The Man Behind the Mask

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Who is the man behind the mask?

There are people who believe that if you use Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s middle name, that you are being a racist. I don’t know how they figure that, but to be fair to all and infinitely politically correct, I usually simply refer to him as Dear Leader.
There are people who believe that any opposition to the policies he puts forward or any concerns about his utopian socialist agenda are clear signs of racism.
For the record, I am deeply saddened that the first half black president of the United States turned out to be such a poor choice for the job. Don’t blame me, I didn’t vote for him. However, my vote was NOT based on racial interests. Quite frankly, I thought John McCain was just about as bad of a choice for president as Dear Leader. There wasn’t much of a choice in the last election.
Let’s run down who the Man Behind the Mask has shown himself to be to date:
  • The first American president to bow down to a foreign potentate (King of Saudi Arabia)
  • Appointed a small army of czars to circumvent Congressional approval of key members of the Executive Branch of government.
  • Appointed openly communist advisors to key positions.
  • Pushed for a stimulus package that was a thinly disguised pay-off to his political cronies to the tune of $800 billion.
  • Is the de-facto CEO of General Motors.
  • Presided over the US Government’s current ownership and control of the banking industry, the insurance industry and the auto industry – and working hard to assume government control of the healthcare industry.
  • Pushed hard to de-fang the CIA while at the same time pushed for the release of terrorists in custody for murdering Americans.
  • Undermined municipal police (to spite the beer he had with the officer later when he drew heat for his irresponsible comments).
  • Is pushing hard for a Civilian Defense Force (loyal to him, not the Constitution) as “large and well funded as the US Military”. (how he would use that is open to the imagination)
  • Has managed (don’t ask me how) to mute the mainstream media to his excesses, something I have never seen before.
  • The de-facto leader of the ACORN movement, which has recently drawn fire for a number of corruption-related issues — which received $4 billion under the “stimulus package”.
  • Openly declares that the Constitution isn’t the type of document that it should be. That it should spell out what the Government should do “for” the people – instead of protecting the people from the Government. (added by Paladin)
  • Was hoped to be a bridge across racial lines, helping end racial tensions once and for all. Instead the race issue is even more pronounced now. Especially since his immediate leap to defend his Race-baiting friend, Professor Gates, against the “stupidly” acting white police officer. Even before he admitedly had any facts of the case. (added by Paladin)
The dossier could go on and on, but we’re 8 months into this presidency and by the end of his four year term, it will be MUCH longer than it is presently.
Who is the man behind the mask? It’s not a pretty picture.
IF I TOLD YOU on September 12, 2001 that the next President of the United States would be a pseudo Marxist, utopian socialist, a closet Muslim who would bow (and scrape) to the Saudi King — keeping in mind that Saudis flew the aircraft into the WTC — who would be working hard to socialize all key institutions in America and that his name would be Barack Hussein Obama (Dear Leader). Further that he would change the nature of our remembrance of 9/11 to a day honoring National Service – which means “community organizing” to Dear Leader?
WHAT WOULD YOU HAVE BET ME that I was wrong?
And depending on how you answer that question, what does that say for America, for the majority of Americans?
Understanding the new ObamaNation that we are faced with today requires that we examine ourselves as Americans first. What do we hold most precious? What are our personal values and principles? And who is this man, behind the mask, who sits as our leader and as such the leader of the free world?
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