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I thought that it was a Hoax

Apparently it isn’t and Hillary Clinton is emerging as the great Democrat Party hope for a run against President Trump in 2020. (more at Legal Insurrection). I have heard from friends inside the Beltway who have told me that she’s dragging the sack for contributions for her campaign to unseat the president and take the chair that was ‘stolen from her’. 
Of all the gifts that the Democrats could hand the Republicans, this one would be the very greatest. Slipping Hillary on the trail once again, wiping out all of the little fish (like Bernie) in a replay action. Who would be her running mate? There’s always Maxine (Dirty) Waters. They could run a ‘year of the Woman’ platform again and the slogan would be “I’m With Them”.
I’m sure that the “anyone but Trump” Republicans would rally around her. People like disgraced AZ Senator, Jeff Flake (R-AZ) would find in her a candidate he could get behind as he did in the last election.

The twelfth or thirteenth Hillary reset will be very interesting as she seeks to re-make herself yet again for her adoring public.

Being a Grandpa

Now that I have grandchildren, I offer this sort of advice. I offered the same advice to their mothers when they were young. I felt that I had to toughen them up. Enter Sandman — sleep with one eye open, gripping your pillow tight — off to Never Never Land.

Hush little baby don’t say a word, and never mind that noise you heard. It’s just the beast under your bed — in your closet — in your head. It sort of the same thing as watching Hillary on TV and then trying to forget the witch and just go to sleep. Repeating the MAGA mantra might be the solution.

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  1. Enjoyed the advice to a six year old. Grandkids are great and I have a new one due to arrive in a fortnight. Hillary. She never seems to give up She feels the presidency is her due and she's bound and determined to acquire come hell or high water. Sadly, I don't see anyone else that I feel comfortable with in that party.

  2. Hillary running again would be a gift. If so, my money will be on hell and high water.

    Ju-ly. Heh. I went through Army basic in '74. Several of our dill sergeants were Vietnam vets, as were three or four 'recruits' who were re-joining the military.

    One of our drill sergeants was Puerto Rican. On laundry day, he seemed to enjoy shouting at us "Chu peeples get chore cheets togeder!".

  3. As a Blue Dog Democrat, I say, "Anybody but Shillary". That said, the closest we have to a Blue Dog Democrat currently occupies the Oval Office, IMO.

  4. What a helpful song! I like the Bluegrass version, but that's just me.

    Hillary 20/20? Yes please.

  5. I enjoy reading your thoughtful analysis of world affairs. I am wondering if you have any thoughts/information on the supposedly serious health issues we were told Hillary was suffering. Still there? Magically cured? Wishful thinking?
    long ago tin can sailor.

  6. Speaking of grandkids. My latest granddaughter has decided to grace the world with her presence today, so I'm packing up for a short trip.

  7. I predict HRC and a whole lot of others, will be hanged for treason by 2020. The EVIL that these criminals have committed is beyond reason for the normies who live their lives without knowledge, which is coming. It is so horrific that many will doubt it to be real.

    Red pill yourself Matrix style and have a look. If you think it is plausible, please make a post on it to inform others. If not, don't be surprised if these things happen anyway. Internet outage coming so if all your blogs go down, you better have a back up. Dunno when, dunno how much, better safe than sorry so back it up…

    Edit: you might also be interested to know that blogger has shitcanned this submission at least 6 times. I do the Captcha thing and it just disappears. They don't want this info getting out…

    A for Grandkids, I have three and tremendously enjoy spoiling the crap out of them as well as working their butts off here on the ranch this summer. Hard day's work earns em the spoils my children regularly refuse them. Hard work earns good rewards.

  8. I know that current thinking is that Hillary in 2020 would be a gift to republicans. Frankly, I'm not relishing the thought of having Her Evilness anywhere near the White House again. Imagine if she were to succeed in her nefarious election stealing stunt. What then? She'd be an unstoppable juggernaut. No thanks.

  9. Love the sleepy time advice for the kiddies, but had I used it on my girls, I wouldn't have gotten any sleep.

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