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Bf 109 – modified

Adolf Galland’s Bf 109 is serviced by his crew chief Unteroffizier Meyer, in the photo below. Note the unusual “telescopic” sight fitted to his machine. That was not a telescopic sight projecting through the windscreen but a straightforward telescope that enabled Galland to identify friends from foes at a greater range.


BRM asks (at his blog):

What do you do in a modern society with an entire underclass of useless people that can’t read, won’t work, aren’t qualified temperamentally to behave like civilized beings and actively harm/destroy civilization wherever they run into it?

The woke brought in another 20 million+ people of from that class, predominantly military age males and reproducing age females, and put them all on welfare. They don’t want any of them to settle in places such as Martha’s Vineyard where they own mansions.


Bullet Points:

** The Communist Chinese Government just de-certified Lunar (Asian) New Year as a holiday in China. By comparison, that’s like Jo/Ho de-certifying Christmas. There will be ramifications. (h/t Claudio) The move has also reignited speculation that Xi doesn’t like the holiday because its name in Chinese is a homophone for “eliminate Xi.” Chinese speakers use homophonic puns for jokes,  in advertising and to evade pervasive internet censorship.

“I think it’s pretty funny that it sounds like ‘get rid of Xi’,” Jiangxi-based businessman Zhang Jia told Radio Free Asia. “But it’s going to be very troublesome for a lot of people.”

** Not one big happy family? (h/t Claudio) – Iranian people do not support the Palestinians. RFE/RL Article – worth reading.

** Evacuations? The ham-ass war may expand and force the evacuation of US Citizens from Lebanon & Jordan.



January 6 Political Prisoner Flag

Lest we forget.

HogsbreathSS is selling these 3×5 flags. The cost is $35.00 plus $10.00 postage. Venmo is HogsbreathSS82. You can contact Steve directly at

I would never have thought that the US would hold political prisoners for demonstrating at the Capitol but the nation does.  They went to the Capitol to express a political opinion and were confronted by literally thousands of federal agents in plain clothes and their stooges who encouraged violence. The Capitol police opened the doors to the People’s House and they entered without malice. Now many of them are imprisoned. Ashley Babbitt was murdered in cold blood.


How Did Biden find $3 million cash to buy his Beach House?

(The Federalist) The question is almost rhetorical these days. 10% for the big guy from China, Ukraine, Russia or any other tin pot dictator who wanted influence in USGOV affairs.

Wednesday’s explosive news suggests the DOJ and FBI’s Biden-family protection program encompassed many more players than previously known. But it is the involvement of the Foreign Influence Task Force that demands an immediate response by the House, namely the launching of an impeachment inquiry of FBI Director Christopher Wray, under whose watch this task force abused its power — and interfered in a presidential election.


What’s in a Grade?

When I accepted a tenure-track position in the economics department of Spelman College in the spring of 2021, handing out bogus grades was the last thing on my mind. Spelman, after all, has a great reputation. Based in Atlanta, it’s a women-only historically black college, one of the oldest in the country; for the past 15 years, it’s been rated the number one HBCU by U.S. News & World Report.

“One student earned a 95, but the next highest grade was a 72. Most of the others were between the low 50s and mid-60s. Some of the grades, however, were extremely low, meaning that the average score was a failing grade. I’ll admit I was shaken up. This wasn’t what I expected. I asked my department chair for her advice, and she told me I should raise all the grades by 28 points. That way, the student with the 72 would get 100, and all the other grades would rise in lockstep.



The Hunt for Super-Volcanoes

(link) A new study suggests a wide crater, created when the super volcano exploded, connects at least four existing volcanoes. It’s so big that if the super volcano erupted during the last few thousand years, it could have disrupted civilizations around the world, says John Power, a geophysicist at the U.S. Geological Survey’s Alaska Volcano Observatory.

We know that super volcanoes have erupted in the past because we’ve seen evidence of those eruptions but during man’s time (a short window), we’ve never seen one erupt. There’s a lot of interest in them because when they go, there is destruction on a massive scale. Super volcanoes don’t have a cone like a stratovolcano (like Mt. St. Helens). They build in magma chambers underground and are composed of high silica magma.


Identify the Aircraft


Identify the Armor

17 thoughts on “Wings

  1. Identify the Aircraft:
    Best I can come up with is Blohm & Voss P 211.02

    Identify the Armor:

    1. IDA: Or possibly a BV P 198 ?

      I did have to research to even get this far.

      – Kle.

  2. Underclass: H Beam Piper had one of his characters ask something like “What do civilized men owe to barbarians?” May find ourselves looking for an answer to that one. Another thought – at some point the underclass is going to find a rabble-rousing leader to gather behind. The Landed Gently may find themselves in a crash-and-burn at that point.
    Middle East – will the Neocons ever come out of the closet and declare war on the entire world?

    1. We don’t owe them a thing, but we do have to civilize them for our own good. Apparently we have to do it by attrition this time.

  3. J6 POW’s…Dinesh’s “Police State” just dropped, part of me doesn’t want to see what he showcases; tactical teams assaulting normal everyday people, including grandmothers and Christian’s, as if they were a drug cartel stronghold over an Op to destroy our Constitution. Unreal.

    Guess we are at war….and the media shills add color commentary as if it were a football game. Wondering since we are at war if Victory Gardens are passe’’? (Certainly are in Finland where the idiots in charge decided farming was a threat to the planet.)

    Too bad there isn’t a super volcano under DC…could use an eruption right about now, regrade the place and start anew with people who honor our Founders and those documents they drafted.

    1. Dinesh does not disappoint! DVD is available.
      Anyone have a chance to make the theatre for it?
      Mrs W2 purchased Broken Toys on Kindle.
      I no idea she had 3 devices! I was able to fight off the beast for fall of 23 flu season by swiping through the pages of Larry’s latest masterpiece. Can’t wait to see the ghosts, when we all get to read the sequel.
      If it helps me make it one spot closer to the stove, I’m up for a POW flag for our front porch. It will go well with the gold star I wore in place of my vaccination i.d. lanyard, back in the day, when our business was providing” essential services”.
      I’m still wondering about L.L.’s quote, with the girl and the ( Auto – ordinance) Thompson. 45 or .22 cal? Paul, maybe she’s Finnish?

      To follow Tim pool and make another prepper kinda purchase, or just prepare to stick our arm out for a chip? Aussies are getting their first dose of their CBDC soon.
      An ” act of God” = super volcano could meta form into a clean sweep like currently in Gaza. Millions recruited and crossing our southern border, and according to Carlson,
      “$ billions going abroad with malevolent intent, is this not a declaration of war?

      1. Ok, so will watch it, as we’ve done for his other films. Will put out some calming candles beforehand.

        BTW, the “grade elevation”…DrMrsPaulM is finding every new veterinary grad knows next to nothing, the schools are so “woke” they are not demanding kids come to class if they “aren’t feeling up to it” while dumbing down the curriculum to a less rigorous level, including “Boards”. The medical field – human and animal – will further fail us but at a logarithmic rate in the next decade due to ill equipped license holders. It’d be like hiring a carpenter who’s afraid of a hammer or saw…makes zero sense, especially when we have such ability to make unbelievable advances. Agenda drive? Likely.

        1. Wait until you need surgery and you find that a “woke” surgeon who never attended class at med school subs in to do the cutting while you’re under anesthesia.

          1. Even worse, the anesthetist may have skipped class and you wake in the middle of your gizzard being removed.

          2. Already experienced it.

            Laid out instructions for one of Mrs. Andrew’s surgeries, “Do not bother the Hernia, go somewhere else.” Only took 7 years for other doctors to acknowledge that that operation screwed up the hernia and caused a persistent infection to exist. We went to the hernia doc and he yelled almost immediately for his assistant to schedule an appointment, stat.

            Another surgery, told everyone “No Steri Strips” as wife is highly allergic/reactive to those little bastards. Told everyone. Handed out sheets of paper with all drug interactions and NO STERI STRIPS printed out. Here I am, seeing her in the recovery room and I end up doing a Donald Southerland from Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Pointing and starting quietly saying “Are those steri strips? We told you no steri strips. She’s highly allergic to steri strips. Get them off, NOW!” and kept increasing the volume until they heard me in the hallway. And the bitches and bastards still left one to fester where we couldn’t see. Fuckers.

            I have absolutely no faith in the current medical profession. Anything a doc or nurse says to do, I weigh it against my common sense and often find that what they are recommending is counter to all the years of medical learnings that I have. Hate them I do. If they didn’t have a lock on prescribing medications, I’d have ditched the whole lot except for ER visits or surgeries that I can’t fix myself.

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