What is Modern Journalism?

Covering important stories — with a pillow until they stop moving.

Deciding which facts that the public should not know because they reflect poorly on Democrats.

…complete the list if you’d like.


USGOV controls the leasing, permitting, drilling, shipping, storing, refining, buying, selling, trading, and taxing of oil. At the same time, they assert to the public through media stooges that they don’t control oil prices.


Cocaine Use By Country (UNODC).


Migration of doctors from source (orange) countries to destination (green).

Physician migration patterns with arrows demonstrating the direction of migration and arrow thickness proportional to the cost of associated migration to the source country.


Matthew Walker Knot

The Matthew Walker, the first knot to bear a man’s name, is used to keep the end of a rope from fraying. It is tied by unraveling the strands of a piece of rope, knotting the strands together, then laying up the strands together again. It may also be used for tying several separate cords, in order to keep them together in a bundle.


There are a number of different legends about the identity of Matthew Walker. One plausible account has it that he was a ship’s rigger in the Royal Navy working on Tyneside in the mid-18th century.

Another more dramatic theory is that Matthew Walker was a boatswain ( or just a sailor) in the Royal Navy who found himself sentenced to death by a judge who had once been a sailor himself. For some reason, the judge offered Walker a full pardon if he could show him a knot that he could neither tie nor untie. Walker called for 10 fathoms of line and retired to his cell, unlaid the rope halfway, put in a special knot, and then laid up the rope again to the end. The judge was unable to undo the rope and Matthew Walker happily secured his freedom.


Sailors Yarn – Lucky Roosters

In the battle of Les Saintes, which Admiral George Rodney fought against the French in 1782, it is said that a rooster crowed at every broadside, which the men interpreted as a good omen. At the Battle of Santa Domingo in 1806, a rooster hopped out of its bullet-damaged cage during the battle, again a good omen. And indeed, both times the victory was on the British side.  Whether this can be attributed to the roosters is a moot point, but a good story to impress one’s comrades.



Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., which is building a $12 billion plant in north Phoenix, released the first look of what their new facility will look like.

I’ve watched the site since they broke ground from time to time, passing on the freeway.


How Neighborhood Deer & Elk Train


Let’s Go Brandon!


Tell me you voted for Biden without telling me you voted for Biden.


Another Rule?


  1. A lot of good reading here today especially, LL. Sorry I haven’t been commenting a lot; but I have been reading.

    Taiwan Semiconductor is making a smart move, I think. Brandon won’t protect Taiwan.

    You all be safe and God bless.

  2. Modern Journalism = Newspeak.

    Knots. During my college days, I took a farm shop class. One of our “quiz’s” was to take two 3′ lengths of rope, weave an eye into the end of one, and then weave a splice joining the two pieces. I still have my copy of the textbook, which devotes an entire chapter to rope work —


    The cemetery sign. No worries. We’re not burying anybody, we’re digging them up.

  3. Is Killdozer Memorial real? If not, it oughta be.

    87 octane spotted at $6.29/gal here in Chicago where I’m eating a “Ramsayburger” (does not contain actual Gordon).

    “With respect, Ms Vasquez, I’m not sure you understand how taking cocaine works.” Quoth the currently most-hated woman in the Anglosphere.

    A dear friend with whom I trained finally returned to her native Spain after years in the US including a Harvard Med faculty position. She had to wait 3 years to reactivate her Spanish license: there were that many sub Saharan MDs (med school and training) in queue before her in Spain. “Not to be racist, but I have not only a Spanish MD but a PhD from [top American school], Harvard fellowship, HMS faculty, plus I’m a native speaker; and I’m behind all these people from Nigeria?” Sorry, sweetheart, but that’s your politics at work. (She purely hates Arabified North Africans but sort of wants to “help” sub Saharans.) She was not amused by my observation.

    Speaking of immigration, ended up chatting with a Polish gal from the old country (where they have about 3M Ukrainian refugees) just now. Chicagoland is full of Poles. “Poland is filling up with those people. Sure let’s help, but we need to be able to live in our own country too!”

    I hope the PHX venture works out. Ages ago I visited Hsinchu and met Morris Chang while attending a VLSI conference in ROC. That was over 30y ago and I remember nothing about that stuff, alas.

  4. I agree with Wild.

    In this small corner of central Texas there’s a court house surrounded by old trees, oaks I think. Their name, “hanging trees.”

    I’ll leave it at that.

  5. That’s an impressive knot, and one I haven’t seen before. Complex enough I’d have to sit down with an actual rope to try and figure it. I’ve always just whipped rope-ends.

    Killdozer really ought to have a monument. An American hero.

    The Deer philosophy seems to apply to a lot of critters.


  6. A big green arrow from Nigeria, I didn’t know Nigeria was a doctor exporting nation… I’ll admit that mostly I hear of something else coming from Nigeria.


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