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We’re doomed, let’s face it. And it’s on the back of the United States to raise the trillions of dollars necessary to provide income redistribution to save the planet. You pay the weather tax or we all die young.
But the football has been kicked down the field (again) to 2035.
Predicting the end of the world has filled churches (and collection plates) for many centuries. The end of the Aztec Calendar in 2012 was fodder for this sort of man-generated hoax, as was the arrival of Y2K. 
Al Gore, the progressive icon for settled science, said that much of the world would be wiped out in 2016 and received a Nobel Prize…that’s worth just as much as the Peace Prize awarded to Barack for being half black.
Climate alarmists claim in a newly published study that the world will reach a “point of no return” if there is no dramatic reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2035. “We show that there are strict deadlines for taking climate action,” said Henk Dijkstra, a co-author of the study ( The news media is extensively reporting on the prediction, characterizing the study as ominous, yet the study serves as a refreshing reminder of how all previous predictions of climate deadlines and doomsdays failed to materialize.
In 1989 a United Nations senior environment official said entire nations could be wiped off the face of the earth if global warming was not reversed before the year 2000. (
In 2006 Al Gore wrote that “We have at most ten years—not ten years to decide upon action, but ten years to alter fundamentally the trajectory of global greenhouse emissions.” (
Also in 2006 James Hansen said the world had just 10 years to take “serious action” about greenhouse gas emissions or we would cross of “tipping point” of climate danger. (
In 2009 Hansen reduced the time he said we had to address global warming, writing “Barack Obama has only four years to save the world” from global warming. (

23 thoughts on “It’s Settled Science — this time

  1. It is VITALLY IMPORTANT to pay the Weather Tax or the Climate will Change.

    And the polar bears will eat you, like they did to that hunter who stupidly forgot to pay the tax and paid the price.

    But seriously, what gang of geniuses thought this up. Imagine the scene on K Street, "Look, Al, you people need a new revenue stream, you need more CASH to, let's face it, buy votes. But you can't raise taxes or you'll lose votes. So whaddya do? Introduce a tax that ISN'T a tax. Let's talk weather…"

    And the Woodstock generation gobbled it up like a hippy on a microdot.

  2. I seem to recall that the population bomb was going to starve the planet in the 1980's, or so said Paul Erhlich in 1968. Didn't happen.

    And if Trump got elected, the stock market would tank and never recover. Or so said Nobel laureate Paul Krugman. Didn't happen.

    Moral of the story: don't listen to people named Paul.

  3. Yep. There were proposals to construct giant mirrors in orbit to direct more sunlight to Earth, and one to spread carbon black (soot) in very large areas to absorb more solar energy.

  4. But I just wonder why all of these charlatans still have any credibility at all? Take former Reagan administration economist David Stockman: he was adamantly against the Reagan tax cuts – he solemnly warned the President that they would send the US into a depression that would rival the Great one of the 1930's. Thank God, Reagan ignored this fool, forged ahead with his tax cuts and that dismal depression didn't happen. Exactly the OPPOSITE happened – a huge boom.

    Did Stockman lose his job? Hardly. We all just ignored that the guy was profoundly wrong. He is now showing up on all of the business talk shows, predicting doom, gloom, catastrophe, misery, hopelessness, on and on. And has been for decades, using his position within the Reagan administration as his bonafides on his resume – with nothing else, no accomplishments, no correct predictions, bumpkus, nada, zilch.

    Paul Ehrlich never admitted he was wrong. Paul Krugman never admitted the error of his ways. Much the same as David Stockman, rolling out the doom and gloom predictions that never have yet come to pass.

    I want to know exactly who listens to these guys, and ask them how they can be so astonishingly stupid. Seems like there was a Brothers Grimm fable written two or three hundred years ago that reflected this sentiment, something about a chicken and the sky that was imminently going to fall….

  5. The whole "man made global warming" scam is one of the greatest wealth transfer ideas in history. They even created the Chicago Climate Exchange to trade carbon credits – and skim off a few billion here and there. Lots of money for all the old Chicago insiders and anyone who pay them tribute.

    When "climate scientists" said their work isn't falsifiable so don't even try, it was them advertising they're all a fraud.

  6. I for one am looking forward to the new ice age. Sometimes, when it gets ridiculously hot, I open the freezer door and look at the ice. A welcome reminder of things to come.

  7. The lib/progs are nothing if not persistent. Can't believe the gall of their side trying to perpetuate yet another climate hoax.

  8. Every media outlet has lefties and young university grads who are impressed with these buffoons. And they schedule them on as talking heads even tough they've never been right – ever. It's like Joe Biden. If you look at his record of tings he supported and opposed, he's been wrong 100% of the time.

    If the left lost the media, they'd be finished. That's the only thing propping them up.

  9. Obama, from Chicago, gave the scams legs. The climate change hoax was a scam to skim trillions of dollars and it worked until President Trump took office. We owe President Trump a great deal for putting the brakes on the run-away deep state.

  10. In 2035, they'll say that the date we need to be concerned about is 2060. We'll need to pay trillions in taxes by 2060 to avert disaster.

    15,000 years ago where I sit now was under 300' of ice. 15,000 years before that it was under the ocean. Given that, the progs need to explain to me how man-caused climate change works.

  11. >a United Nations senior environment official said entire nations could be wiped off the face of the earth

    I could get behind that, if *I* got to decide which nations got wiped off of the face of the earth.

  12. Yes, my list would be long.

    Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of the women!

  13. Climatology, meteorology, economics and politics, professions in which one can be continually and demonstrably wrong and still keep one's job (even get promoted). Must be a sweet gig if you can get it.


  14. When I was growing up (and I will achieve adulthood some day) that sign, if you wiggled the outstretched fingers meant you were a 'flying asshole'. Just saying… but she is hot.

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