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Bullet Points:

** A ship stuck in a swamp is safe, but that’s not what ships were designed to do. (right)

** I accidentally called Alexa, “Siri,” and now my thermostat is set at 110 degrees, and I can’t unlock my doors or windows.

** Many Mainland Chinese best described as middle class (I know, in a classless society in the Worker’s Paradise) dream of relocating. SCMP reports that their window for immigration and a safe landing outside of China may be closing. It’s an interesting article and perspective. Even now, it’s challenging for them to get their money (RMB) out. They use the USDT digital currency and play other games, but it’s getting tight.

** Quasars – h/t Claudio – Supermassive black holes appear at the center of every galaxy, returning to some of the earliest galaxies in the Universe. And we have no idea how they got there. They shouldn’t be able to grow from supernova remnants to supermassive sizes as quickly as they do. And we’re unaware of any other mechanism that could form something big enough that extreme growth wouldn’t be necessary.

There are problems with the theory of early universe formation. The James Webb Space Telescope poses some interesting new questions.

** Are you miserable flying? What about this? (I’m sure they’d upcharge you heavily)

** As we conclude Pride Month, have you decided what your favorite oppressed minority pressure group is? We at Virtual Mirage think that there should be an N in NLGBTQI2+. The N is for necrophiles, primarily found in the mortuary industry. Some unkind opponents of those who love the dead find the thought of a necrophile mounting and plowing their recently deceased loved one to be difficult to accept. If you’re woke, you need to consider their needs over those of your deceased child, parent, or spouse. Enter the Big Tent of the democrat party and hold hands with your necrophile brothers and sisters in solidarity and celebration of necrophile pride.

And – NLGBTQI2+ people should take a moment to thank straight people for their existence.

** A primer on the training, care, and management of jackasses.

** I don’t get out enough, I guess. I never knew that “no U-Turn” highway signs were hateful and homophobic. The City of Los Angeles is removing them as a sop to Sodomites. It presumably has to do with bending over. Read the article from the Daily Wire and decide for yourself.

** Do meth cooks brew the best coffee? Since I don’t hang with meth cooks, I have no way of knowing, but Hollywood seems to have insight.

** SOCOM is shrinking, and though unstated in the article, it’s benching toxic masculinity (alphas) in the hopes that they retire or quit. (article h/t Claudio) The replacement theory – females and beta males – makes the national command authority more comfortable. The addition of zampolits (political officers) to monitor correct thoughts and speech – the willingness to be vaxed and boosted endlessly, for example) was the first step, but it didn’t go far enough. Unlawfully wiretapping and bugging the residences of key personnel was also helpful, but the toxicity remained. MORE ESTROGEN at SOCOM was the cry, and it’s being answered through DEI replacement of the existing cadre.

** (Mail) China‘s chokehold over U.S. military supplies leaves the West at the mercy of Beijing in the event of an all-out war, a former army general has warned. In an exclusive interview with, retired U.S. Army Major General John G. Ferrari said he had ‘grave concerns’ about America’s ongoing reliance on China to equip its military. Chinese manufacturers are deeply embedded in U.S. defense systems, providing critical technology and raw materials used in everything from air-to-air missiles to fighter jets.

** Vietnam greets Putin—(h/t Claudio) RFA presents a good article about Vietnam in general. Their motives in showing love for Putin may be mixed, but you KNOW they’re looking at the billions that the USA is pouring into the Philippines and are asking Blinky and the Biden Regime, “Where’s my cheese?” The Vietnamese will play ball with the NGOs that will skim 40% of the aid and barf it back to the democrat party in DC. They want their share of graft and they’ll love you long time. If not, Somebody call Putin!


Miss Poland


How do you Measure Up?


Identify the Armored Car/Tank/SPG




It mounts a 15 cm sIG 33 infantry gun.



Identify the Aircraft



Three graphics to aid you. Only eleven of these were produced even though 200 were ordered. It’s definitely not a

 Westland Wyvern.


Identify the Film 


1960 – “Whiskey for the gentleman who like it, whiskey for the gentleman who don’t.”


Parting Shot



28 thoughts on “Safe Landing

  1. Movie is “Tunes of Glory”.

    Saw it at on a sort of “night off” army style back in the 1978 or so.
    Leadership falls apart in a post WW2 Scottish infantry battalion. Includes suicide and other dark moments.

  2. Identify the Armored Car/Tank/SPG:
    1. M8 Greyhound(s)
    2. Ariete
    3. 15 cm sIG 33 (Sf) auf Panzerkampfwagen 38(t) aka Grille
    Identify the Aircraft:
    4. Dassault-Breguet Super Étendard
    5. Arsenal VB 10
    Identify the Film:
    6. Tunes of Glory

  3. SMS Königsberg wasn’t so safe in a river/swamp, but she did win the Battle of Zanzibar and tie up a bunch of British ships afterwards while stuck in said river. Her guns and crew continued on for a year or more in German East Africa.

  4. carbon storage- now they want to cut all of the trees and bury them in the ground. ? i can’t follow their “logic”….comfortable income- everybody i know is living under a diff ratio-100% necessities/ zero anything else, and praying nothing major comes along.

  5. NLGBTQI2+ (Some 47 and counting last I checked (I did, took one for the team, some are unpronounceable, others are NSFW)…and the 47 count is dependent on what online list you look at, most on college sites…take a look if you dare:

    With this ever-expanding acronym (hence the +), I like simple, so in that vein I think the alphabet laundry-list should be simplified to avoid confusion when encountering such an individual (an all inclusive, non-binary, offense-free term)…I say consolidate it to: M.I., which Stands for Mentally Ill. Or, even simpler (since I’m in that mode today) could be “D” for Demented. Getting more stupid than a Normie can keep up with.
    Carbon processing plant (literally), also non-gmo, organic, carbon neutral, and sustainable…in other words, fully environmentally sensitive and good for Gaia. Which is why I can’t figure out why the Conservation District nimrods – who used to spike trees to save them – now want to mow them all down to…I kid you not…”save” the forest and ecosystem.
    Ship Pic- So, what’s the guy doing…other than providing scale? Everyone knows there’s snakes and predators in them thar waters

    1. Ps: I do find it funny how these people demand an “exclusive” term in their “all inclusive yet set apart” acronym (See above: “mow the forest down to save the forest” …same asinine mentality by the ‘MI’ (or ‘D’) among us).

    2. If everybody is “special” than nobody is special. Maybe people will start realizing that and stop this nonsense. I know it is a vain hope but….

      1. Exactly EdC…Even as a Polish ancestral person (heh) if I self-identified as a Polish female my legs would ruin that group shot in LL’s picture. Even if I shaved them and applied instant tanning goo, I’d stick out like a [fill in the blank with any favorite glaring metaphor].

        1. I’ll cheerfully admit that walking past that bevy of beauties would leave me dazed and confused sho ‘nuf. I note most favorably that many of them are bending a knee in a much less than politically correct fashion.

  6. M8 Greyhound. Always reminds me of that episode of Adam-12.

    LGBTQ. Let’s Get Biden To Quit. (Not original to me. Can’t remember where I saw it first).

  7. That RFA article needs a fisking. “”an International Criminal Court arrest warrant” (My my is that like convicted felon Trump?)
    If only the author had looked up to see that Vietnam isn’t a party to that treaty ….
    “15 deals on economic, educational, and political cooperation were signed” Like Biden, Putin wouldn’t need to even show up. It gets worse .

  8. Carbon capture. But LL, there is no money to be had in just planting trees.
    China‘s chokehold over U.S. military supplies. I used to buy goods and services for the US Gov and even back in the dark ages (2015 or so) it was almost impossible to buy what the gov thought they needed without some sort of waiver to the “Buy American Act”.

    1. Do they even teach Johnny Appleseed anymore? (a proper American environmental hero as far as I’m concerned)

      1. If they do he is being castigated for being a white heterosexual mail who infected the land with the “wrong” types of apples.

        1. Oh good grief, “male” not “mail”. I thought I proofed the comment but I guess I didn’t do a very good job.

      2. My understanding is that people weren’t happy to see Johnny because he was a loveable barefoot goofball wearing a pot on his fool noggin (thanks, Disney) but because apples meant cider which meant alcohol.

        As a child I disliked a bunch of Disney stuff on general principle, like their The Jungle Book with a orangutan in India (even a six year old knows they belong in Borneo, sheesh), a comical fat bear, and all that. Put me off TJB for years. Then on a long car trip I had nothing to read except a tattered copy of the actual Kipling. Good lord! It was wonderful. (In they same vein, i mislike what Waley did to The Journey to the West in his translation. Monkey and Pigsy and Sandy? Might as well call Gandalf “Beardy”, Eowyn “Blondy” and Frodo “Shorty”. But then I learned more about Waley and understood better where the unfortunate schmaltz came from.)

        All that said, the treacly bits of “Classic Disney” are nothing compared to what it’s become under Bob Iger. Sad. Very sad.

  9. That airline seat roof-bubble seems hard to keep clean. Also warm.
    Here’s the real-life version of that ship picture:
    The various outlier-sexuality types appear to have pursed their typical philosophical ends, and
    managed to both politicize and bureaucratize sex… does not sound enjoyable. BB would be proud.
    – Kle.

  10. The following is from the US map of income you have provided today.
    In September 2022, the U.S. Census Bureau released a report on 2021 U.S. income. It’s the most recent data available. However, the report focused on household income, and did not provide detailed information on how much individual earners made.
    In 2022, just over 50 percent of Americans had an annual household income that was less than 75,000 U.S. dollars. The median household income was 74,580 U.S. dollars in 2022.
    To live comfortably on your own in the top five states, a person would need to earn nearly double the typical income for single earners, as the U.S. median income for single, full-time workers is around $60,000, according to Labor Bureau data.
    I’m curious to see what the dollar amount is today for 2024.

  11. I guess a move back to Arkansas is in my future, especially since West Virginia is farther and you can’t drink the water and at some places have to burn off methane. Besides Gov. Huckabee is saying she is going to eliminate the state sales tax or income tax, I am not sure, been awhile since I read the article and I am recovering from a drug interaction that left me looped and was imitating FJB… I did like the fishing when I was down there

    1. An old friend of mine, now deceased, lived in Northern Arkansas. I visited him from time to time – hunting, shooting, fishing, etc. I think that you could live there modestly and have a good life…except during pollen season in the spring.

  12. DEI
    Middle son is called upon to train new hires. Called me today to bitch about the newest hire. Lazy, unwilling to learn and resentful. Sounds like modern management material to me.

  13. The potential Miss Polands aren’t healthy! They’re emaciated. Lizzo is a healthy womyn. Harvey Weinstein’s former personal assistant Leslye Headlund is a healthy womyn (and so is her wife).

    A womyn with a BMI below 27 is obviously a victim of patriarchal gaslighting whereby oppressive men brainwash impressionable protowomyn to believe that scrawny is healthy, wrecking the lives of millions of womyn just to satiate the unnatural lusts of The Male Gaze.

    But that’s not even the biggest problem here! Why are all the contestants white? Where are the proud and sassy Black Miss Polands? This is racism! (Only one nation on this planet can be allowed to be an ethnostate. And Poland ain’t it.)

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