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The corrupt, progressive, sly, lying elite media is pushing its minions on every single issue put forward by President Trump. There is no picking battles. Though the supreme court nomination will cost them a lot of political capital that they’re bound do lose. It doesn’t matter. The Trump Presidency has every possibility of destroying the progressive movement (at the moment, headed by Hillary Clinton). Trump successes, and there are lots of them, sends the message that you don’t have to be a politician to achieve big in politics. That’s toxic to professional parasites.
White Wolf Mine
One day, this will be a BBQ out on the deck. It’s supported by a large concrete structure that is the tool shed (below)

The siding arrived on Tuesday and it’s going up now. The insulation people should begin their job insulating interior and exterior walls later this week preparatory to the drywallers coming in when they’re finished and making the house look a little closer to complete.
I managed to squeeze two days out of my travel schedule to spend in AZ, working on details of the concrete countertops, and other misc. items. Monsoon is underway in the high country and it keeps things cool, and more humid than usual.
Work has been hectic and I’m on the run, but at the risk of sounding smug, I never tire of enjoying my time at the house I designed at the location I wanted in specific. The great room windows accordion back allowing the outdoor living area (enclosed deck) to join with the room for parties and events.
I’m not a party person but the family should enjoy it – as will I. Anyway, that’s as much of an update as I have.

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  1. The hovel is looking good! And while I do love my oak and pecan trees, I do love the view you gave, also.

    You could have a side venture of taking photos that become 1000 piece puzzles, or some such. I would buy them, and there is still a market for them.

    Glad to see all is going well. Be safe and God bless.

  2. It's different than the view at the LindaG estate, but there are many versions of both "beautiful" and "home". Thank you for your comments.

  3. Again I'm amazed how tidy your contractor keeps your site. A good indication of the care he is taking with the construction.

  4. Great progress on the mine.

    And did you see that Stormy The Prostitute was arrested at a strip club?

    That's progress too.

  5. +10 bazillion!

    A neat and tidy construction site generally indicates that the workmen have some pride in their work, always a good thing.

  6. Yes, and I'm ready to move in now. This whole waiting thing (patience is a virtue, etc) is apparently something that women do better than men.

  7. The people who are doing the work have impressed me as regular folks – not illegal aliens, tweekers, etc. They stay working by doing good work and by being used in projects on a regular basis. And yes, the worksite is always neat and clean.

  8. Did you do anything about your driveway? Such as my long ago suggestion to heat-tape it, or perhaps a thermal heat system, etc.

    Or, you could just mount a snow plow onto the front of your Power Wagon, after of course you added power seat adjusters, power mirrors, full A/C, power windows, blue-tooth this and that, you know, the must-have's.

  9. Sounds like most of the tradespeople I've met out here.

    Good folks, and you wouldn't mind having a beer with them.

  10. The driveway will remain 'rustic'. Truth is that will be better traction in the snow than any new-fangled space age solution. Sort of like using a pencil in space rather than an engineered pen. I am working on a turn-around in the main driveway. The back driveway (that leads to the rear garage door) will remain rustic as well.

  11. At least a full haunch.

    I've thought of putting a smoke house in down-wind from the shack, but those sorts of details can wait until after I've moved in. The drywall goes up next week.

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