Bleeding Russia White 

Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine stands as one of the more ill-advised military moves in history – right up there with Varios leading 3 legions through the Teutoberg Forest and Napoleon’s invasion of Russia. Much of this is lensed in the harsh glow of looking at the situation after the fact. Russia, like China, has no friends or allies. The unprovoked attack on Ukraine gave everyone who hates Russia a chance to stick a finger in the Bear’s eye, especially because the Bear is so vulnerable and the Russian Army turned out to be very hollow. CDRSAL has a good article on the Czech armament program. The Poles are arming, Eastern Europeans are sending their Russian junk to Ukraine, and are arming with Western weapons that seem to work a lot better.  The Russian export market shrank to 0. NATO is expanding with Finland and Sweden and Turkey is being what its name suggests.

Production lines on American and European weapons are shallow for a number of reasons. One of them is that without a genuine war requiring consumption, this military hardware becomes obsolete very quickly. An interesting exception is the JDAM where an iron bomb (snake eye) is fitted with an inexpensive guidance device making it a smart bomb. Ukraine is stressing this system.  This Reuters article deals with it (h/t Claudio).

No matter what, the opportunity to reduce the Russian threat has an appeal. Putin explained to the world that the Russians ARE a threat. Not so much anymore in the conventional sense.

 And there is China 

China, smug in its situation in the world, is far less smug these days since its equipment mirrors that of Russia in many ways. Their navy is large but unblooded.  Their army might be able to take Taiwan, but how would PR China deal with the aftermath of the invasion? Would the US become involved in the military defense of Taiwan? Likely. Would it go nuclear? Who knows?

China knows that they could likely get away with invading Eastern Russia (like a termite army) and stripping the place of resources. The Russians might use a few of their precious nukes on the Chinese but would it stop them? Chinese philosophy: Just a couple hundred million fewer Chinese mouths to feed. They wouldn’t need the big belt road project if they could gorge themselves on Siberia, much closer to home.



Bullet Points:

* Shortages – Why do these exist given ongoing needs?

* Leverage on Twitter – In a New York Times op-ed, the former head of trust and safety at Twitter, Yoel Roth, wrote Twitter under Musk’s leadership is at risk of being removed from Apple and Google’s app stores if they fail to follow guidelines:

“Failure to adhere to Apple’s and Google’s guidelines would be catastrophic, risking Twitter’s expulsion from their app stores and making it more difficult for billions of potential users to get Twitter’s services. This gives Apple and Google enormous power to shape the decisions Twitter makes,” Roth said. He explained, “as I departed the company, the calls from the app review teams had already begun.”

* BRM Explores Moral Collapse – In Canada, doctors can kill children without advising parents. The sanctity of life or lack thereof poses a number of questions. If the child’s life has no value, what of the doctor’s life that killed the child?

* The WHO Renamed Monkeypox to ‘Mpox’ because the term “monkey” refers to African males and Africa. Eminent democrat politician Robert (Beto) O’Rorke is neither a negro nor an African and he contracted Monkeypox. So how is that racist beyond Beto being a fake Mexican? True, it’s a disease that has affected chiefly African men who have sex with other men. But it doesn’t mean that somebody like Beto couldn’t contract the disease that originally came from African men having anal intercourse with monkeys.  I think that the name Monkeypox should stand.

* History — In answer to a question — DRJIM, Woodsterman, and Old NFO will recall – our old blogging friend, Opus #6 (holding the AT-4, right). It was she who first suggested that I start a blog. At first, I didn’t really want to and had no particular interest in social media. Of course, that is ancient history now. I met Opus #6 through a (now late) friend at Mensa back when I spoke at Mensa conventions.

* I’m a little offended that the Democrats couldn’t come up with a laundering scheme that is more sophisticated than:

-US Foreign Aid goes to Ukraine.

-Ukraine invests in $FTX.

-$FTX donates back to the Democrat Party.

Come on, Jack. Use a little creativity when you’re constructing a laundering scheme that doesn’t rely on the same sleazy little queer bun-boy males that you use to bundle votes and as bag men for campaign cash.

* “Consumers can already find foods like salted ants on Amazon and cricket powder protein bars in grocery stores.” The Washington Post advised Americans Sunday that instead of a traditional season dinner, which now is unaffordable for a quarter of families, they should instead look to eating bugs.

* Michelle (Mitch) Obama has been on the rubber chicken circuit complaining that racism, sexism (and possibly transphobia) could stand in the way of succeeding Old Pedo Joe as President. Anger management has become a big part of its life.







“There ain’t no busses running from the bank to Mandalay…”

For those of you sailors and marines who spent time in Southeast Asia or visited Olongapo outside Subic,  at some point in time you observed a small, pretty, Asian woman performing sex acts with her vagina that had to be seen to be believed. One of those acts entailed the woman inserting a whole banana (unpeeled) into her pussy and then pushing it out sliced.

The drink had been Bintang Beer, an Indonesian beverage made from filthy fermented socks. When I started the crawl it had been dry but the air was heavy and fresh. A storm would hit soon. When it began to rain, I ducked into the first shelter I came across, a back alley movie theater playing the War Wagon in Thai with Vietnamese subtitles.

After the film, I sheltered from the sheeting rain outside. The vibe was Blade Runner with sparking electricity from power poles and lines with steam coming off them. A noodle cart shaped like a sampan did a brisk business. The rain didn’t keep people inside. They leaned together under umbrellas, ran along sidewalks, and I watched the action. A couple disappeared into an underground nightclub with the music blaring. Shore Patrol in a jeep roared past with a whip antenna swinging.

The streetwalkers ran in small packs. They were all well below my pay grade. They were all battalion Beckys – familiar with the goings on at Subic Bay. Hot dogs down a hallway.

It’s just an impression – and may end up as the beginning of a story. There I was.

Of course, it’s not there anymore. None of it. Bulldozed and paved over. There ain’t no busses running from the bank to Mandalay… (Kipling)


  1. $FTX : Of course it’s offensive but viewed in the sense of serving its purpose, it worked, didn’t it?

    “Quantity has a quality all its own” – Uncle Joe Stalin, allegedly.

    • No, it didn’t work. It collapsed.

      You can argue that it worked well enough to fund the mid-terms and the US Secret Police won’t do anything about it. So they got away with it. But I think that the donkeys had higher hopes for $FTX.

      • Thanks for the course correction; I didn’t watch it that closely. I was coming at it from the election funding direction and just didn’t realize the Donks had higher aspirations! Maybe they had Sam Brinton overseeing things? That “guy” doesn’t seem to be able to steal very well either.

        • They made something less than $40 million back through $FTX but now it’s under scrutiny even though the FBI won’t touch the case. I suspect that they had hopes of pushing many billions through that pipe.

          • We don’t really know how much is in offshore accounts in the Caymans, or held tightly by Swiss Gnomes.

            What sadly surprises me is that mainstream financial institutions actually bought into this scam.

  2. When tech companies, who’s [assumed] primary function is to provide a product and/or service to the masses, decide they are the sole arbiters of information flow and their britches get a little too big, it’s time to rethink the program FOR THEM. Apple may have innovation and huge market share, but to leverage control over a new Twitter owner who WANTS free speech in the platform by yet another backdoor mechanism…seems the R’s have some work to do, assuming they will. Dem’s usta hate Big Tech – dragged ATT and M/S in front of their “court” to “break it up”. Now they use these Lefty-loaded companies as weapons against the masses.

    Blackberry was a great product…now it’s done. Nothing is forever, there is always someone who comes up with a better mousetrap.

    Mensa Speaker huh…why am I not surprised. Good on you.

    • In our lifetimes we’ve seen some radical moves in the tech world. Quantum computing is coming and that will be transformative. There is always a two-edged sword with those sorts of developments. Like nuclear energy.

      One of my sons-in-law asked me what I thought of Elon Musk. Hero/villain? Space alien in a skin suit? I replied that he’s one of my favorite African Americans right up there with Peter (BRM) Grant and Charlize Theron.

      • Elon Musk, good guy or not, is a true entrepreneur, brilliant in his mode, and cares little of what people think of him (like DJT). Some is innate personality, some learned. To wit: My Starlink works flawlessly; Tesla for those who want a great EV or home backup power system. Space-X…geez, who does that? Results matter and point to his abilities.

        Not that I can judge from the cheap seats, don’t know the man, but what I see him doing and being fairly quiet and measured, and the fact he can filet someone in one sentence without being offensive, makes me like the guy. Takes many players to make the world go round…altho some need to be removed from the Merry Go Round as their self-importance has gotten out of hand. Humility matters.

        Sidebar: I always thought Steve Jobs was overrated and not ashamed to steal ideas (Xerox dev. lab boys gave him and Gates their internal GUI which turned into the Mac and Windows). The guy was a tyrant who used up engineers and personnel like candy, as if he owned them. MrsPaulM met him at the very beginning (as she did with many of those early tech players), she never had a high opinion of the man, thought he was a jerk who thought he was God’s gift to the world. You don’t have to be an AH leader to get things done.

  3. “Beyond walking distance”.
    I lived on the island of Oahu for a number of years, first as a kid then later as an adult. I also lived on an island in Puget Sound for a year (USCG Light Station Point Robinson).

    Living on an island I came to understand that “I couldn’t get there from here” without a boat. If it wasn’t on the island it was truly “Beyond walking distance”.
    Not that I really wanted to go anywhere, I was just aware that I couldn’t.

    • I spent quite a bit of time on Oahu in the Navy and take your point. In that context, there was always a ride (or a hop) on or off the island. Earth is an island, and getting on (in the usual way) seems to be a one-way trip at the moment.

    • Ha. Got you there, Rob. Dad was stationed on Kwajalein, a 1x3mile cashew shaped island in the middle of nowhere. I did something especially heinous (well, at least, to me and my brother) and packed up a sack of sandwiches and did what every kid does when he’s in deep doo-doo, hit the road, Jack. And… got two blocks when my pea-sized 8yo brain said, “Well, darned, I’m on a 1x3mile island, where can I go?”

      Weird childhood. Never saw snow in real life until I moved to Satellite Beach, FL (just south of The Cape). Same with hail. White Christmas? That means the winter storms haven’t, yet, covered the beaches with garbage and seaweed.

      • Kwajalein?!! Haven’t heard that name in a long while. I used to work at MIT Lincoln Laboratory, and they have a site on Kwaj. I never went, but knew quite a few folks who’d done a 2 (or more) year tour there.

        And home of the RustMan triathlon.

          • Oh, it was a great place to live. Basically a small town in the middle of nowhere, but with really good fishing and diving. Only problem when I was there was lack of fresh milk, frozen or powdered were the only ones available. And now with satellite everything, you can be connected to the world all day and night.

            But then again, I was 7 when I arrived there and 10 when I left.

  4. ” I’m a little offended that the Democrats couldn’t come up with a laundering scheme that is more sophisticated than [FTX]”

    Well, part of the point is to rub our noses in it. It’s a dare, as in Go ahead. Notice patterns if you think you have the stones. It’s like the thug who goes into a convenience store, strolls up to the counter and puts some candy bars in his pocket in full view of the owner. That screws the owner and his family: Local damage. Stuff like FTX is national and global damage. But the principle is the same.

    FTX wasn’t only about money, it was also about psychological dominance. A pudgy guy who apparently doesn’t own a mirror, and his awkward girlfriend (human anti-Viagra), who is supposedly “poly”, rip off billions? Then you find out the human dustmop’s parents are Stanford professors and his aunt is the Dean of Columbia University’s School of Public Health.

    • He needed the eitist pedigree to launch the laundering scheme in the first place. Whether or not he’s a mutant, he needs to be “our mutant”. Epstein and his girlfriend, Giz, were connected to the right people, and early in the scheme if they weren’t connected enough, Giz f*cked somebody who was. I have witnessed MANY situations where a guy’s career needed a boost and he introduced his wife to the boss. Like magic, the lackluster employee’s picture was now on the piano. (pay to play) If their wife was too ugly, there was always the hooker in the limo with blow.

      So either you have the family connections or a wife who can suck-start all 8 engines of a B-52 at the same time, or you become a pimp if you want to skip the long line to the top. You can be a human dustmop with an IQ somewhere below room temperature and there can be a seat for you in the boardroom.

      • Whatever SBF is, mutant is not one of them. (He’s not an intrinsically ugly or deformed person, for that matter; pretty average/typical actually. It’s the – doubtless deliberate – style — or lack thereof.) But what I said about psychological dominance? Tell me the lead photo in the link is not about dominance. It’s no different than Iceberg Blackmon (h/t to Spike Lee) parading his stable of working girls.

        • I used the term loosely. I didn’t mean mutant. Maybe mutt would have been more appropriate.

          Dominance – absolutely.

          The back channel e-mail about the business deal that’s pending has everything to do with dominance and capacity. All business (Musk is great at this) has to do with dominance and capacity.

          • Nah, SBF is for sure a mutant, but of the nerdy techy sort vs. the swamp version…a Gates-Madoff blend. He appears clean but underneath is just as corrupt, or massively stupid to get involved with these people.

  5. “The unprovoked attack on Ukraine gave everyone who hates Russia a chance to stick a finger in the Bear’s eye . . .”

    The Ukraine fiasco has so many facets that it is extremely difficult to get a view of what is really happening. Unprovoked is a bit strong as there were several lines that the US/NATO crossed prior to the shooting. Those lines were crossed for the sole purpose of drawing Russia into the fight as the aggressor. This is similar to Lusitania in WW I and supposedly neutral US destroyers escorting ships in the North Atlantic to draw German fire along with White’s Operation Snow to draw Japanese fire in the Pacific in WW II.

    Prior to the shooting:
    -A portion of the Ukrainian mess was shown in the first impeachment proceedings where under oath, US officials let slip the covers of the money laundering in that country.
    -US/NATO offered Ukraine membership in NATO which was a one of the Russian dead lines.
    -US/NATO and the UN ignored the Minsk agreements and the internal actions by the Ukrainians. This is no different that our politicians ignoring the US Constitution, state constitutions and laws.
    -US/NATO demanded unreasonable concessions from the Russians that were designed to force a stop to negotiations. The list is obvious to any reader who takes the time to look them up.
    -Zelenskyy started saying he was rearming Ukraine with nukes, another Russian dead line.
    -Various Rand Corporation White Papers pointing out methods to destroy Russia and for the US to be in a position to have another Marshall Plan to rebuild Europe and move oodles of cash to the US.

    There is plenty of blame to go all around in this shooting match, but it is obvious to the most casual observer that the US/NATO are pushing even more conflict not only in the Ukraine, but also in central Europe. A closer look at the failing central banks and European pension funds is a facet that most viewers overlook.

    If we were smart, we would have avoided this mess and let the Europeans work it out. But big money talks.

    • Those lines were crossed for the sole purpose of drawing Russia into the fight as the aggressor.
      Exactly. Thank you. I am frustrated and appalled that so few people understand this. I’m no fan of Putin [1], but the other side are the ones who are most out to destroy those and that which I love.

      [1] One wonders about Putin’s patrons, or at least those who helped him get into power. I have the horrifying feeling that it’s a Kolomoiskiy analog/equivalent.

      The underlying question, to me, is this: Are the Best People so sure of their success in finalizing their dominion that they are emboldened, or is it that they are failing and therefore thrashing madly?

      A quote from The Return of the King
      ‘Then you think that the Darkness is coming?’ said Éowyn. ‘Darkness Unescapable?’ And suddenly she drew close to him.
      ‘No,’ said Faramir, looking into her face. ‘It was but a picture in the mind. I do not know what is happening. The reason of my waking mind tells me that great evil has befallen and we stand at the end of days. But my heart says nay; and all my limbs are light, and a hope and joy are come to me that no reason can deny.

  6. Head in the sand? I care about Twitter and imitators less than I care about Australian Rules Football coming to the USA.

    As to Elon Musk, Steve Jabs, and the like they create new opportunities and services. Are they assholes in person? Who really cares.

    Years ago a business partner and I had some dealings in person with Paul Allen. We had a small piece of property he wanted. He was civil but on point with no time for pleasantry.

  7. Being offended at the low rent money laundering scheme – I sometimes get the impression that the Dems really understand politics; as in side-to-side, inside, outside, and upside down, but don’t have much of a clue about anything else. Which is why they politicize EVERYTHING…to bring it into their realm of thought. Sort of like a political version of Theory of the Instrument. While some may have the ability to understand other things, doing so would put them at a disadvantage in the political machinations they pull on each other and everyone else.
    As one result, we are heading back to a country without a power grid, without modern farming, and without modern transportation of people, food, and supplies. Back when the US did operate that way the population was way less than it is now. And yet, the elites think they will be somehow immune to the massive die-off….they understand politics, but they don’t understand Murphy.
    Finally, something else they have no understanding of – James 4:13-16.

  8. Seems like bitcoin/crypto/blockchain guru’s are dropping like flies. The latest guy died in a helicopter crash, two days ago a 26 y/o died in his sleep. Somethings up. Olongapo, Angeles City…LBFM’s. I live here in the PI and word has it that the US military is moving back into Subic. Me love you long time…ah, good times.

      • Ok, I can confirm the rumor that a status of forces agreement that would presage the return of the US Navy to Subic is maybe a month or so from being signed. So yeah. Apparently, former Veep Dan Quayle is involved in closing the deal. I don’t have specifics on his role.

        LBFMs – the monkeys have no tails in Zamboanga, Shiloh.

        I’m wrapping things up here in the Arizona mountains for the day, but I’ll have details in the inbox when I wake up.

  9. Regarding the Ukraine, only the truly braindead, which means our State Department, was caught by surprise by Russia invading, yet again, Ukraine.

    I mean, Russia started assembling the invasion force in late 2021 on their side of the border, including supply depots and stuff. And it was reported that Xi asked Putin to postpone the invasion so as to not take press from Xi’s Winter Olympics.

    And it’s not like Russia hadn’t pulled this bullscat in the Ukraine before. Like, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018… Same damned thing. And doing the whole Sudetenland thing by moving in Russians and then having those ‘ex’ Russians scream for Russian help and for independence from Ukraine and even Putin calling the new lands “New Russia.”

    Agan, why was any of this surprising?


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