Bullet Points:

* Always remember the communist Let media propagandist’s rules on mass shootings. If the shooter is white, it’s a white supremacist Trump supporter. If the shooter isn’t white, it’s the gun’s fault.

* Taxes are not the price you pay for a civilized society. Taxes are the price you so that you don’t go to jail for not paying your taxes.



Is President Trump interested in broadening his appeal to all Americans or is he more focused on intensifying his personal hold over his key supporters? Will that leverage be enough to secure him the nomination in 2024?



  1. Total Psy-Op…

    (((ring ring))) “Hey Tony, go ahead release that new bat virus thing you just developed over in Wuhan, we gotta get half the public under control now or we’ll lose in 2020. In return you get to tell people what they are allowed to do…but sound all scientific…don’t do the AIDS thing, that’ll make them suspicious. Instead, escalate the control mechanisms over time. Saayy, start with a couple of weeks, but keep moving the goal posts. And bring Birx along, make sure she wears a scarf so she looks matronly. This’ll be great for China…those nutjobs will weld people into their homes, we’ll look benevolent compared to them.”

    Werner played The Zeck in the Tom Cruise version of Jack Reacher…creepy. But he’s not wrong.

    • I heard Trump didn’t know they were coming, he was asked by Kanye to discuss some personal matters and they apparently knew each other for years. Kanye brought these haters along. Regardless Tucker was a bit enamored with him, the guy is not well, a total nutter.

      This turned sideways on Trump hence his follow on statement.

      • President Trump has a longer road to the nomination than his ego allows him to have. He enjoys a lot of unqualified support, but with the steal in place, he needs to win by massive numbers.


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