Is Hillary Presidential Material?

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If the Senate falls to the Republican Party in 2014, will there be an impeachment?

It’s difficult to predict because the mainstream media wouldn’t support it, possibly because the president is of mixed race – and the mantle of governing would fall to Vice President Joe (Slow Joe) Biden, who would run for the presidency as an incumbent in 2016. To be fair, the mainstream media has been kind to Joe Biden, but they don’t love him. And they would likely turn on him in favor of Hillary Clinton.

Note: NBC, CBS, ABC and CNN behave as if they are wholly owned subsidiaries of the Democratic Party.

What is Hillary Clinton to do?

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She’s joined at the hip with the Obama Administration and they are not popular. I realize that she plans to declare that the Republican Party is systematically engaging in a war on women and that’s her appeal. It doesn’t matter whether it’s bullshit or not, if somebody believes it, she’ll say it.
ObamaCare is something that the Democrats bought unanimously and she was in the cabinet when it passed, so it’s very difficult for her to distance herself from it. Single payer (state controlled healthcare) may be the dream but voters, soured on ObamaCare are unlikely to agree with even more state control over their healthcare. The blue-gummed would be dictator may laugh while he lies to the American people, but “If you like your healthcare, you can keep your healthcare” was such a blatant lie that Hillary can’t use it in her march to glory and the US Presidency.
The economy is in a shambles and Hillary will blame the US House of Representatives for all of it – and George W. Bush who will have left office eight years previously. Progressives will believe her because she could feed them skunk stool and they’d eat it. However, even the more Democratic Party centric areas are not drinking the Kool Aid as deeply as they have in the past. 
Hillary can’t run on Hope and Change. Her only pitch is that she’s a chubby, geriatric woman who has   no achievements worth mentioning. The Arab Spring didn’t work out for her as something she could run on. She has name recognition and she was scorned by her husband when she was First Lady.
Her one ace is that the media will love her and will hate whoever runs against her, just as they loved and still love Barack Obama no matter how outrageous his conduct.
She could always resort to this strategy. It has the benefit of being a proven winner:

10 thoughts on “Is Hillary Presidential Material?

  1. Yes, and she didn't do that well with keeping Bill's interest — as everyone on the planet knows.

  2. WoFat, that's a success? I see this woman as nothing but a failure and a cheat her whole life.

  3. You hit the nail on the head LL, she has NOTHING to run on… BUT, she will anyway, and the lapdogs will lap it up…

  4. You can only judge doing nothing and living your life as a parasite as being a success if you're progressive.

  5. She feels she constructed a President of the United States. Remember back when Bill took office and Hilly was going to stake out some high level job(s) for herself? She was told she couldn't do that. She was the WIFE, not the co-pres. Period. Do you think she ever really quit thinking of that? The cheating part didn't work, and I doubt she ever got over it.

  6. There are few politicians who can rival obama in the toxicity department. The media will LOVE Hillary.

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