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Seize the High Ground

Some of you haters have questioned the need for a US Space Command.  Others have been more supportive of the new sixth branch of the US Armed Services. (seventh branch if you count CIA as a non-uniformed service branch)

KC-10 refuels a new Space Force F-38 X-Wing over Truckee, CA. (h/t Odie)
Fredd’s Aunt Sally may be going into the business of making rations for the new Space Force that can survive and remain as edible in the vacuum of space as they were down on Earth. There is some logic to that, I guess.
I’m sure that we’ll see more cool toys coming out for the Space Force to use in President Trump’s second term.

And what about that second term?

I hope that President Trump gets another SCOTU appointment in the second term. It is already bring balance to the force, isn’t it? One more would secure the court for the balance of my life.

Uber liberal Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg could have retired during the years that Democrats controlled the Senate, but despite the fact that the House and the Senate went to the Republicans during the years of Obamanation, Barack never really thought that the Democrats would lose the presidency. He famously predicted, “One thing I can tell you is that Donald Trump will not be the next President of the United States.” As with so many things, Brarack was wrong. Ginsburg is 85. She will surely leave the bench in the next few years, or maybe God will take her home? Bless her heart…

22 thoughts on “Sunday Sermonette

  1. Barry was right about one thing, and I quote: 'elections have consequences. Go out and win a few elections…'

    Which is exactly what we did. Thanks for the tip, Barry.

  2. That quote, thick with hubris on his part, has returned many times to choke him. I think that there are many such Obama classics such as, "You can keep your doctor", and "You didn't build that".

  3. "Corpseman". Ignorance? Hardly. Even the spell check here agrees. As you said, thick with hubris.

  4. Hopefully Trump will gain some progress at the NATO summit in his effort to make the NATO members more willing to share the costs of having an alliance that is functional and will serve its purpose. This will enable the US to invest more into what matters for the US instead of letting the US taypayers doing the job for the European politicians. Having the European politicians doing their job will be a small step for Europe but a giant leap in making the US great again.

  5. RBG sounds like some kind of primitive rocket grenade and looks twice as ugly. Sorry, that was mean.

    Build The Wall.

  6. Europe can defend itself, or not. Up to them. At least that's how I see it. Nobody's forcing them to stay in NATO. But if they are members, they need to live up to their obligations.

  7. That and "soldiers don't have bayonets on rifles anymore". Neither he nor Mitt Romney served. It showed.

  8. Aunt Sally's space rations would freeze solid in the icy cold of space, and biting into them would surely chip a tooth.

    Of course, you would end up with the same result chomping into her apple pie crust in the warmth of a Winslow AZ afternoon.

  9. Thus the need for RELIABLE rations. They'll chip a tooth between here and the Moon, in Winslow, AZ (while standing on the corner) or in orbit around Uranus. Sort of like C-Rats – bad wherever you eat them.

  10. C-Rats were bad, really bad. EXCEPT: I liked the pound cake. Sole exception.

    They rate slightly higher than any meal offered by my Aunt Sally. There is nothing she makes that's even remotely edible.

  11. The dipsy-doodle "scouting for Indians" salute John F***ing Kerry gave as he "reported for doody" at his nomination at the DNC in Boston shows he barely served, either.

  12. RGB will likely NOT retire…..the Demonrats left is holding on to the bare hope that Cankles the Criminal will unseat Trump in 2020 and be able to name her replacement then. And if she cacks while on the bench God will NOT be taking her……she will definitely be going to a much warmer clime for eternity as payment for he perfidy in life.

  13. When you poured the fruit cocktail or the pears or the peaches over the pound cake it made it better still. Can Aunt Sally open a can of peaches? Or does she smash the jar and leave the shards of glass blended in with the canned fruit?

  14. RBG is too frail to shovel coal in the infernal regions, but she could be Satan's valentine.

  15. I can neither confirm nor deny whether or not this device does or does not exist.

    And I swear I heard a full bird colonel say that once, long, long ago, in a career far, far away…

  16. I believe Aunt Sally considers glass shards as a spice. And yes, pouring the fruit cocktail or peaches over the pound cake did improve things, I forgot about that: I haven't had a C-rat in over 35 years.

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