Ahmadinejad’s last trip to New York?

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Welcome back to New York!

The White House hands Iran’s Ahmadinejad a global megaphone

Just a few days after the anniversary of the September 11 terror attacks, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will travel to New York City. Once he arrives he will be handed a platform to incite violence and hostility from the center of the UN universe, just a few miles from Ground Zero.
This is a man who openly advocates genocide, brazenly endeavors to commit terrorist attacks on American soil, kills and kidnaps Americans abroad, brutalizes his own people, sponsors terrorism around the world, and is on the verge of acquiring a nuclear bomb. Fox News

Why is the US prepared to allow this visit to take place?** Congress had stipulated that nothing in the agreement diminished or weakened “the right of the United States to safeguard its own security.”

**President Obama would argue that the 1947 Headquarters Agreement between the UN and the U.S. leaves no room for him to maneuver on this point. The deal that was struck states that the U.S. government “shall not impose any impediments to transit to or from the headquarters district” (a defined area in New York City’s east side) to a representative of a UN member state. However, USGOV denied Yassir Arafat the right to visit New York, citing security concerns. Given that it’s likely that the US will be at war with Iran within six months at most, this would certainly apply.

And still, the centrifuges spin and President Obama contended in April 2012: “we haven’t given away anything — other than the opportunity for us to negotiate and see if Iran comes to the table in good faith.” Four barren months later, the administration is still using “good faith” in the same sentence as Ahmadinejad.
Since Ahmadinejad has openly stated his plan to attack both Israeli and US interests with nuclear weapons, and continues to move forward to implement that plan, perhaps this will be his LAST visit to New York…

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  1. I pledge my vote and will strong-arm my family to vote with me. And encourage everyone else (including you, Opus #6) to do likewise.

    A dhimmī (Arabic: ذمي‎ ḏimmī IPA: [ˈðɪmmiː]) "the people of the dhimma") is a historical term referring to non-Muslim subjects of a Muslim state. The jury is out on whether or not he is a Muslim, a Black Liberation Theologist, or both. However, I'm with you. He needs to go.

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