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I’ve seen brief snippets of Barack Hussein Obama traveling here and there, bad-mouthing the country for not seating Hillary Clinton (lock-her-up) and for repudiating his agenda and his presidency on Fox News. I don’t watch the corrupt, smug, sly, lying mainstream media, but I’m sure that they feature Barack regularly. 
He could have been everyone’s president, but he chose not to be. He ended up being the best gun and ammo salesman in the history of the nation. (way to go Barack!)
Now we know that there is no depth that the Obama Administration wouldn’t sink to in order to retain power and attack those who disagreed with them. It makes the Watergate scandal seem pitifully small and distant in the rear view mirror of history.
Progressives justify the Obama years. I can only wonder what they would have said if President Trump had mirrored his predecessor? The FBI’s credibility is shot. Obama and Clinton used them like kleenex (I’m being kind here). Many of us are not surprised that Barack behaved like a third rate banana republic potentate while in office. What surprised me is that the nation returned the whoreson to office a second time.
And after all the howling from the progressive left that the nation would be destroyed by President Trump, the stock market is soaring, tax reform is a reality, business confidence is higher than its been in a generation, unemployment is down and economic growth is not teetering on a recession every quarter. 
As corrupt as Obama was, Hillary would have been much, much worse. We dodged a bullet with that one.
Climate Change – The War is Over
For those of you who follow global warming, climate change is off the “national threat list” and that means that the Defense Department and Intelligence Community don’t have to dedicate resources to fighting the weather. A lot of progressive rice bowls were hoping for those trillions in funding that never happened. Barack (see above) is bitter.

10 thoughts on “Monday Madness

  1. I just wish Barry would shut up and go quietly into that good night.

    Then again, if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.

    Yes, we dodged a huge bullet in not electing Hillary. Or as The Donald would say, 'yooge.'

  2. As I like to remind my (P)regressive relatives (several) and (P)regressive friends (few), President Trump is the first president in my lifetime to keep his campaign promises.

    Who is howling louder, the (P)regressives, the press/media, or the go along/get along RINOs? In any case, music to my ears.

  3. I agree, grown ups make better decisions than wet-behind-the-ears children. And grown ups have figured out that there is no Santa Claus.

    Liberals, not so much.

  4. Hillary would have been much, much worse.

    YES, YES, YES.

    That was a satanic nightmare narrowly and weirdly avoided.

    Deo gratias.

  5. And apparently used DOJ to stop the DEA from rolling up a Hezbollah/Iran drug smuggling ring… sigh

  6. As a former drug dealer in Chicago, Barack had a warm place in his heart for Muslim drug dealers. There was nothing about Obama that I liked. But watching America become great again must be a bitter, iced sword through his shriveled black heart.

  7. Hard work and the desire to see our children do better than we did is the grease that made the gears of state work in America. Progressives don't understand this, and you can't explain it to them.

  8. President Trump isn't a politician and it's important to him to keep his word. That's only one reason why the Deep State loathes him. He wants to shrink the size of government and to shrink its impact on every day folks – and the Deep State REALLY hates him for that.

    "If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever." – Orwell. The Deep State imagines that and orgasms.

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