thinking we have enough things to work on here than trying to figure out of other planets can sustain life…they can’t short of some major construction by us. Feed your dog garbage food and most of it ends up in the backyard and the dogs health suffers. Instead of fixing the root problem a lot of people then add a supplement without realizing buying good food upfront solves the problem.

    The mask brain damage is coming to fruition, like (possibly) the mRNA vaccine complications that may not show up for months or even years. People are getting stupider. Local Home Depot had my 12 pallets of pavers sitting in their yard taking up space since the 5th, with my name and order number on them. I’ve been calling for delivery status…no one knows anything. Asked the delivery manager “Didn’t anyone wonder what all these pallets of materials were doing there taking up yard space or follow up when I inquired?” I get…I kid you not…”No one knew they were here and the computer says this is a direct shipper delivery so we can’t figure out how to deliver it.” 20 days and no one gave it a thought, even when prompted. And half people dully trust the government, and no one is guilty of shooting Ms. Babbett, and Covid was a real pandemic.

    I swear if The Fowch came out today and told people to wear their pants backwards that half of America would do it. Unreal.

    1. Babbit? Babbit, the reports must be around somewhere. Maybe they were shredded by mistake?

      I have a freezer due in at the mine tomorrow from Home Depot. I hope they don’t lose it.

      1. Ahh, just a minor vent but a measurement of our current societal mentality. You’d think someone would say: “Hey, we’ve delivered a semi there before, let’s make it happen.” Nope. (now I sound like an old-ish grouch in need of feelings re-education) Saw a bunch of “Help Wanted” banners in town, no takers, yet the Rec-Med shops are screaming busy. Says everything about where Colorado is headed.

        The appliance delivery guys should do a good job, that’s an easy one “because it’s in the computer to tell what to do and where to go.” Better meet them at the critical turn or they’ll end up in Greer.

        (Apologies to Ms. Babbit for the misspelling, RIP. Justice must reign in the matter.)

        1. My son in Commerce City tells me he makes $52 a week more working than he can on welfare, excuse me, unemployment. Subtract his vehicle expenses and his net is about the same. He loathes government offices and employees more than his father. Damned if I’m not proud of the lad!

      2. Been eying a freezer at Home Depot for a while. They now have them on sale, $70 off, so I bought it today. The person ringing up the sale said that, with the Memorial Day sale, Home Depot will be using a lot of freelancers for delivery, and that said freelancers may not be up to speed on Home Depot’s deliver/return options. She gave us a list of things to watch for.

          1. The main item of interest – the freezer in question is not in stock at the local store, it has to come from a warehouse somewhere. If it arrives damaged, don’t let the delivery people tell you that it can be returned to the local store, insist that they take it with them when the leave. Then wait for an undamaged one to be delivered.

        1. On the bright side, the Backfire is a high-maintenance antique, and they keep falling out of the sky or having other hilarious incidents, like killing 3/4 of their crew by runway-unexpected-ejection.

          Russia is crazy broke, I expect keeping more than about a dozen of these things actually on patrol is beyond their means. They should probably just buy some A-321s, and stick the missiles on them.


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