More Sleezing Around on Vacation (Hawaii)

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This is the last of the Armed Forces day blog posts (this year). Yes, I understand that Armed Forces Day was the day before yesterday. But I’m on a roll. You will note that the weather has improved but there are toys to check out at Hickam Field — when any sane person would be climbing up to a waterfall or laying on the sand, watching the tide recede or checking out the women on the beach in bikinis.

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I am curtly reminded that deadly force is authorized by this nice young lady. A flash of a friend’s ID and she says that neither I nor my party will die today at her hands. 

F-22 Raptor (Hickam Field)
F-22 Flight Line

RSS Supreme
After a run down the flight line, it’s time to check out the Formidable class stealth frigate from Singapore’s Navy, RSS Supreme. It’s a version of the French Lafayette Class Frigate. This class of ship is about the same price as the US Littoral Combat Ship, it is more mission capable and we could have bought them from the French and thrown US weapons on them, sparing the taxpayers from buying an over priced American-made species of turkey that doesn’t quite work, is very noisy and under-armed.

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