Bullet Points:

* Canadian Assisted Suicide – clearing the chronically ill off the roles of broke national healthcare. More from L. I. Whoever thinks socialism is better than capitalism doesn’t know how evil socialism can be when it runs out of other people’s money. Any that celebrates the death of babies, will celebrate your death too.

* Daily Caller – At least 16 Chinese policy experts’ profiles disappeared from the website of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace around Nov. 18 after the Daily Caller News Foundation revealed the nonprofit had employed members of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) intelligence front groups on Nov. 11. Carnegie did not respond to multiple requests for comment and it remains unclear why the profiles were removed.

* From American Thinker – Even in the face of data showing that Covid “vaccines” do not prevent transmission of the virus but do cause extremely high rates of adverse events to be reported, the US (and much of the world’s) medical establishment remains fully committed to pushing universal vaccinations. The G20 meeting recently included plans for a global vaccine passport that would prevent international travel by those who have resisted the pressure to receive the spike protein-laden jabs, and many august institutions of higher learning such as Yale and the University of California demand that their young and (mostly) healthy students receive the spike protein dosages as a condition of study on campus.

If there is one dramatic case study that seems to upend the vaccination absolutists, it is Africa, many of whose countries are too poor to have mass vaccination programs, yet which has the lowest death toll from Covid in the world. The AP reported last year: Scientists mystified, wary, as Africa avoids COVID disaster

* There are a lot of interesting stories from the Ukrainian front – from democrat party money laundering to floundering Russian military infrastructure. I thought that this was interesting, while more of the same. Mercenaries hired by the Wagner Group to fight for Russia in Ukraine say they have been abandoned in the Donbas with no food or ammunition. Around 100 fighters from the Central African Republic were recruited by the shadowy military company after quitting their country’s Union for Peace (UPC) rebel group. They were trained and sent to the front lines in March but they now say they have lost contact with their military bosses and are surviving by stealing from Ukrainian civilians, sources have revealed.

* Small businesses could be shut out of lucrative government contracts because of the massive compliance costs imposed under a proposed Brandon administration rule that would require large federal contractors to reduce and publicly disclose their greenhouse gas emissions. The proposed rule would make the U.S. the first national government to require major federal contractors to set climate goals in line with the 2015 Paris Agreement.



Size matters


Viking raids in France in the 9th century

The Vikings landed on the French coasts at the beginning of the 9th century. The Norwegians passing through the Irish Sea repeatedly ravaged the island of Ré and Noirmoutier. From 840 the Carolingian Empire divided, weakened, and in conflict, was easier prey for the Vikings

Map of active volcanoes of the Earth and plate tectonic boundaries

Map of Ancient Egypt with names of towns also in hieroglyphs kush.


You have to wonder whether or not somebody dropped acid before conceiving of this habitat. I’m not saying whether they did or not. I simply posit the question.


Yes, I expect that DRJIM had one.




  1. I especially enjoyed the closing infographic and didn’t know about the roving band of Merc Africans. Isn’t there a “rogue” US component to Wagner? Murky business.

    • I don’t think that there are many if any Americans in Wagner Group. The Africans joined and are now cast off, but the Russians don’t and have never cared much for Africans. Look at the experience of Black Panthers who fled to Russia to avoid prosecution. They were referred to as monkeys and treated as circus curiosities. Which coincidentally is how the Russians viewed Obama.

  2. Central African Republic mercenaries surviving by looting in Ukraine? Now I really hope that the Zelenskyy regime actually did hand out battle rifles to their citizens.

    “Africa, […] too poor to have mass vaccination programs, […] has the lowest death toll from Covid in the world”
    This is brilliant. Either the vaccines are not beneficial, or (sub-Saharan, it is implied) Africans ARE substantially biologically different from everyone else. Either road, some progressive NWO shibboleth is gonna take a beating.

    • Yes, the woke will have to decide which way they want it, but they’re generally intellectually shallow and will just ignore all of it.

      • Fair enough. So maybe there are more than two Prog shibboliths to slay. Call that possibility #3: “horse paste” works against the dread COVID. That is still something that is un-possible fake news spread by hate thinkers.

        • There’s also the large factor that Africa is too disorganized and corrupt to count the dead, or the causes, or who got the jab.

          The West OTOH, is organized and corrupt enough to count and then vastly inflate the death tolls, and to use counting who got the jab as in in for further panopticon domestic surveillance.


  3. Forgot to say: forget the uranium. That Gilbert kit had Polonium 210?!! Holy smokes. Ask Alexander Litvinenko about Po210. (And man, that just sent me down a rabbit hole, about who wields power in Russia, that I shouldn’t have looked into….)

    But you didn’t need a Gilbert Lab to get radioactive isotopes as a kid circa 1950. You could also go to The Fernald State School in Waltham (a Boston suburb), where certain lucky kids were fed radioactive iron and calcium with their breakfasts.


  4. Bagpipes and bagpipe music is not a Scottish origin thingy. Maybe the great pipes, but, no, bagpipes were used by Greeks and Romans long before the Celts, and were probably brought to Scotland by the Romans.

    Ullian pipes, a smaller version of the great pipes, were in use in Romanized Europe curiously about the same time that Europe was Romanized.

    And there were other cultures that claim to have created bagpipes. China, of course, but then again they claim to have invented just about everything. Mongolia has a good claim, as the pipes are easily portable and made out of animals, and the Chinese probably stole the idea from the Mongols or proto-Mongols or some other steppe nomads from the Mongolian area.

    • Well, FWIW I love me some Uilleann pipes. Not that proves anything. And while the phìob mhòr are a wonderful thing indeed, they’re a little much for daily listening.
      The bodhrán (Oirish drums, luv — say this in your best “Harfoot” stage-Oirish accent) on the other hand is best known as the cause of much merriment, at the expense of the player, that is.
      1. What’s the only proper way to play a bodhrán? With an open penknife.
      2. What do bodhrán players use for birth control? Their personalities.
      3. Why is a bodhran player like a foot massage? A foot massage bucks up the feet, whereas…
      And so it goes.

      • Yeah, most handheld drums are designed to purposely allow idiots to join in. Even worse than tamborines.

        Bodhrans, tom-toms, bongos, dumbecks, et al are all instruments of the suckage.

  5. Apropos of nothing, I learned that photographer Peter Turnley is having a print sale (traditional silver halide prints) that ends tomorrow. I am tempted by at least a couple of the ones on offer. Turnley is a photographer and photojournalist. Mike Johnston has a few essays from Turnley up at his site. I rather liked this one called “A Gift Waiting at Every Corner: Notes from a Life in Photography”
    […] I reflect on what one learns in the life of a photographer. I remember the calm and dignified looks in the eyes of people who have every right to despair in the midst of their plight and suffering, but who choose to approach their plight with grace, courage, and decency. I have observed this in the body language, gestures, and glances of refugees all over the world, people who have lost everything they know but their minds and bodies, and who choose not to infringe on the rights of others, who choose to maintain with pride their small tent or hovel in a clean and tidy manner, and most of all, choose to subordinate themselves and their needs to those of their family members. […]
    I have seen people define themselves not by their possessions or wealth, but by the grace, courage, and profound decency in their gestures and behavior. […]
    People often ask me how I keep my spirit from becoming cynical, jaded, and pessimistic about the human condition after having witnessed so much despair, so much suffering, and so many conflicts. I try to respond honestly and truthfully, that there are many actions of man that sadden me, distress me, and challenge my optimism. But each time I mentally calculate the sum of what I have seen, I am reminded of the many times that I have seen people of all kinds persevering despite tremendous adversity, and their example leaves me with hope.

    The whole thing is here:

  6. Canadian Assisted Suicide — clearing the chronically ill off the roles of broke national healthcare. With Charlie Gard in 2017 Britain already took the final decision on health treatment away from the parents. 25 years ago I believed any tax-funded health system would inevitably have death panels to end treatment for the too-expensive cases. But liberalism has further progressed into Jonestown commune territory, and now wants the death of everyone. tomwoods.com episode 2232 reviews a new book Western Self-Contempt: Oikophobia in the Decline of Civilizations by Benedict Beckeld. This is a historical survey of societies where the external enemies have been vanquished and the society has free intellectual inquiry — whereupon it starts loathing itself. This sounded to me like an autoimmune disease.

  7. The “Sleeper” house is another iconic one, went into foreclosure then bought in 2018 for $1.5 mil, fully renovated and uodated.


    These homes are weird. Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic domes are in the same vein. I’m partial to FLW Usonian, much better design than Levittown tract homes.

    Anyone continuing to believe in the Not-A-Vax should fly to Hawaii and sacrifice themselves to the the volcano gods, over with quick and no ventilator.

  8. Canadian Assisted Murder is more like it.

    Yes, the COVID data from Africa is interesting, isn’t it?

    I didn’t have one of the Gilbert kits, but an older cousin did. They were fun to play with.

  9. I like the goofy house, but it would be infinitely better if it were a camper instead, and could walk around on the pylons, and then screw itself down onto the ground with the staircase.



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