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Range Training

Sometimes training doesn’t take (VIDEO HERE), even at the Fort Worth, TX Police Dept.

Typical Muslim Activity

(Sweden) Muslim migrants gang-raped a 17-year-old girl, then poured lighter fluid in her vagina and set it on fire. The answer of the Swedish government is to caution women not to go out at night. It’s Sweden, they can do what they want. In another place you might have people making head shots of military age Muslim males who are accosting women. Of course, I would NEVER encourage that. And in a land of law abiding people where firearms are illegal, it would never happen. They’re rely on the police to protect honest, law abiding people from the savages that their government let into the country.
Chinese Patroling
On 18 December, the Japanese Ministry of Defense (MOD) Joint Staff issued a press release on the flights of six Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) aircraft near southern Japan. 
The map graphic was released by the Japanese Ministry of
Defense on 18 December. The flight paths
are as plotted by the Air Self-Defense Force.

The press release said this was the first time that Japan confirmed the flight of Chinese fighter aircraft over the Sea of Japan.

According to the press release, five PLA aircraft – two H-6 bomber aircraft, two SU-30 fighter aircraft, and one TU-154 information gathering aircraft — flew back and forth from over the East China Sea west of Nagasaki Prefecture to over the Sea of Japan north of Oki Shoto (Oki Islands), Shimane Prefecture, passing over the Eastern Channel (Tsushima Kaikyo) both ways. 
The press release also said that one Y-8 electronic warfare aircraft of the PLA flew from the Pacific Ocean south of Ishigaki Jima, Okinawa Prefecture, to over the East China Sea north of the Senkaku Islands, passing over waters between Okinawa Prefecture’s main island and Miyako-jima.
The press release said the Japan Air Self-Defense Force (JASDF) scrambled fighter aircraft to respond to the PLA aircraft. The Japanese MOD released photo images of the Chinese aircraft in flight on the 18th.
The Chinese flight formation did not violate Japanese or Korean airspace and the Japanese made no such claim. 

15 thoughts on “A Few Thoughts

  1. And in a 'touchy' area no less… I always hated working Tsushima Straits. We'd get 'intercepted' about every third flight.

  2. It's just what Muslims do. When you invite savages into your country, you should anticipate that they will engage in atrocities. They all need to be returned to their point of origin.

  3. I saw a video a few months back where a crew from somewhere in the British Commonwealth went into a Muslim enclave to film a story. They were assaulted by the inhabitants. Before entering, they were told by a Swedish cop that he couldn't accompany them in there because it might antagonize the migrants. His viking ancestors must be flipping in their graves.

  4. A Sixty Minutes Crew was attacked by Mohammedans in Sweden.


  5. I'm not a squeamish person, but couldn't bring myself to click on the link. Personal reasons, but suffice it to say that at least she's moved away from Malmö….

    That said, headshots are not for the rapists. Headshots are for the politicians (and others — looking at you, various "charities" and supposedly religious groups) who continue to bring these people into the West. Not that I encourage that either, not ever.

    For the rapists, restraints, big greasy cans of deviled ham (thank you Matt Bracken), beard defoliant, pancuronium (a paralytic, but NOT an anesthetic), scalpels, electrocautery, CATs (tourniquets) and hungry hogs. Why a CAT? Well, you wouldn't want a man like that to be eaten all at once, now would you?

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