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European Soccer Championship

I’ve received e-mail from friends in regard to England’s anticipated sweep – and then Italy beat them (the agony of defeat).

As expected the English crowds were rowdy after the loss and people were worried about the safety of Italian fans. Thankfully 2,000 years of genetic memory kicked in and the Italian fans were able to safely evacuate using a testudo formation while using auxiliaries to cover their retreat.

If Jules (Boudica reborn) had shown up with her wolves, the whole after-action report might have turned out differently.

Halo (which may or may not stand for High Altitude [jump], Low Opening [canopy deployment]) is pictured below.

Her other wolf is named Lucifer…


Arizona Elk

There was some discussion of Arizona elk and why they are smaller or larger than elk in other areas. I did research.

In 1913 about 80 head of elk were captured in Montana, loaded into railroad cars, and transported to Winslow. Members of the local Elks Club unloaded the elk at the Winslow stockyards and then were taken out to the woods south of town.

Some fifty years later, elk were brought into the Pine, AZ area from Oregon and were released. They flourished as well and on any given day you can see herds grazing (and annoying people) in the area.

Prior to the elk arriving (and wiping out all of the aspens), there were deer and buffalo were the megafauna in the Arizona Highlands. It’s too dry for moose.


Memes for a Troubled World


I both like and dislike this meme – equally – at the same time…



Tech Giants

And yet, we ask ourselves who is writing the speeches for Jo/Ho.


Percentage of Portuguese Americans

Factoring in Cost of Living…


Median Income Adjusted for Cost of Living



Percentage of income spent on alcohol and tobacco, 2018.

Alcohol and tobacco, soft drugs of widespread consumption, and mostly legal in the world, represent a significant expense for many families, which, for cultural, leisure, or dependency reasons, they are not willing to give up.

56 thoughts on “Tuesday Truth

  1. I’m not a Euros fan, but the Swiss victory was also a good highlight.

    The Digital Giants are definitely a player in the story, getting bigger than some countries now. Who knows how big is big enough, and whether or not such a demarcation exists.

    1. Ms. Assassin, I think that you have to order a special channel at an additional cost to watch the soccer/football matches here in the US. Being (a) cheap and (b) not all that interested in football, I have to rely on after-action reports.

      I think that the digital giants don’t think that the world is enough. They’d market to space aliens if they could lock that market down.

      1. If I wanted to watch something pointless that’s full of personal drama with bad acting, I’d much rather watch Telemundo. Or C-Span.

      2. You know, I pretty much belong to a similar category, thanks to YouTube and reviews in news, etc. my limited interest in sports is kept alive.

        This conquering spree of digital giants is now facing some sovereign states. Do you have a take on its future implications?

  2. Well, I think the England squad can hold their head up high. I am very proud of them. It’s so good to have our football tournaments back and it brought this country back together, supporting them into the finals. The loss was sore and brutal, as is always the case when it’s decided on penalties which is basically a lottery. So close. Still, World Cup next year.

    Anybody who has anything negative to say about the England football team can face the wrath of my wolves who are trained to tear out the throats of anybody talking shite about England. All players donated their Euro salaries to the NHS. Playing for your country is prize enough.

    Masks and all other social distancing and rules are being squashed from Monday. Since allowing 80,00 fans at Wembley you can’t really apply rules anymore. FREEDOM!

    1. Scoring a game and awarding a victory based on penalties and not goals strikes me as odd, but I didn’t write the rules and nobody asked my advice on the matter. I have opinions on the mushy peas that are served by the chippies and nobody asks me about that either – or driving on the wrong side of the road. OR explains why I can’t get the right kind of beans for beans-on-toast in the US stores (you have to go to a specialty store or order online).

      Between you, me, and LSP (that rhymes) we could fix the world if people only listened. We might have to get rid of LSP in the long run because he’s too lucky at catching fish. I never trusted anyone who could catch that many fish without a hand grenade.

      1. I heard from a friend in Poland that the final match was hard fought. Two overtimes, if I remember.
        England lost because their penalty kicks didn’t connect.
        So I think that means they did do pretty well.

    1. I’m out of date on that. When I lived there, after each big game (where a protestant team played a catholic team – Rangers v Celtics for example) a few people were murdered). That was a long time ago, though.

      I remember going to the Forum in LA to watch ice hockey and emerging into the ghetto at night. The white fans didn’t tangle with the hood rats (only white people play and watch ice hockey) that I know of. However, they did get on the freeway and exit the area.

  3. From the maps, one can see why tech thinks they can rule the world. Gorgeous wolf! She knows what you are thinking. I always appreciate your blog, thanks.

    1. They do rule the world. There are limits, one might think, but not that many.

      Jules has huge wolves. I’ve never met them, but I’m sure that if I did and if I said something wonky about British soccer, I’d supplement the amount that she spends on food – for a few days. Her neighbors disappear. Nobody seems to connect the dots.

  4. va is skewed by the northern three counties, one of which takes turns being the richest in the country. the rest of us poor folk bring down the cost of living adjustment. lies and statistics. meanwhile, Cubans wave the American flag as a symbol of freedom during anti-communist protest. if they only knew….then again, maybe if we waved it more things would change for the good.

    1. You never see an American Flag at a democrat convention. I think that they’d fly the ChiCom flag if they thought they could get away with it. The Biden Crime Family, in particular, knows where their bread is buttered.

      The Cubans look to the US as a symbol of freedom. Barack looked to Cuba as a symbol of the ideal. Interesting.

  5. How many Chinese visa holders work for those companies here? I’m sure they have zero influence in crafting the corporate narrative.

    1. I can’t answer to the number, but I don’t think that the “Overseas Chinese” demographic is as significant as the number of stockholders who get the vapors over profits – at any cost.

  6. So are you saying the Brits are still more civilized than us Colony dwellers when “our” team loses? Of course this year could be different with societal mores being tossed aside for “whatever feels right at the moment” and people unleash their inner-anger.

    As for the meme…I know, but I just don’t know…simultaneously.

    1. There is one demographic that loots local businesses and burns their cities when “their” NBA team wins. I’ve never felt threatened at an Angels baseball game no matter who won.

      Schrodinger’s Cat – a subject for endless scientific self-pleasuring.

      1. With SI using “plus size” models to be woke (or stupid, you pick) there could be serious pent up angst against sports in general, and a loss might unleash said pressure.

        Baseball is America’s sport…until last year. The All-Star game is in Denver at Coors Field (a great Ballpark), but people aren’t leaving the hovels for the big city despite officials sounding the all clear. People don’t like visiting cesspools with the risk factor having gone up exponentially at the hands of the moronic.

        1. Sports Illustrated is playing to chubby-chasers who prefer ample/Rubenesque women. I’m sure that the woke will all want a calendar.

          1. Are we reverting back to the Renaissance with the more voluptuous being desirable, (not the same as Samoan, that’s tradition), or is this the industry trying to assuage some privileged guilt from having too many Latte’s and burgers?

            Me…beauty is from within and in the eye of the beholder.

          2. Personality is half the mixture, I recall a. Umber of times speaking with attractive gals only to have them get less apealing the more they talked, and the opposite for quite a few not as attractive woman. Interesting dynamic. Couple that to the larger clipped-haired man-haters and you got no where to go, except the closest exit.

    1. You’re swimming in the lap of luxury, Jim. To me, that sounds like ample justification to buy another rifle.

  7. Sports I don’t understand include “foootballl”, rugby, and Australian Rules Football. Put me down as a provincial hick. For those who do understand, enjoy!

        1. Vertical baseball with a flat bat (how hard can that be?)…in uniforms that are more funny looking than American ball with the long pants.

    1. Most Australians cannot understand Australian Rules Football either. It’s stronghold is in Melbourne, Victoria. Maybe that says it all really. When I was a kid we called it aerial pingpong. What we call football is Rugby League, A great game. Players wear minimal padding, usually on the shoulders and now, in this politically correct, woke age, on the head. What the Pommies call football, played with a round ball, we call soccer. When I was a lot younger it was only played by immigrants, what, in those days, were called, politely, New Australians (there were a number of other non-polite names for them). Rugby Union is now a professional game and anyone plays. When it was an amateur game it was played by the self-styled, inner city elites, the so-called “upper crust”, and not the serfs and other low lifes. I have no idea about American football. It seems rather odd to me. Keep changing people on the field, and having someone off the field calling the shots. And all that padding and crash helmets.

  8. Beautiful wolf! And the English fans learned NOT to try that crap in Germany the last time they were there… Hickory shampoos were the lesson of the day… LOL

    Interesting note from Cuba, apparently the Chinese supporting their internet turned it off yesterday. COMPLETELY off…

    1. I hadn’t heard about the Chinese move. It makes sense, though. You don’t want to broadcast a desperate cry for freedom internationally.

  9. “Scoring a game and awarding a victory based on penalties and not goals strikes me as odd,…”

    Blowing out someone else’s candle is not a good way to light your way.
    -Not The Head Of Human Resources

  10. Elk:
    If the elk imported from Oregon were the coastal Roosevelt Elk they would be MUCH larger than the Rocky Mountain Elk found in the interior.

    1. I think that we have both species in AZ. Sort of the way we have Coues Deer (White Tail) and Mule Deer.

      1. In Arizona, elk were an invasive species based on human meddling and they did a lot of damage to local flora. It all changed and the new normal is here. Elk are a great game animal and they aren’t going anywhere. During the hunting season, they invade towns in large numbers because they know that they’re safe.

  11. My BIL used to haul logs for the Apache tribe on their rez there in Arizona.
    A substantial amount of the tribe’s income was Brought in by providing guided hunts for elk on the rez.
    At that time it was $10,000 for a nice bull.
    This was such a lucrative endeavor that at times some roads had Traffic Control Points that would stop the the logging trucks while the hunter and his guide was in the area.
    Often there were multiple trucks waiting to pass through the TCP
    The drivers would get out and visit, take a leak, have a cupa, etc.
    On one morning as they were waiting they heard an elk bugle.
    The woods boss was at the TCP and commented that that was not and elk and proceeded to answer the bugle by cupping his hands and blowing between his thumbs to form an elk call.
    He got an answering bugle and called again.
    After a few more bugles and responses the Apache guide appeared in full stalk mode with his White Hunter at the ready.
    The Apache guide was not amused and a fine was levied for interfering with the hunt.
    Some people have no sense of humor.

    1. There are a lot of elk in the White Mountains, and there are a lot of elk on the Mogollon Rim. A lot of the elk run off the rim down to Pine and Strawberry (towns) when the shooting starts, and they remain in the hundreds/thousands until the shooting stops.

      1. During the winter elk lose all respect/fear of humans and like to eat with the cows. They resist being chased off. Once had a bull try to climb on our hay wagon. Killed him with an axe. This was around 1958 alongside the Yampa River in Colorado.

        Called the Game Warden who came and picked the elk up.

        1. Writing as one who has elk on the property daily, they don’t fear people or anything else. As with everyone, they try to avoid being shot.

  12. As long as we are on the subject of my BIL and hauling logs for the Apache tribe…
    The tribe had built a sawmill on the rez to provide employment for tribal members. (Great idea!!!)
    One of the tribal members lived off of the rez and my BIL was supposed to pick him up in the mornings and give him a ride to work at the sawmill.
    His passenger never talked on the way to work and rode in silence for several months.
    One morning, as they were rolling along to the mill, his passenger, without preamble, said, “My spare woman died”.
    BIL says, ” What happened”?
    Passenger, “Her husband killed her”.
    End of conversation.

  13. Late to the party, as usual….

    Not a fan of *any* SportsBall game. Used to enjoy baseball, and then it got “woke” and ruined for me. Hated football and basketball, but Hocky is OK. had the experience of watching the World Cup several times at DirecTV. We’d get the live feeds from the stadium, and “Turn Them Around”, meaning we’d rebroadcast them. I even watched the Cricket Matches one year, and have little conception of baseball deriving from cricket as I’d always heard.

    Halo is a beautiful dog. Looks like he’s always on guard. I’ll bet he’s quite protective.

    Elk are beautiful animals. Tasty, too. Higher protein and lower in fat than both beef and chicken. The first time SLW saw one she asked me what kind of “Big Deer” it was. We were kind of far away, so she didn’t realize how BIG they get in Rocky Mountain National Forest. She knows well enough to not try and go pet Bambi’s Daddy, or the Bison at the Terry Bison Ranch. She has waaay more common sense than that!

    Big Tech has gotten too big. Where’s the Sherman Antitrust Act when you need it? What’s that, the “Law is for Little People”? I see…..

    Is the median income chart what you NEED, or what the salaries are?

    1. Better late than never, DRJIM.

      The maps don’t always make sense to me but they are grist for discussion – sometimes. The cost of living in AZ is about 20% less than CA and taxes in general are less than half. Incomes are correspondingly lower unless you bring your money from somewhere else (carpet baggers).

      1. Yes, like when the first flood of Kalifornians started heading North some years ago. “Don’t Californiacate Oregon” was a popular bumper sticker.

        If you stay out of the ritzy areas here, the cost of living is lower here than in SoCal.

        Or at least it was…..The “value” of our house has gone up about 40% since we moved here, but we put a lot into it.

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